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Just when you thought it was safe to let down your guard.


By: 24

Jarod had been off the Centre's radar for about a year now and was living in the sleepy town of Jacksonville Heights. He had decided that he was tired of the cat and mouse game and quit. He had a job in town as a Dr and loved it. He wasn't helping as many people as he was when he was on the run, but it was enough to help the people in town. He had a girlfriend and her name was Lesley Wilson. She was almost his height and had blonde hair with blue eyes. He had never told her about his life in the Centre, that he had escaped, that he had been on the run from the same people who had kidnapped him as a child, that he has a clone, nor had she seen his DSA's. There wasn't a day that went by that he thought about his hunters and wondered how they were doing. He wanted to call Sydney and Miss Parker to see if they were alright, but he knew that he couldn't because it would lead them to him and he had a life now and it was time for him to live it. He had settled down and planted roots here and had somewhere where he didn't have to be on the run all the time.

Jarod walked into the lobby to tell one of his patient's parents that their daughter had pulled out of the surgery and would be going to a room soon. They thanked him and then went up to the elevator following him so he could show them her room. He didn't see a man sitting in the lobby waiting for his father to finish his doctor's visit and definitely did not see him take a double take in his direction. The man quickly got up as the elevator doors closed, went outside, pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialed a number.


"Miss Parker. This is Jason Miller and I'm a sweeper. I was on vacation caring for my father when I just saw Jarod. He's a doctor in Jacksonville Heights, California. Don't worry he didn't see me. I'll try to get more information to you."

"Good. I'll be down there soon. Thank you Jason."

"You're welcome Miss Parker."

The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware.

Miss Parker glided down the hallway and into the tech lab with a smile on her face. Sydney and Broots were already there waiting for her. They had been busy trying to find Jarod this last year, but with no clues to his wareabouts it was not easy.

"I have good news. One of the sweepers spotted Jarod at Jacksonville Heights, California. I'm getting some sweepers to take along with us and then were leaving to take the lost boy home."

They boarded the plane and each in their own thoughts. Sydney was thinking I hope its not Jarod because he didn't want him to get caught. Broots was thinking that too because Jarod had helped him gain custody of Debbie. Miss Parker was thinking finally this is the day that I will catch the wayward pretender and it will all be over.

They taxied to a stop, stepped off the plane and were about to step into the limo then Miss Parker's phone went off.


"I have more information. He lives on 7865 Winding Way and he has a girlfriend named Lesley Wilson. She lives on 2314 Davis Way."

"Thank you Jason."

She disconnected the line and barked at the limo driver.

"We are going to 2314 Davis Way."

The limo took off and parked right in front of the house. It was a small one-story house with a flower garden in front. The trim was in yellow and the house color was white.

"Miss Parker, Sam and another sweeper stepped out of the car leaving Broots, Sydney and other sweepers in the car. They looked around the neighborhood and then knocked on the door.

Lesley was in the kitchen when there was a knock on the door. She put down her sandwich and walked to the door to open it.

"Can I help you?"

"Have you seen this man?" Miss Parker said as she held out a pursuit photo of Jarod.

"That's my boyfriend Jarod."

"Where is he?"

"He's still at the hospital working. Why?"

"Do you have a key to his house?"


"I'm asking the questions here. Now tell me, or I'll have to hurt you."


"Good. Get the key and come with us."

They grabbed her as she took the key out of the drawers and led her to the limo shoving her inside.

"Who are you?"

"That is none of your business."

"We are now going to 7865 Winding Way."

They pulled up to another one story house this time it had blue trim and the house color was a pale blue. They pulled Lesley out and the sweepers, Broots, Sydney, Miss Parker got out of the car. Miss Parker talked to the remaining sweeper in the car who was driving. She had told him to hide the car, so Jarod wouldn't see it when he came home and she would call him when they were ready.

Lesley unlocked the door and they all walked in. They shoved her into one of the living room chairs.

"I want you to call Jarod and tell him to come home. Tell him you want to make him lunch or something. Just get him here." Miss Parker said as she handed her the portable phone.


"Just do what I say and you won't get hurt."

Lesley grabbed the phone and dialed a familiar number. The phone was picked up on two rings.

"This is Jarod Johnson."



"What are you doing right now?"

"Just catching up on some papers and I'm almost done."

"Can you come to your house for lunch. I thought that I would cook you something for lunch."

"Sure, I haven't eaten yet. I'll be there in a couple of seconds."


"See you later Lesley."

"Okay, Jarod."

She hung up the phone and handed it to Miss Parker.

"That was very good, Lesley."

A couple of seconds later the door unlocked and Jarod walked in. He didn't smell anything cooking and so he called out. The sweepers were hiding so Jarod wouldn't see them.

"Lesley where are you?"

"In the living room."

He walked into the living room and stopped as he saw Lesley handcuffed to one of the kitchen chairs in the middle of the room with Miss Parker standing in back of her with Sam. Sydney and Broots were also there sitting on the couch.

"Hello Jarod. Sydney and I haven't heard from you in a year."

Jarod glared at Sam and Miss Parker. He turned his head as he saw more sweepers come out behind him.

"How did you find me Miss Parker?"

"An accident really. One of the sweepers was in the lobby of the hospital waiting for his father to get out of his appointment when he saw you. He called us and the rest is history. Now where are the DSA's Jarod?"

"I'm not telling you."

"Are you sure?"

"You are taking me back you don't need the DSA's."

"Of course we do." She nodded to Sam and Sam fished his knife out.

"Now Jarod this is just a pocket knife, but it is sharp and it will hurt."

"Leave her alone Sam."

"Tell us where the DSA's are and she won't get hurt."

"They are in the cardboard box in back of the downstairs closet."

"You better not be lying Jarod." Sam nodded to one of the sweepers who went to the closet and dragged the box out. Opening it he grabbed the silver briefcase and opened it.

"He was telling the truth."


"Hands behind your back Jarod."

"Miss Parker, you have me and the DSA's please let her go. She doesn't know anything."

"Miss Parker it will go a long way if you let her go." Sydney spoke up.

Miss Parker glanced at the woman in the chair and back at Jarod. His hands were restrained in back of him and his eyes were pleading with hers.

"Let her go. We have lab rat and the DSA's that's enough." She told Sam and then faced the woman. "If you breathe a word about this I won't hurt you, but I'll kill you. Got it."


"I'm sorry Lesley that I got you involved with this. I thought that I was safe."

"Who are they Jarod?"

"I can't tell you. I'm sorry."

She watched as they carted the strange silver case and Jarod away. Miss Parker had called the sweeper and the limo was waiting in front of the house for them. She watched as they shoved Jarod into the car and they took off.