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On with life

A twenty-eight year old Trunks paced back and forth on the polished, white, marble floors of the hospital. Beads of sweat from tension rolled down his perfectly angular jaw as his blue eyes darted up from the floor to the pale green double doors.

"Trunks, she'll be alright." Bulma said softly from her seat on against the wall as she watched Trunks continue to pace back and forth. She leaned her head on Vegeta's shoulder as they all continued to wait.

Bulma glanced at Vegeta Sr. who was shifting every so often, with his arms crossed over his chest and a scowl on his face. Even with the scowl and hard look she could tell that Vegeta Sr. was nervous, 'Now that's a site you don't see everyday.' Bulma thought winking at Chichi who was sitting next to Goku.

Chichi smiled getting Bulma's message and unnoticed by everyone, pulled out her digital camera and quickly snapped various pictures of Vegeta Sr. and Trunks, the Ouji family and then everyone else.

Trunks head snapped up at the sound of a long wailing scream that came within the pale green double doors.

Everyone stood up at the scream. Their eyes widen as another pain-filled scream came. Without a second thought, Trunks ran down towards the door only to be pulled back by some doctors and nurses.

"I HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO IN THERE! THAT'S MY WIFE!!!!" Trunks screamed, trying to push the doctors away from him.

"Calm down Mr. Briefs, I'm sorry but there can only be one person that can go in there during the procedure-"

"Do I look like I fuckin' care right now! Just let me see her!" Trunks yelled, his face tinted with worry.

Suddenly the double doors opened and out came a nurse. Trunk pushed the doctors away from him and ran up to the nurse grabbing her shoulders and shaking her harshly.

"Is she ok?" Trunks asked, frantically shaking the nurse.

"Mrs. Briefs is fine. Congratulations," The nurse smiled warmly up at Trunks, "It's a healthy baby girl."

Trunks felt a slow grin spread across his face as he heard the group behind him cheering and laughing.

4 Months Later

Bulma bent over the crib and gently placed the sleeping baby inside. Pulling back she leaned down and watched her first baby niece sleep peacefully, silently vowing to spoil her rotten and give her everything as she grows up.

Kyra Briefs. That was the name of her niece. Perfect combinations of Trunks' blue eyes and Hanayo's dark smooth skin, with a patch of dark purple hair to match.

Five years already passed since the days of high school. They all finally graduated from college and were about to take over their families business. For months, her father had been slowly giving more and more things for her to handle on CC.

Bulma smiled when she felt strong arms pulling her up and against a powerful chest. She shivered when she felt Vegeta's hot breath on her neck.

"Come to bed." Vegeta rumbled, trailing soft kisses against Bulma's shoulder luring her to return to the safe confines of their room.

Bulma tilted her head back against Vegeta's touch. It's been five years; she still can't believe that this neighbor boy, this boy that grew up with her, this boy that use to throw water balloons, and think of every way to torture her to make her life a living hell was her true soul mate. And that she would fall so deeply in love with him.

Bulma tilted her head back, resting her head on his shoulder with her back fully pressed against his powerful chest. Looking into his eyes, she knew......just as she always knew when she looked into those pitch-black orbs, that she loved him from the very beginning. Sometimes it felt like more then just this life, it felt like she knew him from some other life before....that she always loved him just as she did in this one.

"Vegeta...." Bulma sighed in contentment as Vegeta nuzzled her face. His warm hand that was placed on her stomach made small circular motions.

During the five years, Trunks and Hanayo got back together and married. Chichi and Goku got married. Juu and Krillan were engaged...and her?

Bulma turned to Vegeta, a devilish smirk in place as she slid out of Vegeta's strong embrace and seductively walked out of the nursery towards their room with a willing Vegeta following closely behind.

....lets just say that she's got a feeling something big is going to happen really soon with all the knowing glances, giggles and whispers that her friends pass around when Vegeta and she are together.

The End

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