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By: 24

Jarod stood on the porch looking out to the backyard. He knew that he had to go and soon because he couldn't put Miss Parker and Thomas's life in danger just because he accidentally found them. He wasn't kidding that he wanted them to have a good life. He had already told Miss Parker and Thomas that he should leave, but they said that he should stay there. He had to leave when they were sleeping and he would have to do it tonight.

He turned and walked back into the house and up to the extra room he was staying in. He stayed in his room until he knew that they were asleep and gathered his things together. He put the envelope on the bed and went out the front door.

Miss Parker and Thomas woke up the next day and walked down the hallway. When they walked into the kitchen they found no trace of Jarod and then they went back to the extra room. Thomas knocked on the door and went in. On the bed was an envelope.

Miss Parker and Thomas,

I'm sorry that I had to leave the way that I did, but I had to do it this way. If I stayed here then they would find you and that is not why I let you have your freedom away from the Centre. They still want me back and if they found me here then they would find both of you. I hope that each of you have a great life together. Don't worry about me I'll survive. I always do. Be safe both of you. If you need any help, or if the Centre finds you and escape here is my e-mail address and phone number. E-Mail: . Phone: (657 )253-1374.


Miss Parker and Thomas both read the note.

"Be safe Jarod." She whispered under her breath.

"Do you think he'll be okay?"

"I'm sure he'll be fine Thomas. After he's a pretender, a human chameleon. He'll heal and do his pretends again."

"I hope so."

They left the extra room and went back to the kitchen to begin their day. Each in their own thoughts in hoping that Jarod would be okay and stay safe.

The End