Title: The More Things Change

Author: Michelle

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Someone else (Radiant Productions?) Owns The Agency and all of the characters portrayed in this story) therefore, the author will receive no compensation for this story.

A/N: Some of the chapters may be shorter than what you're used to, but never fear; the story is almost finished and I plan to post every day.

Part 1: Happily Ever After?

July 13, Outside Dublin, Ireland

"We're going to be lay-ate" Stiles called to his bride in his best sing-song voice. He was, for the third time, calling to her to leave the hotel; he couldn't pry her away from the window.

"It's so beautiful; do we have to go?" Terri asked without averting her gaze from the lush countryside she had fallen in love with. "Can't we stay a little longer?"

By this time, Stiles was behind her. He put his arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck. "I'd love to stay too, but I don't think Carl will give us any more time off. It's been three weeks already."

Terri sighed, "I know,"and turned to face her husband with a sheepish grin on her face. "I just didn't realize that being alone with you could be so much fun."

Stiles chuckled. "I think there was a compliment in there somewhere."

"Why don't you go get us checked out; I'll meet you downstairs."

Stiles laughed and shook his head. When she smiled at him like that, there was no way he could say no.

"Okay. Meet me downstairs in 10 minutes--or less."

"I'll be there."

Fifteen minutes later. Afterseveral knocks, Terri opened the door. Without stepping into the room, Stiles shook his head and pointed to his watch. "What happened to, 'I'll meet you downstairs?'"

Terri headed back to the window. "I'm sorry. It's just so beautiful."

"Come on honey,"Stiles said as he gently pulled her away from the window. "We've got to go; our cab will be waiting."

This time, she closed her eyes and let him lead her out of the room. "Goodbye Ireland."

Two hours later, the newlyweds were on a plane home. The flight was uneventful and within a short time after take off, both of them fell asleep.

Stiles awoke to find Terri once again staring out a window. He did not want to disturb her thoughts so he sat quietly and watched her.

Terri stepped out of the room, pink train case in hand, and looked down the corridor. She was completely alone for the first time in hours. Her mother and sister-in-law left moments earlier at her request; she wanted to think about the day, reflect on the momentous, life-changing vow she had taken a few short hours ago—a promise to love him and be faithful to him until death—his or hers. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, he was there. She smiled when she saw him and he returned her grin.

It wasn't until the gears creaked signaling the presence of the landing gear that Terri snapped out of her daydream.

"Hey, you were a million miles away. What were you thinking about?"

She couldn't help but smile. "Our wedding day; It already seems so long ago."

"Hmmm" was Stiles' only response. He smiled in amazement just thinking about how happy he 'd beenthat day.

The beautiful woman coming toward him was finally his. He could not seem to remember a time when he did not love her. They had been through a lot, but he was sure she loved him too. He could see it in her eyes when she smiled and even when she frowned; she couldn't stay mad at him and he knew it. Today was their day and tonight was hers. What ever she wanted, or didn't, he would oblige.

"Hey handsome, you ready to go?" She'd asked him.

"With you, anywhere," He answered sheepishly; he would follow her around the world if she asked. He took the case from her hand, wrapped his arms around her protectively, and kissed her. They had only been apart 30 minutes, but he had missed her.

"I love you too." Terri whispered in Stiles' ear as she smiled.

Stiles raised his head. "I didn't say anything." He said as he looked at her in amazement.

An even bigger grin appeared on Terri's face."You didn't have to."

"Eh-hem, you're not on your honeymoon yet." Stiles' usually pale complexion slowly turned a bright shade of crimson hearing his now, brother-in-law's voice. "Your car is here. Everyone is waiting outside."

Terri reluctantly let go of Stiles and kissed her over-protective brother on the cheek. She then looked up at her new husband and hooked her arm through his. Kevin couldn't help but smile as he watched them walk away. He was sure his little sister was in good hands.

The goodbyes were much easier for the newlyweds than for their families. Despite her full awareness that her daughter was grown and could take care of herself, Helen Freemont was a worrier. She just wanted Terri to be happy. When Stiles turned to get in the limo, Helen pulled him aside. "Take care of my little girl."

Stiles smiled at her. "Absolutely; I wouldn't have it any other way."

"I can't believe you found this car! You're pretty amazing, you know that?" Somehow, Stiles had managed to surprise Terri; he found the same type of convertible Rolls Royce limo that her parents had ridden in when they were married 35 years earlier-the one Terri had been told was impossible to get.

"That's what I've been told."

Stiles was brought back to the present when he heard the pilot's voice on the intercom. Like everyone else, he assumed she was telling them about connecting flights and the weather in D.C. It was not until Terri grabbed his arm and he looked up to see fear in her eyes that he really listened.

"…please make sure all of your belongings are under the seat in front of you. Hold onto your ankles and brace yourselves…"