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Notes: Sesshoumaru is 14 years old and Inu Yasha is 10 years old in this chapter.

Step-Daddy Dearest

Chapter 1 - Left Behind




9-year-old Kagome squeeled as she saw the car stop. She was sure that the passangers inside could hear her from her position at the top of her family's shrine's stairs. Kagome raced down the steps only to trip off of the last one, just as one the passangers stepped out of the vehicle. She landed on something strong and looked up at the boy. She was greeted with an emotionless face that had silky, silver hair framing it. She giggled. Kagome knew that even though the boy held a look of apathy, inside he was probably laughing at her. She traced the moon on the boy's forehead. She got up on her own two feet as the boy's features changed. He actually gave her a genuine smile and picked the little girl up. As they hugged, Kagome could see over his shoulder.

"Sesshy-sama? Who is that in the car?" asked Kagome. Sesshoumaru Kai put the youth down onto the sidewalk and led her to the car. "Inu Yasha, come out..." the boy said. Kagome gasped when the second passanger came out, "DOG EARS!!" She immediately started tweeking his ears, rubbing them beneath her little fingertips. Inu Yasha yelped and jumped to the side. Sesshoumaru had already told the driver that it was ok to leave. He approached the two kids. "Come on, Kags. Let's go tell your family I'm here and that they can leave for the party. Inu Yasha, you too."

The two children followed the older teen up the shrine steps and into the house. Mr. and Mrs. Higurashi were just coming down the stairs with Grandpa. Mrs. Higurashi picked up the newest member of the family, Souta. "Kagome, I hope you don't mind that we're not taking you to this party. It's only to celebrate Mrs. Yoshike's new baby girl. You'd be bored. Sesshoumaru, the number for Mrs. Yoshike's house and where Grandpa will be staying, along with other emergency numbers are on the fridge door. There are some left overs in the fridge and ten dollars on the counter if you decide on pizza. Bye kids!" she said as she left. Sesshoumaru locked the door after them. He turned around in time to see Kagome waving out the window, "Bye Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Souta! I love you!!"

Hours have past. Sesshoumaru looked up at the clock. It was eleven o'clock. The Higurashi family should've been back two hours ago, and he and Inu Yasha can't leave till they come home. Sesshoumaru picked up the phone after it rang a couple of times. He confirmed to the person calling that it was the Higurashi residence. He listened to the person on the other line calmly. His eyes were the only sign of worry on his face. He hung up the phone and went up stairs to a certain little girl's bedroom. "Kags, baby, wake up. We have to go somewhere..." he said as he tried to nudge her out of sleep. Kagome woke up and rubbed her eyes. "Where's Mommy and Daddy?" Sesshoumaru told her about the phone call:

Is this the Higurashi residence? ... I'm really sorry to tell you this. But the Higurashi's were in a terrible car accident ... We do not know how they will be. Is there anyone that would want to see them? ... You'll have to come down to the hospital.

Kagome was old enough to understand what happened. "My parents were in a car accident?! Are they OK?! Mommy!! Mommy!!" she started to cry. "Sesshoumaru, this better be a joke!!" He quietly shook his head and went downstairs to call his father.

As the group waited in the lobby of the hospital, Kagome stared at the floor, hoping her family was alright. A doctor came out. "Higurashi?" he asked. The Kai family and Kagome stood up. The doctor cleared his throat, "I'm really sorry. The baby and the old man were killed instantly in the accident. Mr. Higurashi had died in the ambulance, and Mrs. Higurashi is in a coma... She won't make it through the night..." He then turned around and left to go tend to other patients. Kagome sobbed. Where was she going to stay? Her entire family was dead... she should've been with them. The only reason why she was alive was because she was left behind....

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