Dance With Me
By SetsuntaMew

It's been what, over three months now? But you see, the idea kitties ran away, but now they're back, so it means it's time to write a chapter!

It's so weird. My writing style has changed so much since when I began writing this. Especially since now I hate Clorith with a burning passion. Aeriseph all the way!

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Yuffie was back on the rooftop, thinking. 'Maybe I should tell Squall that Cloud came back. But he was being so mean earlier...Oh well. It's the 'right' thing to do, as Aerith would say. Let's go find him, then,' she said to herself, jumping off the rooftop once again, and heading toward the Waterway.

Arriving at the Waterway, Yuffie heard the sounds of a gunblade being sliced through the air at an invisible opponent. "Squall?"

"It's Leon."

"Well, I thought you might want to know that Cloud's back."


"Yep! He was wandering around the third district looking for Aerith. I'm surprised, though. He actually recognized me after nine years."

"Who could possibly forget you?" Leon said quietly to himself. 'Whoa, were did that come from?!'

"What was that, Squall?" Yuffie asked.

"Nothing. And it's Leon."

"I'll call you Leon when you stop talking to yourself. How's that sound?"

"I don't talk to myself!"

"Then what were you just doing?"

"I didn't say anything!" Leon yelled.

"It sure as hell sounded like you did," Yuffie told him.

"Well, I didn't. If you only came back to make fun of me, then maybe you should just leave!"

"Maybe I will!" Yuffie screeched. "I only came back to be nice and try to apologize," she then said quietly, before turning and running.

'Damn it! Why do I have to be such an ass to her?' Leon asked himself.

'Damn him! I was only trying to apologize. But...maybe it was partially my fault,' Yuffie thought to herself.

'But it doesn't really matter now. Squall won't be getting in the room anytime soon.' Yuffie grinned. She had locked all the doors to the green room. If he wanted in, well, he's have to break them down.

'Not my problem!' Yuffie now felt a bit better. Just a little. For some reason unknown to her, Squall's insults and attitude were beginning to hurt her.

'I'm the Greatest Female Ninja ever! I can't be bother by some ex-SeeD. It's just Squall, anyway. What's my problem?" she asked herself. Maybe Aerith's right. Maybe you do love him.

"Shut up,' she told herself. You can't tell yourself to shut up. 'I can now.' You just don't want to face to fact that you love-

"AGH! SHUT UP!" Yuffie yelled.

'Yuffie gets worked up over the smallest things,' Leon thought to himself. 'I almost feel bad, though. She did come to apologize.'

Yes, feel very bad. Why must you be so mean to her? 'Why am I talking to myself?' Because you won't open up to anyone enough to talk to them. Maybe if you were just nice every once in awhile...

'You sound like Yuffie.' Good. 'Why are you trying to remind me of her?' Because all she's ever done is show you kindness. And then you just yell at her. I'm trying to help you recognize your true feelings.

'What the hell are you talking about?'

You love her, you're just too damn stubborn to admit it. You should tell her.

'I must be insane. My mind is trying to kill me.'

I'm not trying to kill you! I'm trying to help you.

'I don't need help. Now shut up and go away.'

I'm you. You can't tell yourself to shut or go away. But I promise, I won't bother you as much under one condition.

'What's that?' Leon was starting to give up. He was insane, he knew it. Who else would talk to themselves, unless they were insane?

Ask Yuffie to the dance!

'You've got to be kidding me. Where do you come up with this stuff, anyway?'

I get them from your deepest desires that you'd never figure out on your own. But don't sweat it. Everyone has an annoying little voice in their head.

'And that's supposed to make me feel better?'

Yes. Now you won't think you're insane!

'No, no, I still think I'm insane.'


'You promise to not bother me as much if I ask Yuffie to the dance?'

Of course!

'Then, fine, I'll do it.' Leon finally gave up, deciding that the voice was much worse than any dance.

Yuffie heard knocking on the door to the Green Room. 'Heh heh...Squall's back! Finally!' she thought gleefully.

"Yuffie, did you lock the door?" Leon asked her.

"Now why would I ever do something like that?" she replied sarcastically.

"Please let me in," Leon said exasperatedly.


"Why not?"


"If it's about earlier, I'm sorry."

Yuffie did a double take. 'Did Squall just apologize?' she asked herself.

"Now could you please unlock the door?" Leon was practically pleading by now.

"Hm, let me think about that. No."

"Yuffie, stop being a brat."

"Wow, I can tell you really want in here."

"Fine, I'll just sleep out here, then," Leon said sarcastically.

"Have fun."

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