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Author's Note: This is about Ethan and what happened when he left that note in Inner Sense.

Part of the Family

By: 24

He was in the living room rummaging through the desk drawers trying to find a piece of paper to write on. Finding paper he grabbed a pen and started writing, but then the voice told him that he had to leave now. He never finished the note as he raced out of the house and into the car that he had rented. He drove until he had to go to a motel and then the next day he started his journey again. He had to hurry, or else the person would go and he would loose the chance to talk to her.

He drove all day and then turned to down the street where the four story building loomed up ahead of him. He parked the car, got out and walked into the apartment building hurrying up the steps. Finding the door that he needed he knocked on the door. The door opened and a woman with red hair stood there.

"Yes, can I help you."

"My name is Ethan."

"Ethan? Emily told me about you. Come in please."

She let him in and he sat on the couch. She brought him a drink and he sipped it.

"So you are my husband's son along with Mrs. Parker. I'm so sorry that they did that to you."

"I grew up with a good family. I hear my mother in my head. It's called the Inner Sense."

"Why are you here?"

"I was writing a note to my sister when I heard her voice to hurry, or else you would be gone."

"She was right. I was thinking about leaving today."

"She also told me about why they took Jarod."


"It's about the scrolls and the prophecy in them. You have to go to the pub and gather a doll then go there. I'll tell you where the pub is and where the Island of Carthis is."

"Thank you Ethan. Be safe my boy."

Ethan smiled and then left himself out. He was happy that he found a part of Jarod's family. Hopefully Jarod and his mother will meet on the Island because his mother never told him anything after that.

The End