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By: 24

Jarod stood in the sun on the porch of their new house. Lesley and he had been married for four months now and he was very happy. Mr. Wilson had helped him in reuniting him with his family. His father, mother, clone who picked the name Jeremy and his sister Emily were living down the block from them. Mr. Wilson and his outfit were invaluable in shutting down the Centre. Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney were given a slap on the wrist then set free. The last he heard was that Miss Parker was engaged to a nice coworker named Mason. She was working for a law firm. Sydney was in psychiatry helping children and Broots was in charge of his own team in the computer business.

Jarod was still working at the same hospital that he had met his wife at and loved it there. He loved his life, loved his wife and loved his family. He only wished that Kyle was alive and allowed to join their family. He missed the brother that he only got to know.

He was very happy that he was given the chance to experience life without having to look over his shoulder. He was now allowed to put down roots and stay in one spot. Yesterday he had gotten the most joyous news. His wife was two weeks pregnant and he was ecstatic being a father. He was a little scared, but it would all be good in the end.

He went back inside the two-story house that they had bought together and started breakfast when he heard his lovely wife coming down the stairs. He smiled at her as she came into the kitchen and pour herself some coffee.

Yes, this is the life for him. He was very contented with his life. He turned to his wife and handed her a full plate and they made their way to the table. He finally had a happy ending and he was truly safe.

The End.