Harry and Snape go hunting

Hunting with Potter, just what I've always wanted. Having a gun in my hand and his head just

in front of me… Maybe if we split up and I "accidentally" shot him…Nah Granger and Weasley'd

never buy it. Stupid kids always putting their stupid noses where they don't stupid belong. How'd I

get stuck doing this with Potter? I was tricked I tell you! I should go find some assassins… Idiot

Potter…like father, like son. James Potter…stupid moron. My trigger finger is starting to itch.

Always making fun of me, his father was. Sirius that gay fruit nearly killed me! Well HaHa excuse

me if I sound sarcastic but almost killing someone by telling me that I could get James expelled but

instead find a werewolf ready to rip my head off is NOT my idea of an AMUSING joke. Idiot

Dumbledore, didn't even expel Black for that one. Moron. I am the only normal person in this

school with the small exception of young Mr. Malfoy. The others are idiots. Filch isn't bad though

hates every student. That's nice. Oh why oh why am I hunting with Potter?

"This is stupid," I say outloud. I grab a twig and with the flick of my wand I turn it into a broom and fly away.

Screw Potter, he can find his own damn way back.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and other characters don't belong to me and never will they are all property of J.K. Rowling and anyone else I forgot to mention.

Author's Note: Well what did you think? Another story written at my grandma's ^-^

I can't write without inspiration!