Agent Under Fire by BakaInuGirl

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Chapter 1

The office buzzed with noise: agents moving quickly through paperwork, others typing up reports at their hub, and some agents talking at the coffee machine about a new case. One agent sat in a cubicle in the corner of the large room, staring at an open file. A face, bloated from death, stared up at the agent with cold lifeless eyes. The young woman had always prided herself on remaining professional and detached from cases, but the one she was staring at, trying to connect the pieces, caused tears of frustration to rise quickly to her stormy blue eyes. A harsh yell sounded through the noisy office, causing everyone to turn towards its' source.

"HIGURASHI!" bellowed a tall man with quite the belly, one no doubt caused by years sitting behind his desk. The young woman immediately popped her head up above her cubicle's walls and saw the lieutenant sporting an extremely red face covered with an aggravated expression. Upon seeing the young woman he shouted, "My office! Now!" and turned to storm back into his hub, separated from the others with a glass wall.

Silently groaning, Kagome Higurashi, a third year FBI agent, stood up, straightened her black pinstriped suit jacket, smoothed her pants, and made sure her long, wavy black hair was still neatly swept up. Carefully closing the file she had been concentrating on, she made her way down to the lieutenant's office.

"Oooh, Higurashi getting called to the Lieu's office!" cooed Miroku Houshi, another agent, one Kagome actually considered a friend. The young man was seated at his own desk, dressed in an appropriate black suit, though he sported a purple tie, and had his own hair pulled into a small ponytail, prohibited by the dress code, but still worn by him. His deep violet eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Shut up, Houshi!" Sango Taijiya, his partner, snapped while smacking him upside the head. The young woman smiled at Kagome, her own brown eyes lighting with amusement caught from the young man. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a suitable ponytail. She wore a black suit, similar to Kagome's, except she wore a skirt, perhaps a little too short for an agent, and a magenta dress shirt. "Don't worry Kagome, he's all bark and no bite!" Seeing Miroku smirk at that statement she quickly added, "The Lieutenant I mean!" and then added just above a whisper so Houshi could hear, "Hentai."

Kagome smiled at the two. Sango had been her roommate at the Academy and the two became inseparable. Miroku had been in their graduating class as well and the two had grown to like him despite his perverted antics and passes at them. "Thanks, Sango," Kagome replied. "Hey, after I'm done getting reamed out, you two wanna grab lunch in the caf?"

"You sure you want the pervert to come?" Sango asked.

"If only for comic relief," Kagome said.

"Hey! I resemble that remark!" Miroku called to her back, and Sango rolled her eyes at his odd humor.

Kagome took a deep breath and opened the lieutenant's door and slipped inside. "Sir? You wanted to see me?" she asked in her professional voice, confident and assertive.

"Sit down, Higurashi," Lieutenant Myouga said, a little less gruff than before. Kagome moved forward and sat in the chair directly in front of his desk. "Now, Kagome, I know you've been looking at Houjou's file, trying to find something, but I must strongly advise against it. You know we have our best team working on it," he said slowly, showing her kindness he rarely showed anyone. Kagome visibly stiffened at the sound of her partner's name.

"Sir, I think I'm on to something. This wasn't an isolated incident and I think it might happen again. There's some evidence that shows it might be connected with the, " she began to protest. Myouga raised his hand to silence her, "No, Kagome. Houjou's death effected more than just you or I. All of our field agents are feeling his loss. But I must insist that you refrain from opening his file again, for your sanity Kagome. If this case is indeed larger than the homicide of one our agents, then you will be placing yourself in the face of danger. I can't afford to lose two of my finest agents."

Frowning slightly, but no longer protesting, Kagome gave a curt nod to her superior, "Yes, Lieutenant."

"Good. As for your partner assignment, we've brought someone in from Virginia," Myouga stated while beginning to sift through the paperwork that mobbed his desk.

"A rookie?!" Kagome exclaimed, looking quite shocked that she a veteran agent would have to baby-sit some rookie fresh out of the Quantico womb.

"On the contrary, Higurashi," Lieutenant Myouga said, now changing back to his gruff self. "He has been working for the field and police training unit for quite a number of years. You may have had him in training yourself."

Remembering herself and her position in the unit she asked, "Sir? May I know the name of my new partner?"

"The name's Taisho, Inuyasha Taisho," Myouga said, never meeting her eyes for fear he would surely laugh at her expression.

Kagome's mouth hung slightly agape. Inuyasha Taisho? The gods couldn't possibly have it out for me any worse, could they?

"Thank you, sir for assigning me a partner with experience. He will be most helpful to the team," Kagome said, regaining control from her initial shock. "With your permission I'll leave and return a certain file to the Cyber Division."

"Good work, Higurashi," the lieutenant said before turning his chair from her.

Kagome left the office with a sigh and her own thoughts. Taisho?! The most arrogant field trainer at the Academy is my partner?

Kagome thought back to her own days at Quantico. She had been incredibly young to go into the program. She had been applying for two years, and finally, at the age of 20, she was accepted into the Investigative Training Unit, after being one of the top students at her university. She knew she was young, she knew she was inexperienced at so much, and she knew she would be competing with men far more athletically superior than her. Meeting Sango at move-in had been a godsend. Sango was strong and athletic, smart and incisive, confident and relaxed. Kagome knew just being around her would help her self-confidence.

But the first week of field training scared her the most. That's when she met Inuyasha Taisho. An intimidating man at the young age of 23, with an intense gaze, made all the rookies cringe in fear without even laying eyes on him.


They had been lined up, a class of a little over twenty men and women from around the country, awaiting their instructor. A man, just less than six feet tall, marched towards them. His silver, almost white hair was pulled behind him in a low ponytail, and his lowered head helped his bangs cover his eyes from the class. They all could see muscles flexing under his instructor's uniform blue tee shirt and his military blue cami's fit his muscled legs well. He paced in front of them, clipboard behind his back, waiting for one of them to move. Someone towards the end of the line shifted and he swooped down in front of the rookie faster than any of them could blink. The rookie, poor Kagome, began to shake.

"Did I tell you that you could move?" he asked in a dangerously low voice.

"No, sir," Kagome stated. Somehow she pulled her body together and stopped shaking. "Sorry, sir."

"DID I TELL YOU THAT YOU COULD SPEAK?" he screamed at her, causing her to flinch and shut her eyes tightly. After a moment of silence she opened her eyes to see his head still lowered. Finally, he raised his head to look into her face, and she gasped to see a pair of amber eyes staring intensely into her own. Her heart screamed, he's gorgeous, while her head screamed, he's an arrogant jerk!

Regaining her voice and a little of her pride she stood her ground and looked directly into his eyes. "If I wasn't supposed to answer, sir, why did you ask me a question?" she asked, and then immediately regretted her words for his eyes narrowed on hers. Stepping back from her he glanced at his clipboard and then turned to look at the class. "Well Unit 78, it seems Higurashi here as just earned you all 10 miles on the field. I suggest you start running now if you want to get back before midnight," he stated before blowing a whistle to signal the start of their run. The class groaned and some shot Kagome looks to kill, one being Miroku. At that moment, Kagome knew she hated Inuyasha Taisho and her big mouth.

"Don't worry, Kagome," Sango reassured when they were safely out of Taisho's hearing range, "I admire your courage. Plus, he probably would've made us run anyway." Sango's words made Kagome feel a little better, but she still groaned at the idea of training with Inuyasha for the remainder of her time at the Academy.

End Flashback

Kagome had been in such deep thought that she didn't even realize she had been moving, but somehow her brain had gone on autopilot and had maneuvered back to her desk, retrieved Houjou's file, and made it to Cyber Division and back without even knowing. She didn't come back to reality until Sango touched her arm as she walked passed, making Kagome jump.

"Hey, Kagome, we're still on for lunch right?" Sango asked cheerfully. "Kagome? Are you feeling all right? You look a little pale."

"Oh! Sango! Um... yeah, I'm all right. Lunch sounds great and I have lots to tell you!" Kagome answered.

Miroku somehow snuck up behind the two. "Lunch with two beautiful ladies that could kick my ass if I put one finger out of line. How does a guy get so lucky?"

Both Sango and Kagome gave him an annoyed look and the young women took off in the direction of the cafeteria leaving Miroku in the cubicle with a confused look on his face. "What?" he asked and then trotted off after them.

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