Dance With Me
By SetsuntaMew

I'm the most terrible person ever, aren't I? I can't just stick to one story, can I? But I have to use what my idea kitties give me, so yeah. That's why I have about a billion unfinished stories.

About this takes place during Kingdom Hearts, before the sealing of the keyhole at Hollow Bastion.

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It was just a normal day in Traverse Town. Leon was training in the Waterway with Yuffie, Aerith was in her hotel room hoping that Cloud would return, and Cid was working in the Accessory Shop. Except for the flyers...

"A dance?! Why the hell would they arrange a dance? Don't they know that some of us despise dances?" Yuffie was practically in hysterics over it.

"Yuffie, who are exactly are 'they'?" Leon asked innocectly.

"Them. The evil people who came up with this terrible plot to kill us all. I swear, the Heartless must be in on this or something..." Yuffie was still having problems dealing with the whole dance thing.

"Yuffie, you're overeacting to the point that you're acting like a whiney teenager. Why don't you just not go?" Leon asked her.

"Not go? Not go?! I can't just not go! And for the record, Squall, I am a teenager," Yuffie said.

"You don't have to act like one. And my name's Leon," he said in reply.

"Well, sorry, Leon, but I only act my age. I guess I'm just not mature enought to act old enough for you." And with that final statement, Yuffie stomped off angrily.

'What did I say?' Leon thought to himself. 'And what's so bad about a dance?'

"Urgh! I just can't stand him sometimes!" Yuffie said exasperatedly as she flopped down on the bed in Aerith's room.

"Who?" Aerith asked, already knowing the answer.

"Squall. Oh wait, I mean Leon," Yuffie said with a sigh.

"What did he do this time?" Aerith asked her younger friend. She enjoyed watching Leon and Yuffie together. Aerith could tell the the two liked, maybe even loved, each other, but they were just too stubborn to admit.

"He told me to stop acting like a teenager. I'm sorry, but I can't help acting my age, you know?"

"Yes, Yuffie, I know. But maybe he meant that you were acting like a younger teenager, Sora's age maybe."


"Or maybe it's because you don't usually act like a teenager."

"I don't?"

"No. Maybe it's from usually only being around me and Leon, but you have the maturity level of someone in their 20s most of the time."

"Oh. I never really thought of that."

"Of course you didn't. Now tell me, why were you acting like a teenager?"

"Haven't you seen the flyers?"

"No, I haven't been out of the hotel yet today. Why?"

"There's a dance."

"Yuffie, that's wonderful! Now we can go shopping for something to wear, and I'll do something nice with your hair, and oh, it'll be so much fun!" Aerith exclaimed happily.

"No it won't. I hate dances. Besides, I won't even have a date," Yuffie said, looking a bit sad.

'You will more likely than I...' Aerith thought. 'I just hope those two swallow their pride in time.'

"I'm sure you'll be able to get a date! You're young still young and pretty. Trust me, you won't have a problem," Aerith said to comfort the girl. "Now, when is this dance?"

"It's either in one or two weeks. I can't remember..."

"Yuffie, you must learn to pay attention to these sort of things. Or you'll never get anywhere."

"I'll be fine! I promise. Just I won't have a date," Yuffie said.

"I bet you will," Aerith challenged.

"I bet that I won't. If I'm right, I get to come back to the Red Room."

"And if you're wrong, you have to dance with Leon," Aerith said slyly.

Yuffie looked at the Flower Girl. She had something planned. 'But what?'

"Is it a deal?" Aerith asked.

"Deal. And I know I'll win it!" Yuffie said with more confidence than she thought she had. Aerith could be scary when she knew something that no one else did, and it caused Yuffie to be fearful.

'I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. Because just you wait, Yuffie. Just you wait.' Aerith thought.

And, that my friends, was the worst chapter I have ever written, I believe. The spelling probably sucks because Microsoft Word's spell checker broke. And my brother kept coming in and interrupting my chain of thought.

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