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Now! On to the theme song!

(He's a Phantom) Young Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen When his parents built a very strange machine Designed to view a world unseen

(He's gonna catch 'em all cuz he's Danny Phantom)

When it didn't quite work his folks, they just quit But then Danny took a look inside of it There was a great big flash everything just changed His molecules got all rearranged!

(Phantom, Phantom)

When he first woke up He realized he had snow-white hair And glowing green eyes He could walk through walls, Disappear, and fly! He was much more unique than the other guy!

It was then that he knew what he had to do He had to stop all the ghosts That were coming through He's here to fight for me and you!

(He's gonna catch 'em all cuz he's Danny Phantom) (He's gonna catch 'em all cuz he's Danny Phantom) Gonna catch them all cuz he's Danny Phantom.

Chapter 1 Another Normal Day

It was a normal Monday morning at Casper High School. Danny, Sam, and Tucker sat in their seats listening to their Social Studies teacher lecture about the Civil War. The whole thing seemed pointless. Tucker pulled out his PDA and began playing a game under the table.

Sam was writing something in her notebook that would look like she was taking notes to anyone other than her two best friends, only they knew that she was making plans for how to get the school to agree to put in a salad bar. After the ordeal with the Lunch Lady ghost when she had tried to change the menu the school changed things back to the way they were before. If they wouldn't change the menu they could at least put in a salad bar, she was sick of having to bring lunch from home.

Danny stared at the blackboard in a half sleeping daze. At least until Dash, who sat a couple rows behind the trio, flicked an eraser at the back of Danny's head. He rubbed the back of his head getting annoyed at Dash and the fact that if he said anything the teacher would yell at him and not Dash.

He grinned to himself. Danny decided that he would get Dash back before lunch. It had to be something new though, he had pushed Dash into lockers a few too many times and now Dash could break out of them easily.

Taking a piece of paper out of his folder Danny wrote Tucker a note asking for some ideas as to what to do to Dash. Once he was finished he passed it to Tucker, who sat to his left, under the table. Sam gave him a questioning look from her seat to his right, but Danny just smiled at her looking into her purple eyes.

The three of them had been friends forever, but ever since they had started high school Danny was unsure as to how he really felt about Sam. He got butterflies in his stomach whenever he looked at her and loved to see her smile, but they were just friends. Right? Danny wasn't sure anymore.

Whether or not Danny liked Sam didn't matter though. Even though Sam knew about his secret he doubted that she would ever care for him as more than a friend like he was now. Danny Fenton was the ghost super hero, Danny Phantom.

When the bell rang everyone got up and filed out of the classroom. The group had English next before lunch. During class Tucker gave Danny the idea of pulling down Dash's pants in front of everyone during lunch. Danny thought that it might just be cruel enough to work. So they all sat through another long class until the bell rang signaling lunch.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker went to Danny's locker and hung around until everyone else was gone. "Would you mind explaining to me what you two are planning?" Sam asked.

"You'll see, don't worry. Come on now Danny, everyone's gone."

Danny nodded, "I'm going ghost!" In a weird flash Danny changed into Danny Phantom then went invisible. He followed Sam and Tucker to the lunchroom then headed off to find Dash. While Danny floated up near the ceiling Dash headed over to Sam and Tucker who were taking seats at their normal table.

"Where's Fenton? I have something for him."

"Danny's not here," Sam stated calmly, not looking up from her lunch.

Dash laughed, "Not know where your boyfriend is? Then how can you be sure that he's not cheating on you?"

"DANNY IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" Sam shouted. It was moments like this that Danny knew he had no possibility of getting any feelings, other than friendship, returned to him even if he did like Sam. Shaking his head Danny woke himself from his thoughts and decided it was time to get down to business.

He flew down behind Dash and gave a tug on Dash's pants causing them to fell to his feet. "What the?!?!" Dash yelled.

The whole lunchroom broke out laughing. Dash wore little ducky underpants. This was better than Danny thought it was going to be, but instead of staying to watch he flew out into the empty hallway and changed back before walking into the lunchroom.


"Yes Dash?"

"You did this! I know that you did!"

"Did what Dash? I was in my English class asking my teacher a question."

Dash just got angrier but instead of doing something he marched off into the hallway. Danny walked over to Sam and Tucker who were still giggling.

"Okay, that was good," Sam said finally calming down.

"Sorry about that," Danny said.

"About what?"

"What Dash said about us, he can be really dumb sometimes."

"Don't worry about it, I know it's not your fault."

"Yeah, but I know you don't like it."

Sam just nodded and returned to her food.

"That was great Danny! I can't believe it! People will be laughing at him for at least a week! That was totally cool."

Danny went slightly pink and said "Thanks."

"So anyway, what are we going to do tonight? Movies?"

"Movies are fine. What do you think Sam?"

"Yeah, okay," she said not looking up.

"Your house then Danny?"

"Okay, sounds good."

The group walked over to Danny's house after the last bell had rung, releasing them for the day. Along the way Sam told them about a new exhibit at the museum.

"It should be really cool. It's about the Red Data animals of Japan."

"Red Data animals?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah! They're endangered species. Like the Iriomote Wildcat or the Ultramarine Lorikeet."

"That sounds really interesting. Maybe we should go sometime Sam," Danny said. Deep inside he knew that he said that because he wanted to see her smile.

"Really? That would be so nice of you guys to come with me. I've got three tickets for this weekend!"

"Somehow I think you were going to make us go anyway," Tucker informed her.

This made Sam blush, "No, of course not!"

The group filed inside Danny's house and started up the stairs towards Danny's room until Danny's father yelled at them from the basement.

Danny led the way downstairs to the lab where his parents built different things for catching ghosts. He hoped that it wasn't something dangerous again.

"Danny! Come and see what I've just finished. I upgraded the Fenton Gabber!"

"That's great Dad," Danny said.

"That's great Dad. FEAR ME!!"

The three of them jumped as the Fenton Gabber shouted back at them.

"Damn. That soda gets me every time. Hold this," Jack said handing the Fenton Gabber to Danny and running off upstairs.

"You're dad isn't the brightest bulb on the tree, is he?" Tucker asked.

"Thankfully, no. Let's go watch our movie now," Danny said setting down the Fenton Gabber on one of the tables.

"What was that?" Sam asked walking towards the Ghost Portal.

"What was what?" Tucker asked turning around.

"Be careful Sam," Danny said watching her.

Sam walked over and peered into the Ghost Portal. "I swear I saw something moving in-"Sam started but never finished. A huge tentacle came out of the portal and grabbed Sam around the waist before pulling her inside the portal.