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Author's Notes: Yippee! The next chapter to Secrets! Aren't you all so happy? Truthfully, I think you all are 'cause of that VERY evil cliffhanger I left you!

Summary: She did a stupid thing, Sam that is. She left her diary at Danny's house. And most diaries hold personal thoughts...including Sam's. So Danny thinks reading one page isn't going to hurt, too bad one page turns into the whole book.

Chapter 7: And it's over

The nothing began to shrink.

Danny looked at it horrified. "You're my nothing, I made you...with my anger...but I'm not angry anymore...and you're begging to die...I suggest, you just disappear now!"

It began to grow again, "CHILD THIS BATTLE HAS JUST BEGUN!"

He looked at it baffled. Its shape began to change. Danny eyed it, glaring daggers. "You look," he gasped. "Like me."

The No thing had transformed himself to look like just like Danny except his hair was black like is Danny was in his human form, but his eyes, were blood red. He looked pure evil.

Danny took a quick glance down at Sam she looked frail, weak. Had she looked that way before? He shook his head.

"What did you do to Sam?" He asked, on the bridge of anger.

The Nothing laughed. "Well," He paused. Making Danny grow with more anger.

"Just tell me!" He shouted.

The Nothing kept laughing. Then a shriek of thunder rolled through the air, and rain began to pour. Sam looked up to the roof and met Danny's gaze. She took a sharp breath and leaned against the house. What was wrong with her?

Danny looked away from Sam, "Answer me!" He shouted.

The Nothing smirked, "As you grow stronger, Samantha grows weaker." Danny shook his head violently. "No how is that possible? It isn't possible!"

Danny screamed and charged at The Nothing. Sam felt a pain jolt through her and fell to the ground. "Danny..." She whispered before everything before her went black.

Danny looked at Sam, "Is she okay?" He asked The Nothing.

The Nothing shrugged. Danny was furious; Sam could be dead for all he knew, so even if he died doing this, he would do it for Sam. At least he told her he loved her.

He ran into the nothing and all went black.

He woke up in his bed, Sam's diary lying next to him. Opened to a page lying face down. Had he actually read it or had it all been a dream? He wasn't sure, but he checked anyway.

Dear Diary,

Okay so I do like Danny Fenton! Some shoot me! Just kidding! I wrote a song for some reason and well, yea? It's called my best friend. I wonder whom it could be about hmm? Well I'm going to go pondering in my head...and maybe listen to some Evanescence.


Okay so she did like him, and this time, well there was no holding back. Since the feelings were the same.

He picked up the phone and called Sam. He told her to come over to get her book, and to talk.

She agreed and rushed over arriving about 15 minutes later.

He opened the door and smiled at her. "H-hey Sam..."

She waved and smiled at him. "Where's my diary?" She asked in somewhat of a rush.

He handed it over to her, "Sam...I don't want to keep any more secrets..."

"Then you already have." She finished. He nodded. "Secrets aren't fun and...I just want to let you know, I did read you're diary."

She looked at him wide-eyed and somewhat afraid.

"And I just wanted to say...I feel that Sam way. After Paullina turned me down, and you danced with me, something inside told me...you were perfect."

Sam smiled and hugged him. "I guess you already know...the feelings are mutual."

He nodded. So maybe the dream was more of a forewarning then anything else. Perhaps his powers were growing were deep emotions can become ghost or something who knew? But all he cared about at the moment was the girl in his arms.