Chapter One

"Come on Carter! You know you wanna!"

"No sir. I do not want to go fishing."

"Not even with me? Your wonderful CO?" pleaded Jack.

"I'm sorry sir but I'm going out with Pete on Saturday and I don't want to let him down." sighed Sam. "Also, I don't even like going fishing!"

"Not even with me? Your wonderful friend?"

"Sir..." Sam began. She stopped when he gave her a 'puppy dog' look.

He must really want me to go this time. Damn this is tricky.'ve never once said yes to him all the times he's asked you, and he's right. He's a friend.

"Okay sir. I'll go fishing with you." She heard herself say.

"Great!" he shouted. "I'll head home and get extra fishing gear ready. You go...pack a bag...let Pete down easy."

Dammit! I forgot about Pete! Crap! One 'puppy dog' look and he can wrap me round his little finger!

"Okay!" she said cheerily.

Jack smiled at her, before turning and near enough skipping down the corridor. Sam couldn't help herself, and giggled at him. She'd get going in a little while, as she had an experiment to finish and a boyfriend to disappoint - again.

"Hey Sam!" she heard a call.


"What was that about?"


"Suddenly wanting to go fishing with Jack?"

"I felt sorry for him."


"No really...Damn...He's so manipulative!"

"Tell me about it. I was meant to spend the weekend with Sarah, but he talked me into going fishing as well."

"At least we'll have each other to talk to."

"Yeah. That's a good thing."

"Daniel Jackson, Colonel Carter." Said Teal'c, as he wandered up to his team-mates' position.

"Hey Teal'c!"

"I overheard your conversation about General O'Neill. I too was coerced into going fishing."

"He's definitely up to something..." murmured Daniel.

"Tell me about it." Added Sam. "What's he making you miss?"

"I had planned to go to a Star Wars Convention and converse with Ewan McGregor."

"You've been looking forward to that for months!" Said Sam.

"I know! Teal'c...we need to talk to the General."

The conversation was interrupted by the Stargate Klaxon and Sergeant Harriman's voice over the tannoy.


Sam looked towards Daniel and Teal'c, then they all ran to the Gateroom.

They got to the control room to see Jack already there, and into what they had nicknamed his 'Command mode'. His face was serious, as he asked for a report.

Harriman responded. "We're receiving an's SG1?"


Sam stepped forward, intrigued. She immediately noticed something.



"Their drift calculations are way off!"


"Well, their drift calculations match up at their point of origin, but they go out of phase by this end. They're from another timeframe!"

Jack absorbed this news, and contemplated his next move.

"Open the Iris."

Walter moved his palm over to the opening control. Slowly, the Iris whirred into life. A few seconds after the Iris finished opening, an SG team came into view.

"For crying out loud Daniel! You were right! The Langarans are impossible!" Shouted a young female cadet.

"Uh..." began a lieutenant, "What the hell is going on?"

The SG team looked up to where Jack and co. were standing. SG1 knew only three of the four faces, as a much older Daniel, Jonas and Cassie met their stares.

"This does not look good." Muttered Jack. "Come on."

SG1 made their way to the Gateroom.

"Hey Jack. Long time no see! Tried dying your hair again I see. Teal'c, Sam! Good to see you too!" Chirped the older Daniel.

"Uh...Hi!" started Jack.

Daniel noticed the other member of SG1, namely his younger self.

"What's going on?" he enquired

"There was a phase shift in the wormhole you came through, therefore, you DHD's drift calculations were out of alignment." Explained Sam.

"So...we're a different timeframe?" asked the young female cadet.

"Yes." Teal'c stated the obvious.

"Crap." Muttered the cadet.

"Cadet! Language?" Shouted the older Cassie.


Turning away from his team, Jonas spoke up.

"I'll take it we'll need a debriefing?"

"Yes." Said Sam. "What year is it in your timeframe?"

The older Daniel looked at his team-mates before speaking.