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Step-Daddy Dearest

Chapter 3 - Reunited

Kagome shrieked as she saw the time on her digital clock. She was late for her first class — on the first day of school! She jumped out of bed and into the day's clothes. She rushed out of the dorm, and passed Mayumi on the way to the main building of Tokyo University. "Mayumi! Why didn't you wake me up?!" she screamed at her little stepsister. Mayumi looked at Kagome in surprise. "Oh my God, Kagome, I am so sorry! I thought you were already awake. I didn't bother to check on you since I had to get some things done before my afternoon classes!"

"Whatever," answered Kagome, "I really have to get to class!" Kagome raced into the building and down the hall. She shoved the door open and was greeted by the eyes of the students. Also, at the front of the room, the teacher and some incredibly gorgeous 28-year-old man, with equally beautiful, silver hair, looked at her. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the man. Sesshy-sama? She thought to herself.

The teacher cleared his throat as the girl stared at the man. "Will you take your seat please, young lady," he commanded, more than asked, "so that Mr. Sesshoumaru Kai of Western Kingdom Inc. can finish his lecture which you so rudely interrupted with your tardiness." At the mention of his name, Kagome dropped her books.

Sesshoumaru stared at the girl. Why did she look so familiar? He sniffed the air. That scent. Where had he smelt it before? The scent of mango fruit was comforting to his youkai senses. Then it hit him. "K-Kags?" he asked uncertainly. Kagome picked up her books. "Sesshy-sama?" she asked back. The whole class watched as the rumored unemotional owner of the Western Kingdom Inc. walked up the platform towards their classmate.

He paused right in front of her. He looked deep into her gray-blue eyes. They were still as innocent as when he last saw her. He suddenly pulled her into a friendly hug. He breathed in her scent, trying to fight down the urge of picking her up and running right out of the room with her. His breath caught in his throat as he felt Kagome cling to his suit jacket.

As the teacher cleared his throat again, the two separated. Kagome's eyes were glassy with unshed tears. Sesshoumaru whispered into her ear to meet her by the front office after the morning classes were finished. He then turned his back to her and walked back down to the front to continue his lecture.

It took Kagome all her strength not to run after him. She took her seat and tried to pay attention to the lecture, which wasn't as hard as she thought it would be, since it was her long lost best friend giving the lecture. But still, it isn't everyday that you find the one person who you've been thinking about for almost 14 or 15 years.

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Finally, after all her classes dragged on, Kagome made her way threw the morning class crowd towards the main office. In front, where he said he would be, stood the man she's missed for more than half of her life. She tried her best not to shove everyone out of her. Oh how she wanted to just make all these people disappear so she could jump into her long lost friend's arms.

When she stepped in front of him at last, he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the exit. On their way, they passed Mayumi. "Sesshy-sama! Stop. I want you to meat someone," Kagome said as she pulled her wrist free. "Mayumi!" she yelled loud enough for her younger sister to hear. Mayumi rushed over. She glanced over at Sesshoumaru. "Oh my Gawd! You're Sesshoumaru Kai! You're the owner of the really big law firm! What was it? Western Kingdom Inc.," Mayumi gawked at the successful businessman who was glaring at her for stopping him from being alone with Kagome.

"Yes, that is I. Who… are you?" Sesshoumaru tried his hardest not to bare his fangs. Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru. She playfully slapped at his shoulder. "Sesshy-sama," she started while Mayumi's eyes almost popped out of her head, "be nice to my step-sister, Mayumi. She is my best friend, after all."

"Kags, no way! You're friends with one of the richest men in Tokyo?!" Mayumi all but screamed.

"Yes, now if you don't mind, you're gonna be late for class — and if you have Mr. Gaishi, tell him I'll be late because of a very important… meeting." Sesshoumaru said while looking at Kagome. Mayumi didn't miss the look he was giving her, and mentally smirked. She ran to her next class. Coincidentally, it was Mr. Gaishi.

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Sesshoumaru took the girl by her hand. Once again, he attempted to leave the building to be alone with her in the school courtyard. This time, he was successful. He stopped in front of a bench. He turned around so that she was right in front of him, vulnerable to his eyes. The great inu youkai looked the girl — no — young woman over from head-to-toe. "Kagome…" he whispered, "You've grown up to be what I always knew you would be."

Kagome looked at him. "What's that?" she asked him.

"Smart, as much as I know, and reasonable," he answered her. And beautiful, he thought to himself. "Sit," he told her, motioning towards the bench. He waited for her to sit before he joined her. "So, give me a brief summary of your life after that night at the hospital," he got straight to the point. Kagome laughed, which caused him to raise an eyebrow. "Same Sesshoumaru, no beating around the bush!" she laughed. After she calmed down, she looked him in the eyes. "I'll tell you… at dinner, tonight."

Sesshoumaru almost smiled. "Are you asking me out on a date, Kags?" he continued at her nod, "Why Ms. Higurashi, have you not heard the rumors? Sesshoumaru Kai does not date!" Kagome pouted. Sesshoumaru let out a little chuckle, "Just kidding, Kags Babe. I'll pick you up at 6."

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