Catherine was striding towards the bathroom, totally not looking under her feet as her mother had told her to do so many times. She was about to enter through the large wooden bathroomdoor, when the little girl slipped on some dripped ice-cream. She landed on the floor with a slight oomph. Embarrassed and sporting flaming cheeks, Catherine picked herself off the ground and turned around to make sure that one had seen her. Her eyes immediately fell on three wide-eyed kids who were staring directly at her. One of them couldn'tt wipe the smirk from his face.

"Hey there Sara," she chuckle wryly, "Watcha doing here?" She inched closer to the table at which Grissom, Sara and a blonde haired kid were sitting. A puzzle book was open between them and Grissom clutched at the pencil.

"Well," Sara began apologetically, "I went to look for Grissom and found him here," she gingerly stood up, "working on this crossword puzzle with Greg over there," she pointed at the spiky haired kid as Catherine wiggled her fingers at him in a half-hearted wave. "And then he actually asked me what the nine-letter word for dedicated was and I couldn't help but..." She gave her friend a small smile. Grissom who had flushed a crimson color defiantly stood up.

"I did NOT ask for you help. You read the question over my shoulder and I could have easily have gotten such an easy word as 'committed myself, thank you very much."

"Well, maybe if you hadnt been pondering over the stupid question for two whole minutes I wouldn't have had to help you out!" Sara retorted. While Sara and Grissom were busy pointing their fingers in each others faces, the boy who had been pleasantly observing the three comrades piped up.

"Hello, my name is Greg Sanders," he stood up and walked over to Catherine offering his hand.

"Cath!" Sara wheeled around, whipping her hair into Grissoms face, "Dont!" Catherine, who was gazing into Gregs eyes, paid no heed and took the boy's hand. Immediately, her palm started jerking as a wave of electricity shot up her arm. Greg snatched his hand away, clutching at his sides.

"You low-life, maggot-eating, ribbon-pulling, shoe-scuffing scoundrel!" Catherine yelled, ordering the attention of every single customer in the place, including Nick and Warrick. Greg had doubled over and tears were sliding down his cheeks.

"Sorry Cath, butI tried to warn you." Sara piped up, hoping to smooth down some ruffled feathers. Catherine turned her attention from the spiky-haired kid to Sara.

"But, Sar, that hurt." The blonde whined.

"Yeah, I know," she sheepishly replied, "but, well, its just aharmless prank." She shrugged. Grissom thendecided to voice his opinions:

"And a very old one at that. You of all people should have expected something of the sort from a kid who actually dyes his hair at the age of seven." Catherine narrowed her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah yeah. And Im guessing that the great Gil Grissom didnt fall for this joke."

"Caaaath," Grissom whimpered, "I told you not to call me that. My name is Grissom. Grrrr-isssm-ooom."

"Of course. Gil." She smiled icily andfor the first time, Sara took in Catherine's appearance. The older girl's hair was a little mussed, her cheeks had reddish spots on them, and her shirt-the one that she had purchased yesterday- was very dirty.

"Cath, what happened?" Catherines attention was diverted from Grissom and she stared at Sara with wide eyes.

"What do you..." she slowly lowered her head to take another look at her dirty outfit. "Those two." She pointed an accusingfinger at Nick and Warrick who had come running, yelling, "What'd we miss? What'd we miss?" When theyfirst heard the commotion.

"Niiiick?" Sara questioned.

"What?" The angry boy demanded. "Why do people ALWAYS think that its my fault? Is it the good looks? The smile?What? It wasnt my fault." He looked around at his friends' faces, beforeointing his finger at Warrick. "He started it." Nick simply stated and crossed his hands across his chest.

"Come on Sara," Catherine grabbed at the other girl's hand, "we're done here." But before she left, Catherine picked up the crossword puzzle book and placed a gooey, lip-gloss smear of her lipsupon the page.

"Aww, Catherine!" Grissom pushed the book back with the tip of his fingers, "Cooties! How could you?"

"We were almost done, too!" Greg chipped in.

"Serves you right." She glared at Greg, Grissom, and then at Nick and Warrick. "Come on," she once more grabbed Sara's hand and the girls walked out of the store.