A/N: The beggining of this chapter begins at the part of the first episode when Akane walks in on Ranma in the bathtub, thinking it was a girl.

Chapter 1- Ranma and Ranko

Ranma sat washing herself. 'Maybe I should tell them. How would they react?' She thought, pouring water on herself. "Buurrr! That's cold!" Right about then, the door opened, revealing Akane, the girl who wanted to be his friend. Ranma gasped. "Uhhh.... what the heck are ya doing in here?" he asked nervously as she walked to the bathtub."Well, I seen your clothes and I thought we could take a bath together. It's alright with you, right?" she asked, giving him the 'look'. (The 'look' is like puppy eyes filled with tears)

Of course he couldn't refuse that look, but she didn't like it. As soon as Ranma finished washing her hair, she went down stairs, dressed. "How was your bath, Ranma?" 'Oh crap. I think I better change my identity in girl form. Just so they don't freak out.' "Uh, I'm not Ranma. My name's Ranko," Kasumi blinked in suprise. "Then where's Ranma?" Ranma scratched her head nervously. "Umm..... he's uh... he went out to eat! Yea! He said he'll be back soon,"

Kasumi smiled. "That's nice," Ranma sneaked into the dojo, where his dad was training. "Hey, pops. I told the Tendo's I'm Ranko in girl form, and Ranma will be back later. Play along, alright?" "You did WHAT?" Genma yelled. He took Ranma by the collar and started choking him. "Why on earth did you do that?" "I....can't.....breath," Ranma said, turning purple. Genma let go of his death grip. "Now tell me.... why did you do that?" Ranma looked innocent. "I was nervous, OK?" Genma sighed. "Well, I guess i'm gonna have to go along with this," But then he pointed a warning finger at him. "Don't do something stupid like this again, I'm warning you," Ranma rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right. Like you COULD do anything to me," Genma raised an eyebrow. "Is that a challenge?" Ranma smirked. "Sure is," Then they started to spar.

After about 10 minutes, they decided to quit. "Do you think they should meet Ranma now?" Ranma nodded. Out of nowhere, he pulled out a bucket and poured warm water over him, turning into a guy. "Well, wish me luck," he said, walking back to the house.
"Ummm... excuse me," Ranma said nervously, walking into the dining room. "WHO are YOU?" Nabiki asked coldly. He gringed. "I'm ranma. Ranma saotome.... Sorry about this," Soun jumped up and gave him a hug, which was a real death grip. "Uhhh... please let go of me," "I'm sorry, I'm just so happy. Our families will finally be joined together!"

Nabiki and Kasumi gathered behind Akane. "Akane would be perfect for you! you're the right age," "Me? Why me? I don't even know him," She yelled. "Trust me. You'll have PLENTY of time to get to know him," Nabiki winked at her. "Gosh, Nabiki!" Akane threw her hands in teh air. "I give up," 'Well, I guess I can give him a chance.' Akane thought, secretly.

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