The Two Ranma's

By princess-elli100

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Chapter 4- Truth or Dare

Ranko grinned fakely as she accepted Yuki's invitation.

She sighed as she flipped the floral printed card around in her hands. Ranko was just invited to a girls sleepover. She immediatly stuffed the card into her bag when she heard footsteps approaching.

"Hey, Ranko! What was that?" Akane asked, curious. Ranko sweatdropped.

"Uh, nothing!" she said nervously. Akane just shrugged and sat down beside her on the table. It was a warm day and the school was eating outside. Ranko blushed as Akane's arm brushed up against hers.

Akane just smiled at her, not even noticing her red face. She unpacked her lunch, and they both sat, eating lunch together in silence.

Ranko dreaded the bell that day. That night, she would have to go to Yuki's girls only slumber party. That's the last thing she wanted to get involved in; something girls only. She wondered how long she could keep this up before someone finally found out.

Ranko watched Akane as she ran threw the hallway, excitedly. She was in her pajamas.

"Why are you dressed like that, 'Kane?" she asked, curiously.

"Well, duh! Yuki's party is tonight!" she exclaimed hapilly.

'Oh great... Akane's going...' Ranko thought, mentally sighing.

"Hey, I was invited too," Ranko said, pulling out the card. Akane sqealed in happiness. "We can go together!" she said enthusiastically.

'Jeeze... why doesn't she treat my guy side like this?' she thought. "Get your stuff packed, silly!" she said to her as Ranko was about to run out the door.

"Hehe... right!" she laughed nervously, rubbing the back of her head. When Ranko got into her bedroom, she sighed in frustration.

"What are you supposed to bring to a girls sleepover?" Ranko asked, raisinng a brow, looking around the room.

Ranko went around the room and picked up some clothes. That's probably all she needed.

"Okay. I'm ready," Ranko said.

As they were on their way walking to Yuki's house, Ranko said something that Akane wasn't supposed to hear.

"Man, why do I have to go to a stupid girls sleepover?" she asked herself, a little too loud.

"You don't want to go?" Akane asked in a hurt voice, as she stopped walking. Ranko stopped and turned around to her.

"O..of course I want to go!" Ranko lied. Everytime Akane had that hurt face, or Ranko felt like she was hurting her feelings, she wanted to cheer her up. But when the guys side did it, he just wanted to insult her. What's going on?

When they arrived at Yuki's house, Akane giggled excitedly. 'Weird...' Ranko thought. 'I guess she's not always a violent uncute tomboy...'

Akane rang the doorbell, and in no time, Yuri was at the door. She had her shoulder length hair in two ponytails out to the side of her head and was wearing cookies and milk pajama's (lol... I couldn't resist). Akane was wearing P-chan pajama's and Ranko was just wearing... her usual outfit.

"Come in, guys!" she motioned. Ranko tensed up.

"W..why'd she say guys?' she thought nervously, then sighed in relief. 'Duh, this is a girls party. Of course they don't know I'm really a..."

"Hey Akane!" came the voice of Sayura, Akane's other best friend. Her short hair was pulled back in a small ponytail, quite a few strands falling into her face.

"Hey!" Akane answered, hugging her friend. Ranko was not fitting into this whole scenario at all.

"Oh! You invited Ranko?" Sayura asked Yuki. Ranko slumped a little, thinking she wasn't wanted there.

"Yea! Hey guys, wanna have some snacks?"

"Sure!" Akane said, looking at Ranko. 'That's what I'm talking about!' Ranko thought, nodding. They all left the hallway and walked into a large room. It was the living room.

"Whoah..." Ranko exclaimed in awe. They giggled at her as they got into the snack bar. It was filled with chips, cookies, things like that.

"Ranko used to travel alt. She's not used to such large houses," Akane whispered to her friends. They nodded.

"So... what do you guys want to do?" Yuki asked, as they sat down on the couch. There were four sleeping bags on the floor. Yuri had tons of sleeping bags, so she didn't need to ask them to bring any.

Sayura grinned. "Truth or Dare," she said, as she eyed them. Yuki giggled excitedly. Ranko and Akane looked a tad bit nervous, but tried to keep their cool.

"Ok. Me first," said Sayura. She looked at Yuki, and grinned evily. "Truth or Dare?"


"Tommorrow, you must tell... that guy that's always lost all the time? Uh.. what's his name?"

"Ryouga," Ranko said behind clenched teeth. She didn't like to talk about Ryouga.

"Yea. Ryouga... that you love him!" Yuki shrugged. "Okay!" Yuki knew she probably wouldn't have to do it anyways, considering he's got the worst sense of direction in the world.

Yuki smiled as her eyes came upon Akane.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," Akane said. Then she realized they can bombard her with stupid questions just as bad as a dare.

"Do you like Ranma?" Akane bit her lip, looking at Ranko. Akane could've swarn she seen a glint of hope in Ranko's eyes...

"," she answered. Yuki and Sayura glared at her. "This is TRUTH or Dare. TRUTH," they practically spelling it out almost. Akane knew she was around friends, so she decided to tell the truth.

"No," she repeated. They sighed. They knew she wasn't going to say...

"Yes," she whispered. All three of the other girls gasped. Then Yuki and Sayura giggled excitedly. Akane looked over to Ranko.

"Don't tell Ranma, please," She begged. Ranko nodded.

'She...likes me!' Ranko was still stunned. Akane breathed in deeply, regretting telling them that she had a small crush on Ranma.

The rest of the night went on as planned; Ranko actually had some fun. Of course, one thought plagued her mind; Akane liked him.