So, I wondered how it would work out if the CSI team suddenly lost a couple of years, or well, actually decades of years. All of them are 7-8 years old to keep the magical essence of the story. We don't want a 7 year old Sara and a 20 year old Grissom and Cath. And also, all of their names have been kept the same for clarification purposes. Please review and tell me what you think!!! I hope you enjoy the story.

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As the sun shone through an open window, a bird began to sing somewhere nearby

"Can't anybody shut Sara up?" A child's irritated voice could be heard.

"Hey!!" And an angry tone answered him.

"What? You're the one that likes to sing." A tree house, situated on the biggest oak of the forest, was beginning to awake. Holding five occupants, it's interior was quite crowded. The bird, which sat upon the roof, quickly fluttered away as angry voices wafted through the air.

"Well, it wasn't me!" A slender girl of seven years, stood up from her cot, which lay against one of the walls, stretching her long limbs.

"Who was it then? Nick?" On the opposite side of the little tree house, a groggy African American child got up. He stood there, by his own cot, looking steadily at the small Sara, though he was no older or younger than her. Slowly, all the other recipients of the house awoke.

"Aww, come on guys! Arguing already? It's the morning!" A Texan drawl filtered through the air.

"No, it's the afternoon, dummy! Haha." Sara teased Nick, who was propped by an elbow on his cot.

"Oh really?" He plopped back down onto his back, "Well, then, kindly shut up and let me sleep!" Now, even Warrick joined in.

"You really are a dummy." He pointed an accusatory finger at Nick. The other angrily shoved himself back up into a sitting position.

"Hey! Well, at least I..I" The child searched for the right insult, "don't snore like you do!"

"Well, at least I know morning from afternoon! Haha." Warrick joined Sara in her laughter while Nick, grumbling, pushed his feet over the side of his bed and warily stood up.

"Hey, hey, hey! Guys, keep it down. SOME of us are trying to get our beauty sleeps!" The remaining people who were still not up where Grissom and Catherine. As soon as Catherine's drawling, sleepy filled voice touched Grissom's ear he shot up and out of his bed.

"Speak for yourself Cath!" The eight year old replica of Grissom stood stoutly by Sara's side.

"I was, you nincompoop. No amount of sleep will ever help you." She retorted, stretching in her own bed.

"Well, you said SOME, and I don't see anyone else still sleeping do you?" Catherine turned to him in the middle of a yawn. Putting up a hand to cover her pink lips, she slowly turned her head, canvassing the tree house.

"Well, so what? I stayed up late last night painting my nails." She fluttered her fingers in the air, showing off the sparkle covered nails. "What's YOUR excuse for sleeping in so late?" Grissom fiddled with his hands as his face turned bright pink. "Well?" Catherine prompted.

"I, well, I. Well, it's not MY faut I'm afraid of the dark!" Three people burst out in boisterous laughter. Only Sara and Grissom remained quiet.

"It's ok, Griss. I'm afraid too." She whispered into his ear before leaving his side and stepping into the middle of the room. Missing Catherine's cot by a few inches, she stood hands on her hips. As young Catherine had to talk to everyone for a little bit before going to sleep, or sometimes during their naps, her bed was situated in the middle. So, with ease, she could turn to any one of her four friends whose cots were very nicely situated to her north, south, west, and east sides.

Sara stood there, holding her ground, while Catherine slid off the bed with hysterical laughter.

"You guys!" She wagged her finger at each of them in turn. "That's really not nice of you. Nicky, did Grissom laugh when you cried over you lost cowboy hat? No. Warrick, didn't Griss comfort you when you sat on your cool black shades and broke the poor thing in half? And Cath, she turned at her girl friend. Did Grissom so much as peep a sarcastic remark at you when you foolishly threw your lip gloss out of the tree house thinking that it was another stink bomb planted by those two goons?" She nodded her head at Warrick and Nick. "Well, what do you all have to say for yourself?" Mumbled 'sorry's' rippled through the room before Sara finally returned her clenched fists to her sides. "Well, then, let's eat! I'm starving!"

To Be Continued...