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Bunraku: A large scale Japanese puppet theatre. The puppets are operated by many people, and about 2/3 life size. The puppeteers are on stage and not hidden during the show.


"Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Against my will I stand beside my own reflection
It's haunting how I can't seem
To find myself again
My walls are closing in."

-Linkin Park, Crawling.

The blonde grinned, discretely (or in his mind anyways) checking the back racks of the small convenience store. The back of all places. Also known as the make-up/shampoo/girly stuff aisle. Normally, he wouldn't even think of going into the dreaded section, even if every shinobi in the village was after him. So obviously, these were not normal circumstances. For the sake of his pranks, and the best day of the year coming up, he would brave the back aisle. The half demon nodded to himself, as if affirming his choice. All for the pranks.

His plan was brilliant, of course. It's what he thought of when he ate Ramen, or when he was training. But this was one of the best one's yet, since the Hokage monument incident. Maybe he'd get free ramen out of this too? He sure hoped so! An extra large bowl of Miso Ramen would do quite nicely…

Back to the task at hand. Naruto held up the small glass bottle to his cheek, frowning at himself in the mirror. Nope. It wasn't his color at all. To pale. How could chic's stand this stuff?!!? Putting it on day in and day out. Didn't it get annoying?!? All he had to do was brush his hair and teeth! Blue eyes squinted at the label. Fragrance free and hypo-allergenic? What the hell did that mean!?

He'd asked Tsunade-baba how she'd covered up all her warts ands things like that. She'd screeched and exclaimed that she had no warts to cover up. How could she, the prettiest woman in the land, have warts of all things?! Then she'd promptly thrown him out of the building, sniffing at the scandal of it all.

Then he'd asked Sakura. He'd made a new note to himself too: Never ask girls about make-up when there was more then one of them there when he asked. Ino had been with her, and they'd grinned at him (Naruto thought they had looked a bit freaky. Why would girls grin when he'd asked about make up?!?!) and then he'd ran out. It was all he could do! They had both produced puff balls (out of thin air), and started advancing on him. Even the blonde knew when to run and when to fight like a man. If he hadn't run then, he certainly wouldn't have looked like a man walking out of there.

Then Hinata was the next person (and he had hoped, last.) that he asked. All she did was look down and stutter. He couldn't make a word of what she said, so he'd just shrugged and said thanks. And ran off. Girls weren't a big help, at ALL. Hell, Sasuke probably knew more about make-up with his pretty skin! (1)


So finally, he'd asked the lady at the counter. She was ALOT more helpful then all the other four put together! At first, she'd stared down at him (he was used to it, with the fox demon and all. He moped when he was alone, thank-you.), then she had pointed at the back aisle and told him to pick a color of cover up that matched his skin tone. Couldn't the other girls just have told him that in the first place!?

The boy sighed in frustration, picking up yet another bottle and holding it to his face. This was going to take a long time. What the hell was ivory? Was he ivory? And then there was peach…And tan. Ugh! He was going to make a face at himself before a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?"

He turned around, a sheepish grin set onto his face. The blonde rubbed the back of his head, eyes squinted into half moons.

"Eh, heh heh…Hey Shikamaru! I'm just uh…ah…getting girly stuff for Tsunade-himi!" Lying wasn't the most natural thing in the world, and neither was looking at make up, so he had to make use of one of the two options. Though, if Tsunade ever found out he'd used her as an excuse (Why would I get make-up?!?! I'm perfect the way I am!)….He'd be in shit up to his KNEES! He could just imagine her, brandishing her finger of doom (2) and leaving him in a twitching mass…

The black haired shinobi was looking at him dubiously, and he shifted uncomfortably. He hated it when people stared. It was so…so…rude! It wasn't as if staring at him were going to make him tell the truth. "Oh, I'm just getting make-up to put on my face to make me feel pretty! How do you like me now?" That would go very well.

Inwardly, Naruto grinned at the sheer genius of it. His prank! Dressing up as another person for April Fools' was the best idea he'd ever had!…Almost. He already had black hair dye, and green contacts, with some old clothes. Now he just needed this stuff to cover his whisker marks, and it proved to be the hardest thing to get yet! He hadn't wanted to use Henge no jutsu, or any other kind of jutsu. The stupid Sharingan had ruined that plan. But maybe Sakura-chan would have guessed that it was a jutsu. He'd never find out.

Then a thought occurred to him.

"What are you doing here Shikamaru?"

The black haired boy muttered something, before plucking two bottles off the counter and dropping one in Naruto's hand and running out of the shop (after paying of course). The blonde looked down at the bottle in his hand, before blinking.

It was his color too.

The blonde sighed, collapsing onto his bed and dropping the bags at the edge of his bed. He was exhausted. What had possessed him to train in the forest before he returned home!?! He'd done shopping, and he had bags with him! Lotsa bags. How could girls love shopping? All they did was carry heavy bags around and 'ooh' and 'aah' at things in the windows. They could spend their time training! Though carrying those bags were some sort of training, he guessed….

He smiled at the ceiling, though the smile never reached his eyes. 93. That's how many cold stares, children ushered out of the way, and refused service he'd gotten today. Though only 2 places had refused to provide assistance for him…It was more then usual. He'd thought he'd found all the joints in Konaha that refused service to demons such as himself.

The blue-eyed teen pulled at his hair in frustration, now realizing how long it was getting. He had to cut it everyday, for kami's sake! (3) Maybe it was something to do with the Kyuubi? The blonde had gotten really good at cutting hair, enough so he could do it on his way out, or before he went to bed. He'd been doing it for years, after all.

The young boy though about all the years he'd been able to remember. He always did, every single night right before he fell asleep. He went over the days (and nights) in which he could have changed something to make his life, or those he cared about, better.

Not living was good.

That wasn't an option though. He had to become Hokage. A small smile found it's way onto his face, eyes wandering over the cracks in the ceiling. Nobody knew the reason he clung so desperately to that dream. Anybody who knew he housed the Kyuubi had told him, even subtly, that he had no chance because it's what he was. A demon. The villagers didn't want a demon for their hokage. How well could a fox protect them? The idiot boy would probably let the demon loose and kill them all!

Dreams proved he was human.

It was that simple. If he had dreams, he was human. Sometimes he thought that was the only thing that proved him to be human…He didn't feel hurt, or sad, or very angry at times, even when he should (the blonde guessed he had built an immunity to insults. They didn't even faze him anymore.) So he clung to dreams.

He yawned, dropping his hands over his eyes. He was really tired…The Kyuubi holder smiled sleepily at the ceiling, eyes drifting close.

Dream Sequence

"Hello?" The young boy pushed aside the drapes, only to find that it was just heavy mist.

"Where am I?" He wondered aloud, blue eyes taking in all his surroundings. It was almost completely black, save for the pure white mist curling around his ankles as he walked. There was nothing anywhere…Where was everybody? Were they missing or was it just him missing? The shinobi blinked a few times, before realization dawned in his eyes when he saw the gates with the seal on them, and the bright red eyes glowing at him from the other side of the gates.

"Either I'm dreaming, or I'm dying." 'Either would be fine.' The first was said out loud, the second a wayward thought, but the beast on the other side of the gates chuckled.

"Wouldn't you rather just be sleeping? And you are. I can hear your thoughts, Naruto. We share more then just your body." The last comment was said almost thoughtfully, though red eyes strayed from blue.

"Yeah, so I guess I'm just dreaming…Might as well make myself comfortable, right?" The blond sat down, now only feeling the warm breath flowing throughout the 'room'. Surprisingly enough, it was comfortable on the ground, even more so then his bed. This surprised the hyperactive ninja greatly, and he let it show on his face.

"In your dreams, it reflects you and your personality, Koukou." (4) The blonde made a face at the gates, causing a warm breath of air to wash over him in what was like a low laugh. He took in his surrounding again, his brows knitted together.


"You're personality is dark, very unlike your mask, Koukou. You're worse then that…Sasuke, is it?"

"So? I should be happier then this…" He shrugged, letting go of the topic. He guessed it was logical, him being shunned for a long time. He never thought it would be this bad though. Again, the blonde boy took in his surroundings, though he paid them no mind. He was thinking of other things, just letting his mind wander…

"Koukou, You have to wake soon."

"So?" This, the smaller boy said grumpily, crossing his arms. He didn't want to wake up, not just yet. Even though it was the Kyuubi, he enjoyed just sitting here, not being judged or to have to put on his mask. Even if he did, he couldn't hide it anyways. Maybe…

"Eh! Kyuubi!" Even though the question he was about to ask was serious, his voice conveyed nothing, nor did his expression. Down to an art.

"Hm?" Red eyes turned to him from examining something far off in the distance, or so it seemed.

"Ah…" He was hesitant to ask what he was going to. What did he expect? A reassuring pat on the back? Right. This was the Kyuubi he was talking about, the demon who had almost destroyed all of Konaha. After he'd found out about that incident, he'd researched it. The Kyuubi was not one to give pity.

"Would you have…uh…Liked anybody else as a vessel? Blue eyes suddenly found the ground very interesting, though there was nothing but black under his feet. He couldn't even see his feet…

"No. No I wouldn't have." Blue eyes jerked up in surprise, only to see the head to bob and the eyes to squint in what would have been a amused expression.


"Time to wake up, Naruto."

Groggy blue eyes stared at the cracks in the ceiling, shifting to look around the room before he noticed his viewpoint. That must have been why he was so uncomfortable…

The boy hoisted himself off the floor, stretching with his arms above his head. He yawned, working the kinks out of his body and grimacing. Sleeping on the floor was not really a good thing to do.

A quick look at the calendar cheered the boy right up though, and he whooped before rushing to the bathroom. It was April fools day! Time to put his plan into action! He grinned at himself in the mirror before he spit what remained after brushing his teeth. A quick rinse and he ran out of the bathroom, grabbing all his supplies before plopping in front of the mirror. Today was going to be a great day.

He could feel it.

(1)- Heh. XD He doesn't even realize he just called Sasuke pretty. What an idiot. I lurv him though XD

(2)- In the manga (not sure which chapter -.-) when Naruto met Tsunade, they got into a fight and she beat him with one finger -.- So yush XD I found that funny.

(3)- I believe that Naruto's hair'll grow very long, cause of the Kyuubi -.- Something along the lines of the hair he has when he's in Sexy No Jutsu when he hasn't cut it for a couple weeks Oo I know I'm weird -.-

(4)- Koukou means 'Young and inexperienced one'. I just though it would be something the Kyuubi would call Naru XD

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