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AN: This is set after Jack gets defrosted in Lost City, but before all the promotions and stuff.

SG1 and the future team were seated at the briefing room table.

"2004? Good year!" The cadet remarked.

"Actually...It's been kinda bad so far." Jack sighed.

Sam, Daniel and Teal'c turned to glare at him.

"Just my opinion!"

"Well people...Let's just focus on the issue at hand." Weir's voice calmed some frayed nerves.

"How did SG..."

"Eight mark three."

"Eight mark...three get stuck here?"

"Catchy name." Jack remarked.

"That's exactly what I said." The cadet agreed.

Cassie glared at the teenager, before explaining the circumstances of their current predicament.

"We were visiting Kelowna, supervising the extraction of Naquadria in accordance with the 2006 treaty after a new vein was discovered. At this time of year, the orbit of their moon, Luno, intersects the path of the wormhole...I guess Grace miscalculated the drift rate."

The cadet grimaced. "That would be it."

"That leaves us with a big problem." Sam sighed.

"What's that Major?"

"We can't predict a solar flare." Jack supplied.

"But the Tok'ra might." Daniel interjected.

"We have no way to contact them. They're moving planet again.."

"Sweet." Jack and Grace grumbled in unison.

Weir sat at the head of the table, formulating how to attack the problem.

"Major Carter. I want you to work with...Ms Frasier...I want you to work on the drift equations. Colonel O'Neill...I want you to work with...the cadet. We need more power for the gate. Daniel...Daniel...both of you...Work on ways to contact the Tok'ra. Teal'c Mr Jonas...I want you to join SG12 on a trade mission to the Stratheen homworld."

"How many Scottish planets are there?" Jack asked.

Suffice it to say - no-one answered.

"Chevron Seven ...locked." Walter Davis called.

Weir grabbed the microphone with her left hand as the event horizon painted the gate room in hues of blue.

"SG12...You have a go."

Teal'c, Jonas and the SG team strode up the ramp and disappeared.

When the wormhole dissipated, Elizabeth turned to SG1.

"Get started."

"And this would be my office." Said Jack leading the young cadet in..


"I don't use it much."

"Hanging out at 's lab too often?"


"Gener...Major Carter."

"General? Sweet! Yeah I do spend a lot of time in her lab. I love her...doohickeys."

"So...what are we doing?"

"I have no idea cadet...what is your name?"

Grace shifted about uncomfortably. "I can't tell you my surname, but you know my first name, so use that."

"Okay Grace...Why can't I know your surname?"

"I get concieved this year;...I can't jeapoardise the timeline by revealing even a hint of my parentage."

"Right...Any idea how we go about this?"

"The gate will probably need more power since it's winter and we're further from the sun.

Jack was in deep thought. "That would be because we need the wormhole to go around the sun before it can double back to earth...Since there's only one gate in use...we'll need about double the power."

Grace smiled at Jack. "Mom was right...You're not dumb!"

"Well...this is different." Sam said, smiling at the thirty something Cassie.

"For me...not so much...I'm used to talking to you on an adult to adult basis."

"Of course."

"So what's the plan?"

"We've to work on the calculations, so I'm thinking we should make a computer model to calculate the new drift ratio, and find out how much...Grace's calculations are off...Then we need to work out the inverse drift calculations needed to create temporal and spatial turnaround within the wormhole."

"I have my palmtop with me...It's a bit more advance than the computers of today."


"No note taking on it's operating system."

Sam stared quizzically at Cassie.

"Think Star Trek." Still blank. "Temporal prime directive?"

"Oh of course."

Daniel Senior was fussing. Daniel Junior was getting annoyed.

"Could you please...just sit still!"

"I'm sorry...It's just I'm a bit anxious to get home."

"Then help me look for possible Tok'ra planets."

The pair continued in silence, looking through the destination database.

"Why the hurry?"


"Why the hurry to get home?"

"My neice is pregnant...She's due anyday."

Daniel paused.



"I can't have a niece. I'm an only child and Skaara's ascended. He can't have kids."

"I remarried."


They sat in a tense silence.

"I shouldn't really talk to you about the future but..."

"But what?"

"But...I remember you telling me...when I was you."


"I'm married to Sarah,"

"Gardner? Sarah Gardner?"


Danile blinked. "Wow!"

"We have a son."


"He's called Jonathan...after Jack."

"What age is he?"


"I'm going to be a dad in two years?"


Daniel paused once more. "...Tell me more."

"Keep an eye out for me Grace!" Jack chuckled as he took out th power module of Teal'c's staff.

"Think this'll work?" she asked.

"It better...You remember - don't tell anyone!"


"The fact I've still got the ancients knowledge...well...a bit of it."

"So...I get to take credit for the ZPM you've just built?"



"Remember - not a word."

Grace giggles while Jack put the staff back together again.. The pair left the armory and headed back to Jack's office.

"So tell me what you can about yourself."

Grace paused, filtering out what she could and could not tell him.

"I'm nineteen, engaged, have a three year old daughter called Rebecca and I'm in my second year at the Air Force Academy."

"Sweet...You had a baby at sixteen?"

" wasn't planned though."

"I love kids."

Grace smiled "I know."

"You know?"

"I've known you my whole life."

"So you're a mother?"

"Of three...Ex husband's Air Force."


"Didn't work out...You warned me not to marry him...I never listened."

Cassie had forced (bribed) Sam into taking a break, and now they were sitting in the comissary with the customary blue jello.

"So...What am I up to in your timeframe?"

"Well...You're still Air Force and you're working in the SGC Extension, under the levels here. You're head of the whole extension. It's for the development of new technologies."

"That sounds great! Do I still go offworld?"

"Every day! Your brother Mark got a job with the SGC as head of the pharmaceutical research team. He lives offworld now."


"Really, really!"

There was a pause as Sam ate more jello.

"What about my personal life?"

"Ehm...I'm limited in what I can say but suffice it to're both very happy!"

"Both...I marry Pete?" Her voice tried to remain light, but a defeatist tone could be heard loud and clear.

"No...but you're good friends...Pete's the head of Police at Delta site - our first fully fledged colony."


"Yeah. They need a strong police presence there, as we share the colony with several races. That and the fact Delta's a large town. Its got a population of 15 000 already."


Cassie looked at Sam. "And so it begins."

"I can't believe I just said that."

"Jackisms are part of your everyday vocabulary now."

"I'm doomed."

"You only think! I know!"


No no no! The best thing you ever did was marry him!"

"So Jonathan's engaged?"

"Yeah...It's a complicated scenario but we're hoping it'll all work out."

"What happened?"

"Jonathan got her pregnant at sixteen."

"So...I'll know you as a baby?"


"What's your fiance's name?"



"Sorry...No last names."


"Sam I'm sorry! I didn't mean for it to slip out!"

"Jack and I are married?"


Sam leaned forward, a strangely angry but happy gleam in her eye.

"Tell me everything."

"Is Jonathan Rebecca's father?" Jack asked.

"Yeah he is." We were friends all through our childhood know."

"What do your parents and in-laws think?"

"Both moms are fine. Both dads are up in arms."


"Grace paused, choosing her words carefully. Then her shoulders slumped and she rolled her eyes.

"I'm as well telling you everything."

"Wow." Daniel sighed.

Daniel senior looked at his younger counterpart.

"He will blame you."

"And I can understand why...How did it happen?"

"Kids fall in love."

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