By Hikaru Hayashi

Hikaru: Awright!! I'm doing something waaaaaay different with this fic!! This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh! fic with my original characters and it's kinda AU. This first chapter is kind of a Prologue, basically explaining the setting. (I'm doing this 'cause most people write OC fics and don't tell anyone what the blazes is going on. That, next to yaoi fanfic, has got to be my biggest pet peeve ever!!)

The basic summary: The school is WillowBrook High, and they are in fierce competition with Domino High. So what happens when Seto Kaiba, a student from Domino, transfers schools and meets up with Sophia (OC) and her friends? And what happens when Sophi realizes she has the hots for Seto? What will she do to get him to like her back, seeing as how he is very stubborn and has a heart of ice (or so it seems)? (Hence the title! See how that worked perfectly?!)

Shall I start?

Disclaimer note: I only own the Characters I'm about to explain. I don't own anyone from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I don't know how anyone would like it, but I will tell you that a few other people from Yu-Gi-Oh (i.e. Anzu and Yugi) will be appearing from time to time. Let's start the Introductions, I don't want anyone to be confused with my OC's!!

My OC's Are:

Sophia—The main character (next to Seto). She is a transfer student from America with strange powers. She's not allowed to use her powers in everyday situations, but sometimes crap happens. She may act like a shrimp, but she's actually very tough and ya don't wanta make her angry...

Riley—First name Andrew. Born in Japan. His father is American and his mother is Japanese. His family owns Riley Inc. and is rivals with KaibaCorp.

Izumi—the equivalent to a female Honda. She does not become very important to the story until a bit later. She is Riley's "girlfriend" and her first name means "fountain", for those who didn't know. She is on the school's dance team and befriended Anzu, even though their schools are rivals.

Sophi's Parents-Jenna and Rick Carmichael. They too possess strange powers, which Sophi inherited. Rick's job is the reason the family moved to Japan in the first place, however, after high school, the parents wish their daughter to return to America to finish her education. Jenna is very sweet and likes everyone, while Rick is very choosy and thinks Seto is a royal pain in the butt.

The characters you know are:

Seto and his brother Mokuba, Yugi, Anzu, and later on possibly Jonouchi, Ryou, and Honda.

I think that's enough background, so without further delay...let the story begin!

Kokoro no Seto Chapter 1: Another Transfer Student

"The Boy from Domino High"

Sophia Ann Carmichael walked out the door. "Bye Mom! See you later!" She had been living in Tokyo for almost 3 1/2 weeks, and was enjoying it.

On her way to school, she met up with Izumi and her friend Anzu, from Domino High. 'I always thought we were rivals with them...' thought Sophi.

"Hey there Sophia!' said Izumi, cheerfully. "How are things?"

"Hey, Izumi," said Sophia. "Been here almost 4 weeks and still can't get used to the uniforms..."

"Don't worry," Anzu butted in, "you will. Give it some time."

"So," started Izumi, "ya wanna hang out with me and Anzu after school?"

"Sorry," said Sophi, regretfully, "I've got water polo practice after school today." [A/N: For someone who's only been at the school for a few weeks, she's extremely popular, and on the Water Polo team. Go figure, huh? Also, this part is extremely important to future events.]

"Well, talk to you later!" said Anzu as she went her separate way. "And see you after school, Izumi!" She hopped off, meeting up with her friend Yugi on the way.

"Hey, Izzy," said Sophia, "why do you hang out with Anzu?"

"You Americans and your darn nicknames!" Izumi said annoyed. "Well, DUH!! She's my friend!"

"I don't know...she seems a little naïve to me..." said Sophia. "I wouldn't want her being MY friend. And her friends are kinda naïve too...they seem like idiots..."

"You just don't like them 'cause they're our rivals!!" said Izumi. She didn't say anything else to Sophia on the way to school.

Sophia walked into her first period class and took her seat. She looked over in Izumi's direction. She waved, but Izumi ignored her. 'She must still be mad at me for saying Anzu is a naïve fool...' she thought.

"Hey, hey hey, Sophia!" came a loud energetic voice from behind her.

She turned around to see Andrew Riley and his unforgettable smile, frizzy reddish-brown hair, and dark sunglasses.

"Hey, Andrew." She answered.

"Ah, no no no!" he replied. "I HATE my first name. Please, call me Riley!"

"Sorry." She said. "Habit. I'm used to calling people by their first names. It's how I was brought up." [A/N: This part effects what happens in the end of this chapter and the next.]

"Yah, wutever..." said Riley. "You'd call your PARENTS by their first names if they'd let you, right?"

"I suppose..." Started Sophia. The teacher then interrupted her.

"Class, may I have your attention, please? (Listen or else!!)" [A/N: The teacher, Kumogata-sensei, has a split personality. Part of her is nice and the other part...well...]

The class quickly gave Miss Kumogata their attention. They had remembered the one student who defied her and was sent to the nurse's office with a broken arm.

"It appears we have a new transfer student."

"Agh! Another one?" said a random student while taking a glance in Sophia's direction.

Sensei heard this. "Yes, that's right." She replied. "Another one."

Izumi curiously asked, "Is it a boy this time? No one at this school is hot, except Riley."

Riley blushed slightly, while the other boys in the class became frustrated.

"Yes, Izumi. As a matter of fact, he transferred here from Domino High." Said Miss Kumogata.

'As long as he's not hentai like these other freaks,' Izumi thought, 'I think I'll live.'

Sophia was in deep thought. 'Hmm, from Domino? I wonder what he's like?'

Riley jumped up. "Yes!" he shouted. "My new rival!!"

"Riley-kun! Sit down!!!" ordered Sensei.

"Ah...sorry..." Riley sat down sheepishly.

Just then, the door opened. Sophia turned her attention towards the door. "Ah! There he is now." Said the teacher.

Sophia gasped. "Oh, wow..." she whispered. "He's very...handsome!"

The boy had short brown hair and, if Sophia wasn't mistaken, very beautiful blue eyes.

"Class," started the teacher, "This is our new student, Seto Kaiba!"

The boy looked up. "Well," said Miss Kumogata. "Say good morning, or something."

The boy called Seto muttered something under his breath that sounded like "Whatever..."

"Fine!" said the teacher, trying not to lose her temper. "If you won't say 'hello' I'll just assign you to your seat. There's an empty seat over by Sophia, the girl with the long black hair."

Sophia glanced at the empty seat next to her. 'Oh boy...' she thought. 'Well, now's my chance to make a good first impression!'

Seto took his seat. Sophia looked over at him. 'Should I say something, or should I keep my big mouth shut...?' She noticed him glance at her. Sophia gasped. 'He's looking at me...' she thought. Then he spoke, and it wasn't she had been expecting to hear.

"Look you..." he started. "You've been staring at me since I walked through the door. Now, I don't know what your problem is, but I'm going to ask you to look somewhere else and this is the only time I'm going to ask you nicely...STOP STARING AT ME!!!"

Sophia jumped. She was shocked. She couldn't believe how mean he had been to her. 'Um...I'm very sorry if I was staring at you, Seto...' [A/N: Mistake # 2...]

He glared at her. "Call me by my first name again," Seto said, coldly, "And I will punch your face in, so help me! I don't care if you are a girl!" With that, he folded his arms and focused his attention back to the front of the room. "Hm! Silly girl..." he muttered. "What was she trying to be nice or something...silly baka girl..."

Sophia looked down at her desk. 'Great,' she thought, 'my one chance to make a good first impression...and I blew it!! I can't do anything right!' Tears started to fall down her cheeks. 'Fine!' she thought. 'If that's how he wants to play, I'll play along! I will do whatever it takes to make Seto like me! Even if it's the last thing I do!!'

End Chapter One

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