Disclaimer: I did not write this, I am just publishing it for a friend. All spelling mistakes are meant to be made in this. It makes it funnier. I only published and drew the pictures for it. Pictures sadly can't been seen here, but they are still incredibly awesome. (:

Once apon a time there was a wizered and her three kids. A mime, A clown, and her little wizered assinant. They lived in a catin deep, pits the woods, abd Christmas time was coming. So there mom gave them the best gift ever, a jene to grant them one wish. The mime asked for one million dollers. He went to sleep and when he work up he was in a bed made of money, exactly one million dollers. The Clown asked for all the face paint he could ever us. So he also went to sleep, and the next morning he had all the face paint he could ever use in his room. The little assinant asked for a thousand Christmas. So he went to bed and when he woke up it was Christmas, he gave his mom a bar of cow tung. The next day he woke up and it was Christmas again but he didn't get any gifts the day before of today so he didn't like it. He asked his mom to stop the wish but, it was to late. So the next day he woke up and the jene was at the side of his bed and the kid asked to stop his wish, and the jene said did you learn your lessen, and the kid said yes really fast, and the jene stopped his wish, and they lived happy ever after.