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A sleeping figure rolled over pulling a pillow over her head to block out all the sound.

"BULMAAAAA" a distant voice screamed. Heavy footsteps were heard running down the hall.

"Sweetheart you're going to be late." Bunni exclaimed, frantically pulling her daughter's covers off; then running over the pull the drapes back.

"Ummfest…" A mumble came from the blue beauty when all the light and noise finally hit to her.

"MOM!" A six-year-old girl screamed from the hall in anger, pounding on the locked bathroom door. "Beniko's been in there for an hour already! Tell her to get out! I need to use the washroom!"

"Beniko! Honey, let your sister use the washroom!" Bunni yelled making Bulma growl at the loudness.

"First come, first serve!" Came the reply from behind the door.

Bulma woke up in the mist of all the chaos. She walked past her mother who was trying to dress Boxer while he squirted water at a screaming Benchi.

She rolled her deep set of blue eyes and screamed when her eyes landed on the clock.

"7:25!" Bulma shrieked, wide wake now. She ran to the bathroom down the long hall. "Beniko! Get your butt out of there, NOW!"

The door opened revealing the six-year-old twin of Benika. Bulma and Beniko rushed in to get ready.

(Next door)

"Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta," A little boy and girl chanted the name over and over again, to the flame haired teen that lay under the covers.

"Go away brats!" A growl came from under the covers.

Ayumi and Genji exchanged glances; smirked, took a deep breath and screamed at the top of their lungs.

"VEGEEETTTTAAAAA LIKKKESSS BUL-" Before the two got to finish, they were swiftly carried out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom.

Ayumi and Genji giggled knowing that it worked every time.

(Briefs House)

"Sweetheart!" Bunni's high-pitched voice rang after Bulma as she climbed in her BMW convertible. "Be a dear and take Benchi to school today."

She rolled her eyes and honked several times, "Come on Benchi!" She screamed, urging her little sister to hurry. In the back seat the twins were fighting over a beat belt.

"-NO! This is mine!"
"THAT is yours! This is mine!-"
"Nuh huh"
"Uh huh"
"Uh huh"
"Nuh huh"

And on it went making Bulma slam her head on the steering wheel in exasperation, not aware of two amused onyx eyes looking at her.

Nor was she aware of the noise her car was making with her head laying on the horn.

"Women! You're waking up the whole damn town!" Vegeta yelled over the lawn, starting up his own car.

"The name is BULMA! I would have thought you'd know that by now." She raised her head, her burning sapphire eyes focused on him, sarcastically. " I mean gee, I've only been your neighbor since we were 4."

He smirked ready for his daily morning argument with the fiery woman. "I only remember the important people, woman."

He added the end clearly, his smirk widened when he saw that she was about to jump out her car and smacks him. But her little sister ran out, making her send him a deadly glare all the while backing out of the driveway.


"Juu!" Chichi screamed across the parking lot when she saw her blonde friend.

Juu smiled and waved back along with Krillin as Chichi and Goku neared.

"Can you believe this is our last year!" Chichi asked excitedly, her brown eyes shining with joy.

"I know! Time went by so fast!" Juu laughed.

Just then a sleek black Porsche rolled up, turning heads. Music blared out as Vegeta opened the car door and stepped out.

"Vegeta!" Goku smiled waving to him.

Vegeta rolled his eyes at how much attention Goku was attracting to the both of them. He walked over to them, not even glancing at any of the girls that were ogling him on the side.

"Where's Bulma?" Chichi asked as soon as Vegeta stopped in front of them.

"Why the hell would I know where the woman is?"

"Look at that bastard…" Juu snared with venom in her voice, everyone followed her eyes and saw who she was talking about.

Vegeta tensed, hate filling his every pore. There on the bleachers sat Zarbon, acting as if he was god's gift to the world with girls all around him.

"That fuckin' man whore. I don't see what Bulma sees in him." Chichi muttered still glaring at him across the parking lot.

Everyone knew that Zarbon had been crazy about getting Bulma ever since she broke up with Yamcha; who had cheated on her a week ago. He has been sending her cards, stuff animals, chocolate, flowers, all kinds of stuff trying to win her affection.

"Hellooooo!" an impatience voice jotted them out of their glares. They turned around the face a blue haired beauty.

"I've been calling you guys all the way across the parking lot!" Bulma huffed.

Juu and Chichi instantly squealed and hugged their best friend. Instantly gossiping about the latest news. The boys' rolled their eyes and followed them inside to get their schedules.

Author's Note: So what do you think about the first chapter? Here's a the family tree.

Bulma: 17
Big bro-Trunks 23
Sister- Beniha 15
Sister(twin)- Benika 7
Sister(twin)- Beniko 7
Sister- Benchi 5
Lit bro- Boxer 4
Sister- Benio 2

Chichi: 17 Big Bro- Chishou 26
Bro- Chiyuu 25
Bro- Chikao 23
Bro- Chikato 13
Bro-Chihaya 6
Bro- Genichi 4

Juu (18): 17
Twin Bro- Jay (17)- 17

Vegeta: 18
Sister- Hanayo 23
Sister- Asumi 12
Sister- Uzuki 10
Sister- Ayumi 7
Lit Bro- Genji 5

Goku: 18
Bro- Raddize 20
(Twin) Bro- Turles 18

Krillen: 18