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Author's Note: In this story Thomas never died, but he hears something that he shouldn't hear.

By: 24

Jarod goes into his latest lair and dials a familiar number. He wanted to call Miss Parker to talk to her like he normally does. The phone rings a few times and then suddenly it was picked up.


"Hello Miss Parker."

"What do you want Jarod?"

"Just wanted to see how you were doing."

"Just peachy Jarod. I'm thinking of going away with Thomas."


"Yes, but daddy won't let me go until I bring you back to the Centre."

"Are you sure that he'll let you go once you bring me in?"

"That was the deal. I capture you and bring you in and I get my freedom."

"And you take my freedom away from me again. I was taken from my family when I was a child and locked up in the Centre then when I finally find out what they were doing to my work I escape. Then they send my childhood friend and my mentor to chase after me to take me back to the very same place that stole me from my parents to be locked up again."

"I want to have a life with Thomas."

"I know and that's why I sent him to you, so you can by happy with him. Watch out for my next pretend. I'll give you clues to where I am. I'm going to give up my freedom to make you happy. Make sure that Lyle doesn't find out."

"You are going to let me catch you?"

"Yes. You deserve to be happy Miss Parker with Thomas. I can't seem to find my parents. At least you can be happy and not have to be on the run like I am."

"Are you sure Jarod?"


"Thank You, Jarod."

"Your Welcome, Miss Parker. Have a safe and happy life. You deserve to be happy."

He hung up and Miss Parker stared out the window in disbelief wondering why Jarod would make this kind of sacrifice for her. She got up and poured herself a glass of Vodka and sat back in the couch.

Two days later she went to the Centre and found a package on her desk, so she opened it. She went to the tech lab and found Sydney and Broots looking at the computer.

"Let's go guys. It's time to capture the wayward pretender and bring him back home."

Broots, Sam, Miss Parker, Sydney and another sweeper were on the plane going to Bangor, Maine. After landing they got into the car that was waiting for them and made their way to Jarod's latest lair. Walking towards the warehouse they burst in and found Jarod there sitting at the table, but when they burst in he quickly got up. He made a move to escape just to throw them off that he was doing this as a favor to Miss Parker.

"Don't even think of it Jarod. You are going back Jarod."

Sam and the other sweeper walked up to Jarod, put the cuffs on his wrists and walked him to the car. As they took off on the Centre's jet Jarod looked out the window watching his freedom go away. He knew that he was doing this because of Miss Parker so that she could be happy, but that didn't mean that he wasn't worried about what they were going to do to him.

He felt someone sit next to him, so he turned to who it was. There was Miss Parker looking at him. Jarod looked around to make sure that there was no one listening to their conversation.

"You will be getting a package in the mail today. I made sure that you would not get found that way you don't have to worry about looking over your shoulder."

"Thank you Jarod."

"Your welcome Miss Parker." Jarod said as he looked back out the window.

They walked him into the Centre and into Mr. Parker's office.

"Angel, you caught him. Very good."

"I'm leaving. Remember our deal."

"Of course. Good luck Angel." He said as he was staring at Jarod and smiling. "Take him to his cell" He said again to the two sweepers.

They dragged Jarod out and into the elevator that would take him to his cell.

Miss Parker was in her office getting her things together and walked out the door. She unlocked the door and found Thomas there staring at her.

"What is it Tommy?"

"I knew that you knew Jarod, but he wouldn't tell me how you two knew each other. I remember going to where you worked and wondered what went on in that big building. They kept Jarod in there since he was a child? How could they take away a child from their parents? Why are you chasing him to bring him back there?"

"How did you know about everything?"

"You left the answering machine running. I guess you forgot to erase it. You caught him didn't you?"

"Yes, it's my job to capture him."

"He's not an animal to be hunted he's a human being."

"I don't have a choice. I get my freedom when I take him back."

"So you take away his freedom?"

"You don't understand. My father is the chairman of the place where I work at. You have no idea what goes on inside the Centre. My mother was shot and killed because she tried to save Jarod from the Centre when he was a child. He is a pretender, a genius who can become anyone he wants to be. When he was older he found out that the simulations that he did for the Centre were being used to hurt and killed then he escaped. I knew Jarod when he was inside the Centre. I remember the day that I first met him. He was in a glass cage and hooked up to something. He asked me if I was a girl. Because he was isolated he'd never seen a girl before. When my father found out that we were seeking each other out then he sent me to boarding school."

"I remember he loves Pez and ice cream."

"He never had that inside the Centre. He never had a birthday, Christmas or any other Holiday. They kept him isolated so they could use his gifts."

"You have to get him out of the Centre Parker."

"No. My father said that I could go. Plus Jarod sent us something that will make sure that the Centre will never find us. He gave up his freedom to give me my freedom. He wanted to do this. Plus Jarod will escape once were gone anyways. He's done it before."

Thomas looked out the window and then turned back to Parker.

"What do we do now?"

"We pack and go away. Make sure that we follow Jarod's orders."

"Okay Parker."

The End.