Hello everyone!

I know that you may be thinking 'Oh God, She updated!" or…not reading this at all (which is redundant…) but I might was well tell you straight out and not beat around the bush. Ack. My hands are shaking.

Well, the point is that I think I'm discontinuing Bunraku because I can't even begin to continue this. Bunraku was my pet project for the first couple chapters before I went back to read it and realized how many plot holes and what-the-yuck's were happening in this fic. I loved it and I realize that some others may have loved it too. It's just that I'm dreading continuing this every time I come to my computer and I don't think you should be writing if it becomes a job.

So what I'm trying to say is I'm done because I don't enjoy writing it anymore. I may write other fics in the future but the fact that I can't finish this fic is a huge blow to my pride guys, so I'd rather not hear "OMG YOU BITCH CONTINUE OR DIE" comments like I've heard in the past concerning my updates (or lack thereof). That's not the only reason I feel like discontinuing; the lack of support from others (yes, I am that kind of author) and the utter disdain from some reviewers have made me shrink from my first attempt at a story more than 1,000 words long. It was good while it lasted.

Congrats to me guys. Bunraku was a total of around 60,000 words for 12 chapters. I'm proud for getting this far and getting that much support and my hands are shaking and I'm so sorry for doing all this to you guys who actually liked my fic and my writing and the very few who liked my characters. I'm not bringing the fic down- that's deleting a bunch of good reviews and constructive criticism. I don't blame the flamers or the people who didn't review, I blame myself.

I'm sorry again for not being a mature enough author to deal with it, or being good enough to go with it to the end. I just couldn't. Thanks for being here until this point, those who are reading this.

Goodbye guys. Maybe I'll continue it one day. Or rewrite the whole damn thing. Thanks.