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Chapter 13 Once and For All

Rurik's ghostly laugher filled the air and the gang knew that it was true. Rurik was not dead.

"Stupid children, do you really think that you can defeat me?"

Tucker's eyes grew wide. "What's going on Danny?"

"I don't know Tucker," he whispered.

"Don't get it, do you? Well, I'll explain it to you. Look around, and take a good long look."

The four saw nothing. Most of the crew had fled after Sam and Danny had been pitched into the deck.

"I think he's lost his mind," Tucker muttered.

"Stupid human!" Rurik shouted and the board that Tucker was standing on pitched him over board.

"Tucker!" they screamed.

"I'm going in after him!" Mandy shouted and jumped over.

Sam turned towards Danny, and he saw complete horror in her eyes. "He didn't, did he?"

"I assure you, Spectre, I most certainly did. The Black Emerald and I are now one."

Danny and Sam lifted off the deck and flew towards Tucker and Mandy. The two humans were treading water, trying to stay a float.

"We can't keep this up for long," Tucker informed them.

"Sam, go and find a rowboat. It's their only chance," Danny said trying to take charge.

Sam nodded and took off to search the ship. Who were they trying to kid? This was a ghost ship; ghosts have no need for lifeboats. Just as she was about to give up hope, Sam spotted one. Landing on deck she quickly tried to untie it. The more she fought with the rope though, the tighter it seemed to get.

Growling with anger, Sam fired a plasma blast at the rope causing the lifeboat to drop into the sea. Then as Sam was about to take off the board pitched her head first into the water.

"Danny!" she screamed before the water sucked her under.

Our Halfa hero flew at the speed of lightning and dove beneath the water. He grabbed hold of Sam's arm and pulled up and out of the water. She gasped for air and fought not to scream in pain. Danny was holding her by her injured arm. As soon as she had caught her breath, he released her and Sam floated next to him.

"Come on, let's get the boat over to Mandy and Tucker."

The two grabbed the burned rope that had been holding it onto the ship and pulled. All the while Rurik's laugher grew louder and louder.

Mandy and Tucker climbed into the small boat and began rowing towards the pier. The Halfas turned back to the haunted ship and tried to form a plan of attack.

"BOOM!" a cannon cried out as it blasted a cannon ball at our heroes. Sam and Danny flew in opposite directions trying to avoid the cannon attacks that had started.

"Danny what do we do?"

Dodging cannon ball after cannon ball left him little room in his mind to think. Think, Danny, think, he ordered himself.

"A double plasma burst, Sam. On three!"

The two dodged more cannon balls and focused their energy.


Sam barely missed a cannon ball as Rurik sent two flying at her at the same time.


Danny prayed that this would work like it had on Rurik before.


The two shot a plasma blast at the ship and again the two blasts joined together and formed a giant red burst. The ship was engulfed in the red light.

"Duck!" Danny shouted as the light exploded.

A few boards flew past them and Sam darted over to Danny. "Did it work?"

"I'm not sure," Danny whispered as they watched the dust clear.

The ship was still mostly intact.

"Danny!" Sam nearly screamed in panic.

"Come on, again."

The pair of them shot blast after blast at the ship. Cannon balls flew at them from all directions. Sam was starting to get light headed and was slowly drifting towards the sea.

"Sam wake up! I think he's getting weaker."

Shaking her head, Sam floated up higher. "I don't know Danny."

Sam was mentally kicking herself. They were going to die, how could they not? We're going to die and I'll never be able to tell Danny how I feel about him!

Her thoughts only caused Sam to get angrier at Rurik for everything that he had done to them. She shot a blast at him and then spun around and shot a second one. The two blasts exploded into the side of the ship, but did little damage.

He has to be getting worn out, Danny told himself. He willed himself to keep on fighting, but he couldn't keep this up much longer.

The pair of them sent another double blast at the ship, but used the last of their energy in doing so. The two slowly began to drift towards the sea.

This is it, Danny thought. We're going to drown. I have to tell her... She has to know.

"Sam... I-"Danny started but was washed out by the exploding ship, the crashing waves, and the pair of them falling into the water.

No! Sam screamed inside her head. She tried to fight her way to get to Danny but she could only float there limply.

Things went darker and darker. This is it, Danny thought. We're dead, it's my fault, and I never told Sam the truth. I deserve to die.

Something firm came up under Danny and pushed him upwards. He felt the water fall away from himself and heard a gasp next to him. Suddenly Danny gasped taking in a breath of air. Air? Is there air in heaven? Wait... if I'm dead I don't need air! Danny bolted upright and felt a pain shot up his back.

Pain had never felt so good. Danny could have cried, but what had saved them? Looking around he saw nothing but Sam lying on her back, fighting to breathe.

"Sam!" he cried out slowly crawling over to her. She was breathing, but just barely. "Don't die Sam! Please don't die!"

"Phantom..." a voice whispered to him. "Sit her upright." Danny nodded and did as the voice instructed.

"Warp your arms around her stomach and squeeze. She's choking on the water."

As Danny pushed the water out of her system everything seemed to fall away. The voice was gone, and the booming of the cannon balls seemed far off in the distance. After a few moments Sam opened her eyes and started gasping greedily for air.


"Oh my god Danny. I thought I was going to die!"

He smiled at her and brushed a few stray hairs out of her eyes. "Didn't I promise you that I wouldn't let anything happen to you?" This made Sam blush a deep red.

"Good, she's awake."

The two Halfas looked around to see who was speaking but nothing was to be seen except for the Black Emerald. Suddenly something dawned on Danny. Just what were they sitting on?

"Enialis!" Danny shouted.

The squid's head seemed to slowly pop above the water. "Greetings, young Halfa. I see that your plans didn't go as planned."

"We thought we defeated him, but he was too strong for us," Sam whispered looking ashamed.

"Now, now, young one. Something I have learned in my many years is that there will always be those stronger than you."

"So what do you do?" Danny asked now.

"There are two things. You can either out wit them."

"We failed at that," Sam muttered.

"Or, you can hope to befriend someone stronger than them." The pair gave the squid a puzzled looked. "You have fought bravely, and weakened him greatly. I can ask nothing more of you Halfas. I will end this battle once and for all."

With a mighty swing one of Enialis' tentacles rose out of the water and came crashing down on top of the Black Emerald. The pirate ship was shattered into pieces. Planks of wood and barrels flew in all directions.

Rurik's screams echoed for a moment, then faded into nothingness.

Sam and Danny sat in awe of what they had just witnessed.

"Enialis, if you were that strong why didn't you take Rurik out to begin with?" Danny asked in wonderment.

"Just because one picks a fight with you does not give you reason to attack him in return. It is when others are endangered that you may act."

This made Danny blush in embarrassment. It was almost as if Enialis was talking about Danny and Dash, instead of him and Rurik.

Enialis then began to head towards the pier. Neither Sam nor Danny said a word. As they reached the docks Enialis lifted the pair of Halfas up so that they could easily walk onto the empty dock.

"Thank you young ones, you have finally freed me from Rurik. I am indebted to you."

"And thank you, Enialis. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you," Danny told the squid.

"Yes, Enialis. Thank you for everything that you've given us," Sam said with a smile.

Danny took Sam's hand and the two of them waved goodbye to their friend as he slowly headed out to sea.

"Sam! Danny!" Tucker and Mandy called as they ran down the docks towards the hybrids. "You're okay!"

The two Halfas wore identical grins. "Of course we are," Danny said.

"What happened? Did you defeat Rurik? Tell us!" Mandy asked.

Sam opened her mouth to say something but slowly began to fall to her knees as her eyes closed. A small flash changed Sam back into her human form.

"Maybe after we get to the hospital, okay Mandy?" Danny asked as he bent over to help Sam to her feet.

"Wait, just stand still," Mandy told Danny and held her hands up. A soft glow formed in her palms and then floated over towards Danny and Sam. It hovered over their heads for a moment before small sparkles sprinkled over the two of them. Once they had disappeared Sam opened her eyes.

"What happened?" Sam asked, quite confused. Danny and Sam had been instantly healed.

Danny stared wide-eyed at Mandy. "What did you do? Are you part ghost too?"

"Ghost? Pfft. Right," she laughed. "Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot to tell you."

"Tell us what?"

"I'm a Dark Slayer," she said striking a pose.

"You know, at this point in time, I really don't care anymore. You could be a fairy for all I care," Sam said.

The four of them started walking back towards town. As they walked down the streets Mandy started humming a song. Sam grinned at her and the two began singing.

"Open up your eyes, take a look at me, if the picture fits in your memory! I'm driven by the rhythm like the beat of a heart, and I won't stop until I start, to stand out! To stand out.

"Some people settle for the typical thing, living all their lives wading in the waste. It ain't a question of if, just a matter of time, before I move to the front of the line! Unless your watchin' every move that I make, ya gotta believe that I got what it takes.

"To stand out, above the crowd, even if I've gotta shout out loud. So mine is the only face you see. Gonna stand out, 'til you notice me," at this point Sam's eyes locked for a moment with Danny's. But the moment passed in a heartbeat as she turned away and grabbed Mandy's hand pulling her in front of the boys.

"If the stick you wield is always getting the breeze, I'm solely devoted to disturbing the peace. And I'll do it all again, when I get done, until I become your number one. No method sees the madness as a means of escape, gonna break every rule, I'll bend 'em all outta shape. It ain't a question of how, just a matter of when, you get the message that I'm tryin' to sing.

"I'm under a spell, I'm in over my head. And you know I'm going all of the way to the end! To stand out, above the crowd, even if I've got to shout out loud. So mine is the only face you see. Gonna stand out, 'til you notice me, yeah.

"If I can make you stop and take a look at me instead of just walking by. There's nothing that, I wouldn't do, if it was getting you to notice I'm alive." Again Sam and Danny's eyes met for that brief moment. Was she trying to tell him something? he wondered.

"All I need is half a chance, a second thought, a second glance to prove, I got whatever it takes. It's a piece of cake. To stand out, above the crowd. Even if I gotta SHOUT out loud. So mine is the only face you see, gonna, stand out, stand out, yea. Stand out. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Stand out, mmmm. so mine is the only face you see. Gonna STAND OUT, 'til ya notice me!"

Tucker and Danny gave each other a questioning look. The girls just laughed and took off towards Sam's house. Tucker and Danny had no choice but to follow them.

Once inside the teenagers camped out in Sam's room. Sam explained to Mandy about what she had heard on the news, and they all decided that the best way to get Mandy home would be to call the police. The police agreed to pick Mandy up in the morning because it was nearly 9 o'clock at night. They also said that they would connect Mandy's parents and tell them that she was fine.

This left the group the rest of the night to do whatever they felt like.

"How about a video?!" Tucker suggested.

"No!" the rest of them shouted.

"But why not?"

"Because you always pick lame movies, Tucker," Sam told him.

"Well, I think your movies are lame!"

This started a pillow fight between all of them. One of Sam's pillows burst and feathers filled the room. This only caused them to laugh harder.

"I have an idea," Mandy said after they had caught their breath. Her eyes flashed with something evil.

"What?" Danny asked, clearly unaware of the danger that lay ahead of them.

"Truth or Dare," Mandy said calmly. Tucker and Danny had never played before.

"How do you play?" Tucker asked.

"It's really easy," Sam explained. "One person starts, and asks someone 'Truth or Dare.' They then pick either truth or dare. If they pick truth, then the person gets to ask them a question, and they have to answer honestly. If they pick dare, they then get dared to do something, which they have to do."

"Sounds easy," Danny said though he was slightly nervous.

"Okay, I'll start," Mandy said. "Danny, truth or dare?"


"What is your most embarrassing moment?"

After thinking for a moment Danny said, "When Sam caught me with my shirt off the other day."

While they all laughed Mandy gave Sam a look that said 'You didn't tell me that.'

"Okay, your turn Danny."

"Tucker, truth or dare."


"Do you have a crush on the new girl at school?"

Tucker turned bright red and mumbled something.

"We can't hear you," Mandy taunted.

"Yes." More laugher followed.

"Go for it Tucker."

"Sam, truth or dare?"

Sam froze, what should she do? If she picked truth there was the chance that he could ask her if she liked Danny. He couldn't find out this way! No, no, no, Sam told herself. "Dare."

Tucker's eyes flashed over towards Mandy then back at Sam. Something told her this was bad.

"Sam, I dare you and Danny to do Seven Minutes in Heaven."

Mandy's mouth fell open. Something told Sam that they had planned something, but not this extreme. Sam looked over at Danny and he seemed panicked. She couldn't back out now. She nodded and walked over to her walk-in closet.

Danny got up and followed her. As he stood up she thought that she heard him mumble something to Tucker. Mandy shut the door behind them with a giggle.

It took a moment for Sam's eyes to adjust to the darkness.

"I'm sorry Danny. This was a stupid idea. We don't really have to do anything," she said trying to make him at ease.

Danny moved closer to Sam. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he couldn't stop now.



Danny leaned in closer and kissed her deeply. Sam went bright red and returned the kiss. This was surely a dream!

They broke the kiss after a moment.

"Sam, I love you. I have for a long time and I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

Sam smiled but Danny couldn't see in the darkness. She leaned in closer to him and whispered, "I love you too, Danny."


Somewhere far away someone was watching our two heroes, and laughing.

"Oooh, so you've finally come clean little Halfas. Well, don't expect that happiness to last for long," an evil voice said to no one.

A dark hand waved over the image of the ghost hybrids kissing for a second time causing it to vanish.

"No, don't expect it to last for long. Muwhahaha."

-- Author's Note ver. 2 -- Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the ending! Anyway, a few notes on the story.

1. The first time that I had Sam and Mandy singing aboard the Black Emerald, the song was 'Here With Me' by Michelle Branch, from The Spirit Room. It's a good song, go listen to it if you haven't heard it.

2. In this last chapter I had Sam and Mandy singing again. What can I say, I like people singing. That's mainly because I can't sing. LoL. But the song that they sang is probably not one that many of you have heard unless you're into Disney movies. The song was 'Stand Out' from A Goofy Movie. It's a good song, and a good movie, so check those out too.

3. I do not expect anyone to understand Mandy, or her comment at the end. It is mainly an inside joke, but I will explain it in as short a way as I can. Mandy, Marco, Reggie, and Crescent (mentioned in an earlier chapter) are characters from my series that I have written. It was originally called 'The Dark Slayers,' but has since been changed to 'The Zodiac Slayers.' It's your basic magically 'girl' (I use that loosely since many of the characters are guys) story. Think Sailor Moon... only for older teens. What Mandy said about her and Marco getting together was made up on the fly for this story. While the characters are together in the story, this probably isn't the way they actually hooked up. Hey, I wanted her to relate to Sam, okay? If you'd like to hear more about the Dark/Zodiac Slayers, feel free to e-mail me. Maybe if I feel daring, I might even post it on 's other website for original work.

and lastly, 4. Yes, this is the real ending for 'For the Love of the Halfa.' No, it is not the end of the story of Sam and Danny, our favorite Halfas. Didn't you see the ending? There is something much, much bigger for our heroes to face next time. So look out for the next part of the story, "Return To Me, For the Love of a Halfa 2."