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La Fraise

Chapter 1: The Stage Is Set


"Happy Anniversary!"

The ever-so-sexy and incredibly clever Dark Mousy popped the cork of a bottle of champagne as the other people in the room surprised the two young men who had just walked in the door.

"Dark? Risa? Takeshi? What's going on?" Daisuke Niwa asked, his red eyes adorably confused.

"Isn't it obvious Daisuke-chan?" Risa Harada pulled Daisuke and his companion, Satoshi Hiwatari, to the middle of the crowd.


"They've thrown us a surprise anniversary party," Satoshi calmly explained, a hint of a smile crossing his lips.

"Aww, guys! You shouldn't have..."

"Oh, but we did," Dark said as he sauntered up to the couple, "and you better be grateful for it."

There was a slight pause in the room.

"Dark, you're so...funny."

"Of course."

"And amazingly superficial," Satoshi muttered.

"Ahem. Anyway, if this is a party, where's all the food?" Daisuke said, stomach growling.

"Don't you ever stop eating?" Satoshi threw an arm around his boyfriend.

"You know me. Bottomless pit for a stomach."

Satoshi chuckled as they made their way to the food table.


"Worst part about parties?"

"...The cleanup."

"You read my mind."

"I'm psychic that way."

Dark and Daisuke sighed in unison amidst the mess that the living room of Daisuke Satoshi's had become.

"You really don't have to stay here, Dark."

"And make you clean up all this? No way. It was your surprise party after all."

"Yes, but still..."

"Daisuke, you're too nice for you're own good. What we really should be doing is dragging that bastard of a boyfriend out here to help."

"Dark, he had a headache. You know he has people-issues."

"Look around, do you see any people?"


"That's what I thought. So I either drag him out or you can go join him."

Daisuke blanched.

"But I can't leave you to clean up all by yourself..."

"Daisuke, there aren't many times when I'm going to be this nice. You realize I could be getting laid right about now?"

"Thanks Dark, I really needed to know that..."

"Point is, it's your anniversary, so you should be with ahem the one you love," Dark pointed toward the bedroom door, black eyes determined. The spikey-haired man sighed in defeat.

"Fine, you win."


"Oh, Dark," Daisuke stopped his journey and turned around abruptly.


"Tomorrow at work, remind me that I have something important to tell you."

"Uh, sure. And I promise not to listen too hard."

"Shut up," Daisuke smirked as he opened the door and closed it firmly behind him.

Dark allowed himself his own self-satisfied smirk before turning to face the disaster of a room that was usually spotless (thanks to Satoshi of course).

"God, what did we do?"

The bishounen sighed and started to work, letting his thoughts drift to random musings (which was kind of dangerous if you thought about it...). He had been friends with Daisuke since they were old enough to crawl and in all 25 years of his life he had yet to meet a better person. Daisuke was kind, generous, and a bit of a goofball, but that made him all the more charming. But he was such a worrywart, especially when it came to other people. Thank God he has me. Yes, Daisuke definitely needed a wild and fun spirit such as himself to brighten up his day. Just like Satoshi needed someone who could appreciate life. How did the guy with a stick up his ass end up with such a great person? Just another one of life's great mysteries. Of course, Dark and his colleagues were very happy that Daisuke and Satoshi worked well together. After all, they'd be out of work if their two bosses hated one another. And Satoshi already knew very well that Dark would personally kick the crap out of him if he harmed a hair on Daisuke's head. But no worries there. They seemed to be perfectly in love. Great for them. Dark sighed. Sometimes the life of a playboy seemed so lonely when you looked at couples such as Satoshi and Daisuke. Although...there are definitely benefits. All he had to do was look at a female a certain way and he'd have her at her knees...literally. There was probably only one woman at work who hadn't yet been with him and that was only because Risa was just so cute that he couldn't yet bring himself to make her just another star on his chart. Besides, he'd have to find another secretary. And she was also friends with Daisuke and getting Daisuke mad at him was not something he particularly favored. Only when he annoyed him. Now that was fun. Dark smirked then quickly straightened up when he realized he had already cleaned up everything. Wow, time flies when you're reflecting upon the high points of your life...excluding Satoshi of course. He grabbed his coat and a bottle of champagne, paused a bit, then headed out of the apartment, smirking and whistling to himself.


"What an excellent day to be alive, don't you think Dark?" Daisuke skipped into his friend's office, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

"Yea, if you're you."

"An even more excellent reason."

"So, boss, why have you decided to grace me with your amazingly chipper presence?"

"I have something to tell you," Daisuke explained, sitting down in the chair across from Dark.

Dark furrowed his eyebrows together, as if trying to remember something.

"Don't strain yourself."

"Shut up."

"If I do, then I can't tell you."

"Is this the thing you were telling me about last night?"


"Good or bad?"

"Er, depends."

"Depends? On what?"

"Well," Daisuke leaned back a little in his chair and began twiddling his thumbs, "I've decided...that..."


"You need help," Daisuke blurted out. Dark raised a perfect eyebrow.

"Excuse me?"

"Sorry, that, um, came out wrong," the red-haired man took a deep breath to calm his nerves. "What I mean is, I've hired someone to work with you."

"You mean you've fired Risa and hired someone else? But she's a perfectly fine secretary!"

"No, no, I haven't fired anyone. When I say work with you, I mean actually work with you. As a partner."

Dark leaned back in his chair, surprise evident on his pretty-boy features. "Oh."

Daisuke winced. "It's not that I don't think you're capable, Dark, because I don't doubt you're abilities in the slightest. It's just that, there's this big project coming up and we need all the help we can get."


"Are...are you okay with this?"

Okay? Okay? Was he okay with this? Was he, Dark Mousy, ladies' man, mans' man, man about town, okay with his best friend, despite what he said, doubting his ability to perform better than any man on earth? Dark shrugged. "Sure."

Daisuke visibly relaxed. "Oh, Dark, I knew you would be. You're not the type to let jealousy cloud what you know is right for the company."

Yeah right. "Of course not."

"Great! She'll be here this afternoon," Daisuke said as he got up to leave.






"Yes?" Daisuke turned around.

"Did you say 'she'?"

"Oh, yes. Your partner is a woman. You don't have a problem with that, do you Dark?"

Hell yes! "Of course not."

"Okay then. See you at lunch!" Daisuke waved before he closed the door and stood outside it, waiting for his friend to blow up. Oh, those moments were priceless.


Risa, Dark's secretary/friend-because-she's-friends-with-Daisuke-who-she-turned-down-in-middle-school-which-may-or-may-not-have-led-to-Daisuke's-change-in-tastes/fellow flirter, who was good at her secretarial job and wasn't necessarily a dim person but just a little on the floaty side, looked up abruptly when she heard a very strange noise coming from Dark's office. And then she saw Daisuke standing in front of the door.

"Was that...? Did he just...?"


"So, you broke the news?" Risa asked, amber eyes sparkling.

"You bet."

"Oh, I would've paid money to see his reaction to hearing it's a woman."

"It would've been worth it, trust me."

The old friends shared a little giggle.

"So, when's she coming?"

"This afternoon."

Risa's eyes widened. "That soon?"

"Well, she was so eager to begin working, I just couldn't turn her down."

Risa laughed. "You know, Daisuke, for being such a nice person, you sure can lie pretty well."

"Who me?" Daisuke winked. "Well, I'd love to stay and chat but my partner needs me."

"In more ways than one?"

"Ah, Risa, you know we wouldn't think of doing such things at work. Well, not the fully anyway. Let me know if Dark does anything else. I haven't had this much fun since I told him I was dating Satoshi. See you!"

"Bye Daisuke-chan!" Risa waved before settling down to get to work, humming a little tune. She just couldn't wait to see her twin sister!


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