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Chapter 23: Friday Night

"An Evening With The Carmichaels"

Friday night came--the night Seto was supposed to visit Sophia's house. At around five o'clock, Seto stood in front of his closet, pondering what he should wear.

Argh! What am I gonna wear! He thought. Ah...this is harder than I thought it would be...

Meanwhile, Sophia at her house was trying to decide what she was going to wear. Well, I wanna look nice, so...I'll just put this on! She thought, picking out a baby blue spaghetti strap top and a blue miniskirt. She walked downstairs wearing the outfit she picked out, along with a necklace and emerald earrings (A/N: Her birthstone, her birthday is in May).

"Mom" she called downstairs. "What time is it? My clock broke."

"It's 5:30!" Mrs. Carmichael shouted back. "Your friend doesn't show up for some time. Just relax!"

Easy for you to say Sophia thought.

An hour and a half later, Seto decided it was about time to head over to Sophia's house. He put on his favorite white jacket (A/N: the one from Battle City on the show ::swoon:: he looks so hot in that jacket) and walked downstairs, where Mokuba and Noah were waiting for him.

"Oooh, Seto" Noah teased. "You're looking awfully snazzy today...Gasp! Could it be that you're taking Sophia on a date?!?"

"NO!!!" Seto shouted, blushing. Then he muttered, "That's tomorrow, you dork...I'm just going over to her house for a few hours, alright? Be good Noah! And make sure Mokuba doesn't stay up late watching horror movies"

"I don't think you have to worry about that this time, Nii-sama," Mokuba said. "Last time I did that, I had nightmares for weeks"

"All right then!" Seto said as he walked out the door and got into his limo.

Noah looked at Mokuba. "Nightmares about what, Mokuba?" he asked.

Mokuba stared at Noah. "Why would I tell YOU?" he asked. "I'm not telling you about the giant slime monster that blacked out the sun, or about all the major skyscrapers downtown collapsing on people, OR about the axe-murderer that broke into our mansion and killed everyone here INCLUDING Nii-sama, but for some strange reason he spared me, OR...!!!!"

"Mokuba! Calm down!" Noah said, shaking Mokuba back to his senses.

"Wha..!!..Ooh...I have a headache.......I want coffee!! Can I have coffee, Noah?"

"Um...well...I don't think-"

"Yeah!!" Mokuba shouted as he ran off. "It rocks not having Nii-sama around!! I hope he goes on dates every weekend!!!"

Noah sighed. "It's going to be a long night...Seto is going to kill me..."

Sophia sat in the living room until she heard someone knocking on the door.

Is it Seto? She thought as she got up to answer the door. She opened the door to find that she was right.

"Hey there, Sophi!" he said.

"Uh...hi...! Yeah," Sophia said, blushing. Wow, he looks sooo hot in that jacket she thought. "Oh! Uh, come in!"

Sophia's mom came out of the kitchen. "Oh, hi, Seto!" she said in her usually bubbly voice. "Well, don't just stand there! Come in and have a seat! Dinner's almost ready!" With this, Jenna returned to the kitchen.

Seto sat on the couch next to Sophia.

At this moment, Rick, Sophia's dad, came downstairs and sat in the chair facing the couch. "Hello there, Soto."

"It's Seto," Seto replied coldly.

"Whatever," Rick said.

The three just sat in the living room, not saying a word.

Sophia looked at Seto. It's too quiet, she thought. I actually should keep my mouth shut, but the silence is deafening! "So!" she started. "How'dja do on that math exam today? I thought it was so hard! Trig was never my best subject."

"It wasn't that hard, Sophi," Seto replied.

Showoff, Sophia thought. I forgot that he gets perfect A's on everything! That was definitely the wrong subject!! Better think of something else...

"You better not have failed this exam you're talking about, Soph!" Rick said, out of the blue.

"Daddy!" Sophia moaned.

"I'm pretty sure you did okay, Sophi!" Seto said to her, smiling. "You're a very bright girl! I'm sure you did fine."

"Really, Seto?" Sophia said, beaming.

"Nobody asked YOU, punk," Rick snorted.

"Oh, shut up, Old man," Seto growled.

Rick stood up. "Make me...Soro"

"Can't you get my name right once, Old man!!!!" Seto shouted as he jumped up. "My name is not freaking 'Soro'!! It's 'Seto'!!!!"

Rick pounded the coffee table they were sitting in front of. "I don't care, Stevo!"

"IT'S 'SETO'!!!!!!!" Seto shouted, pounding the same coffee table and putting a dent in it.

"Seto! Please!" Sophia said, standing up and putting her hand on his shoulder.

"You PUNK!!" Rick whined. "Do you have any idea how much this was?!?! This was one of the original pieces of furniture we brought from our old house in San Francisco! This cost me $5100 bucks!!!"

"...So?" Seto replied.


"Feh! It's not that expensive. I could have this table repaired and buy 3 more exactly like it if I wanted to," Seto bragged.


"Uh, Daddy" Sophia interrupted. "Yes he does."

"Oh...well then" Rick muttered, sitting back down.

"Oh, wait, don't sit down Old man!" Seto said. "I still need to knock the crap out of you!"

"Oh!" Rick said, jumping back up. "Is this a challenge? Kid, you need to get some meat on your bones before you can beat ME up!! And I'm not old! I've already told you this!"

"'re not old. You're ancient!!!"


"Really!" came Jenna's voice from the doorway. "Can't you two keep the noise down? The neighbors across town can hear you arguing. And Richard!!! I told you to be nice to Seto!!"

"How come your wife can remember my name, but you can't, Old man?!" Seto asked, frustrated.

Rick sat down in his chair and grumbled.

"Y'know, it wouldn't hurt you to remember my name, Old man."

Rick just grumbled. "Yah...whatever you say, Mr. Bad..."

Dinner was quiet for the most part. Sophia thought of starting another conversation, but she knew it would only lead to Seto and her dad arguing. So she decided to keep her big mouth shut.

Finally, Mrs. Carmichael said, "So, Seto, what's your family like?"

"Yah, cause I'd like a piece of his old man right about now for raising a delinquent son..." Mr. Carmichael mumbled with his mouth full.

"Richard!!!" Jenna scolded.

Seto heard Rick's comment. "Unfortunately, Old man, you can't do that."

"Then I should at least talk to your mother" Rick said, looking up.

"My parents are dead."

Jenna gasped. "Oh! You poor thing!!"

"Well!" Rick said. "Don't you live with a grandmother, or an uncle or someone?"

"I'll bet you were adopted, right Seto?" Jenna asked.

"Good!" Rick said. "Then I can talk to your adopted father, right?"

"Nope!" Seto said, obviously enjoying playing with their heads. "He's dead too!!"

"Blast it all, who do you live with then?!"

"I live with my little brother and my stupid annoying step-cousin."

"Well, any grown-ups?"

"Nope! None who can tell me what to do."

"Well, no wonder you're such a delinquent!" Rick said as though he just solved the greatest mystery on the planet.

Jenna ignored this comment. "So, what's your little brother's name, Seto?"

"It's Mokuba," Seto replied.

"Cute name!" Jenna complimented. "I'm sure you must adore him"

"Don't he ever get on yer nerves, boy?" Rick said, once again talking with food in his mouth. "I mean, lookin' after him by yourself, with no authorized adults around? An' wha's with the stupid lookin' necklace yer wearin'?"

Seto blushed as he tried to hide his pendant, when Sophia took it from him.

"Y'know, I always did wonder why you wore this."

"Give it back!!!" Seto growled.

"Oh, come on! Let me see!" Sophia said as she opened it. "'s like a locket!" Inside was a picture of Mokuba. "Cute picture of your brother."

"Ooh! I wanna see!" Sophia's mom said, getting up out of her chair and walking around the table to Sophia's spot.

Before she got there, however, Seto had snatched it back. "That's enough of that if you don't mind..."

"Ph-hah! Women" Rick grumbled.

"What was that, Richard?" Jenna asked as she was sitting back down. "So, tell me about your cousin, Seto."

"His name's Noah and he's a pest"

"I feel a little sorry for him actually," Sophia said. "I mean, he did almost die in that train wreck."

Seto looked at Sophia. "I'll sell him to you for twenty dollars," he said.

"Come on!" Sophia said. "We both know Noah's worth more than that. And I don't want him."

"I'll give him to you for free, then!!" Seto said. "You can take him back to America with you! Just get him out of my face!!"

"Actually, we're not leaving for quite some time," Jenna said.

"Not I if I got anythin' to say 'bout it" Rick grumbled with food in his mouth.


"...You dress like a show-off, boy," Rick said. "And you walk like one too! What's with the fancy jacket anyway, Mr. Bad?!"

Seto suddenly jumped up. "Well!" he said with one of his fake smiles. "Thanks for dinner, Mrs. Carmichael! It was great."

"But, Seto," Jenna said, concerned. "You didn't even touch your food..."

"Yeah!" Rick agreed. "Eat up, Slim Jim! You can stand to gain a few pounds."

"One more remark like that, Old man," Seto threatened, "and I'll--"

"I know!! How about I show Seto around the house!" Sophia said, suddenly getting out of her seat and grabbing Seto's hand. "Come on!!"

"Why, how thoughtful of you, Sophia!" Jenna said.

"Come on, Seto! I'll show you my room!!" Sophia said, leading Seto out of the dining room.

"Nothing fresh!!! Ya hear me, kid?!" came Rick's voice.

Sophia lead Seto upstairs and to her room. When they were there, she closed the door, sat on her bed, and said, "So, what's up, Seto?"

"...I wasn't hungry," Seto replied.

"Not that" Sophia said. "There's something else bugging you. I can feel it. What's wrong?"

Seto sat in the chair at Sophia's desk. "Sophi..." he started. "... ... Argh! Sophi, your parents are driving me crazy!!!!! I mean it! Your mom's too happy. Nobody should smile all the time! And your dad...!!!!" Seto buried his face in his hand. "They're both driving me insane!" he muttered. "It's giving me a headache..."

"Aww, poor Seto" Sophia said. She stood up and walked over to him. "Seto," she said, putting her hand on his shoulder. "You can go home now if you want. I'm sure your brother misses you."

He looked up at her. "But, Sophi!"

"It's okay! Really," She said. "I won't make you put up with my parents any longer. I know exactly how you feel, trust me!" With this, she winked at him.

Seto stood up and hugged her. "Oh, Sophi! Thank you so much!!" he said, relieved that he no longer had to stay. He then walked out the room, looking back at Sophia and smiling before he left.

Sophia walked to the stairs to hear their voices:

"HEY!! Where are YOU goin' Skinny Boy!"

"Thanks for dinner, Mrs. Carmichael!"

"No! You're leaving already?!"


"Please, stay for just two more hours! We were just getting to know you!"


"Bye, Sophi! I'll meet you in the park tomorrow, okay?"

"Bye, Seto!" she called back. She couldn't help giggling at the way her parents were acting.

Seto returned home to find the place a total mess (A/N: As if his day wasn't bad enough). "What the heck happened here?!" he shouted.

Isona ran to him. "Mr. Kaiba! You're back!"

"Isona! What happened to my mansion?!" Seto yelled. "You can't watch the place for two hours! Why is it that I can't leave without something happening?!"

"A thousand pardons, sir," Isona said, bowing. "But"

"Seto!" Noah shouted as he ran towards him, panting. His clothes were torn, he had scratches on him, and he was limping. "It's Mokuba! He's gone loony!!"

"WHAT!!!" Seto shouted. "Why didn't you tell me this, Isona!"

"Well, I was going to, but...OH! Just come with me!"

"Where is he now?" Seto asked.

"Last time I saw, he was in the billiards room acting like a madman!" Noah said as the approached the room. "Look!"

Mokuba was hanging from the chandelier in his underwear. "I'm the King of the Jungle!" he shrieked, Tarzan-style. "Where's my servant?! Noah! Get your tail back here!!!" He looked towards the doorway to see Isona, Noah, and a very disappointed Seto.

Mokuba gasped as he fell from the chandelier. "N-N-Nii-sama!!" he stuttered as he was getting back to his feet. "Y-y-you're back!! Uh, I-I-I can explain!!"

"Yeah!" Seto said, clearly pissed off. "You'd better!!"

Isona stared off into space. "Um...hmm"

Noah muttered under his breath, "You're gonna get it now."

Seto tapped his foot. "Mokuba, I'm ashamed of you! I leave the house for a while and you start acting like you have no sense! I know I taught you better than that!! Now go to your room!!!!"

"Hai, Nii-sama," Mokuba moaned as he slunk back to his room. He knew he was in big trouble.

"And put some clothes on!" Seto called after his little brother. He sighed and put his hand on his forehead. "I have a headache," he muttered as he began to walk away. "It's been a long day."

Isona whispered to Noah, "Y'know, giving Mr. Mokuba coffee probably wasn't the greatest idea in the world."

Noah, who was exhausted from trying to calm Mokuba down, glared at Isona. "I didn't let him have the stinking coffee!" he said.

Seto heard this comment. He spun around and glanced at Noah. "You WHAT?!" he shouted.

"Ah! Oops," Noah mumbled. He ran as quickly as possible to his room to escape from the enraged Seto.

End Chapter Twenty-three

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