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Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun
Chapter One: Sam's Diary

-Danny's House-

"Oh boy." He huffed, if there was anything Danny Fenton never, ever wanted to see in his entire life was this one thing that now took its place in front of his face.

Oh the horror!

"Jeez man," Tucker started with a sigh as he picked up the cursed object, "How could she forget something so important?" His gaze went to the nervous, blue-eyed boy who could now feel the beads of sweat break through on his forehead. This wasn't good, oh there was no way in hell this could be good! Tucker handed the object to Danny and the boy took it cautiously. One wrong move and he could be dead...

"HAHA!" Tucker laughed suddenly, "Open it man! There could be like secret confessions." Tucker placed a finger to his chin in thought. "Oh, all this time I've been so helplessly in love with Dash!" The four-eyed boy tried his hardest to impersonate their dear friend Sam, but he failed horribly.

Danny, who completely ignored the last statement that had slipped from Tucker's mouth shook his head, "Oh no friggin' way Tuck." Danny argued as he dropped the book, "I could never go through her stuff, read her thoughts...that's...wrong. And isn't invasion of privacy illegal?" He just threw in the last part to give his case more power. But suddenly he felt something dark take over as he ran his fingers over the cover of the book, her doodles covered into it. He smiled as he began thinking of her...

"Danny!" Tucker broke threw his thoughts.

"What?" Danny barked as he pulled his hand away quickly, as if the book had suddenly burned his skin.

"You know," Tucker started, "We could find out Sam's deepest darkest secrets."

"You all ready said something about this...confessions was it?" He groaned and threw himself onto the bed. He rolled over on his back and stared up at his ceiling, "No I can't do it." He said more to himself then to Tucker who was watching him strangely. Outwardly he was determined not to read it...but inwardly something in his heart wanted to read every page, absorb every thought. He wanted to take her in...

He bit his bottom lip nervously...he was thinking like that because....because...

"Danny!" Tucker shouted his name again, waking him out of his busy thoughts. The shock knocked Danny from his bed, the poor boy landed on his floor with a loud thump. He stood up slowly soon after his crash, rubbing the sore spot. Tucker simply rolled his eyes at his friend's klutz-like behavior. For a super-hero it was somewhat uncalled for. "Man, I'm gunna go home now. You're no fun anyway..." He shrugged his shoulders and turned toward's Danny's bedroom door. "Laters."

"Yeah..." Danny drifted off and gave him a half-hearted wave. And with that his other best friend was gone.

Sitting back on the bed Danny stared lazyly out the window, his eyes then trailing towards the book. "You know..." Danny said aloud to himself. "I should probably just do the right thing..." He paused for a mintue. "Yeah, call her up and tell her that she left this here..." But maybe she left it here on purpose he thought with a smirk and reached for the book again. "Ah no!" He quickly fought against himself and shook off the feeling and reached over for the phone he dailed the very familar number.

"Well...umm..." But no sooner then the fourth digit did he change his mind and hanged up. "Why can't I do this?" He let out nervously as he stared at his phone as if it were the cause of all his problems. Pushing it off to the side he reached for her diary again, her diary...Sam's diary. He repeated the word as he rested the book in his lap and gazed at her doodles again. Ranging in size there we're several. Some that obviously dipicted him and her and Tucker and others of animals and signs and words. He lowly laughed to himself as he placed a finger lightly on the small picture of her. "Didn't know she could doodle this well." He smiled.

Taking a deep breath in he opened the cover and grinned at the picture she had taken of herself in her bedroom, her name written beneath it in a messy scrawl. Flipping to a random page he shrugged his shoulder and sighed. It couldn't hurt to read just one page now could it? He wondered to himself.

Findng a suitable page in the middle of the book he began to read:

-Dear Diary

I'm not kidding these butterflies over Danny are pissing me off.......

-Sam's House-

Walking into her bedroom with a smile, the bleakness a welcome from the brightness of the rest of the house Sam placed her bag down on her computer chair and opened it, looking through it carefully. But that carefully looking soon turned into a frantic pursuit.

"Where the hell is my diary!?"

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