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Ginny sat and stared at her brother, not quite believing what he'd just asked her to do. Her day had started out normally enough, with her best friend, Lauren, hopping on her bed to wake her up. They'd then had a nice, normal breakfast, and attended their nice, normal classes. But as she sat in the Gryffindor common room, gaping at her brother and his friends, she came to the conclusion that their request was anything but normal, and that they had also gone completely bloody mad.

"You have got to be kidding me." She said, and Lauren shot her look that showed she was just as shocked as Ginny herself was, and that she, too, understood the real problem. Well, besides Ginny's possible death if she actually did this.

"Come on, Ginny!" Ron pleaded. "Do it for Gryffindor!"

"Let me get this straight." Ginny said, trying her hardest not to yell or laugh hysterically. "You not only want me to take illegal Polyjuice potion, but for me to then sneak into another House, Slytherin at that, after having changed into Blaise Zabini, who happens to be the most dangerous wizard in the school besides Malfoy himself, who happens to be who you want me to get dirt on, which is what this entire scheme is all about?"

"Well...You don't have to say it like that!" Her brother reprimanded. Ginny couldn't even really believe this was happening. It seemed like it surely had to be a dream, and she felt strangely unattached to the whole situation.

"I can't believe you're agreeing to this, Hermione." Lauren said, looking at the studious girl with a new appraisal in her eyes now that her initial surprise was over. Hermione had the grace to blush.

"Well, everyone's a bit sore about that game. So when they came to me about it, I figured 'why not'?" She said, not meeting Ginny's eyes.

"I can't believe this is all because Draco beat Harry at Quidditch." Ginny said, slightly annoyed.

"It's not just that!" Her brother said defensively. "He's had it coming for years, the slimy little snake! So will you do it, Ginny? Please??" He was practically begging. Ginny cocked an eyebrow.

"What is it exactly that you want me to do?" She asked carefully, liking the nice, cozy realm of sheer disbelief that she seemed to be in.

"Well," Ron started, "I suppose anything potentially incriminating you may hear while down there will be good, but what we really want is..." He looked around shiftily and Ginny rolled her eyes. "The book." He finished, and her mind reeled.

"Oh no, oh hell fucking no." She said, shaking her head.

She knew what book he was talking about. No one knew exactly what was inside of it, but everyone in the school had a gigantic hard-on to find out. Because the leather-bound black book was always in either Draco Malfoy or Blaise Zabini's possession. The numerous rumors surrounding it varied, but no one had the suicidal tendencies required to actually approach one of them about it. Not even Harry or Ron, not anymore.

Not since Draco and Blaise had come back for their sixth year with power practically rolling off them in waves, and something lazy and dangerous swirling just beneath the surface, flickering in their bored, hooded eyes. But the book...Some said it was a journal, others that it listed all of their black, evil deeds, others that it was a list of sexual conquests or muggles that they'd killed, and others swore it was their Book of Shadows, full of dark magick that they'd learned or created on their own.

"You have gone mad, haven't you?" She questioned them. Because whatever the truth of the book's contents, she knew it would be heavily protected.

"We know you can do it, Ginny! You're the actress, not us." Her brother argued. "We'd just fumble it up. But you can pull it off, I'm sure! And it's not as if you need to really steal it. You'll be in Zabini's body and Malfoy would give it to you willingly. You'll be in and out, and Malfoy might not even be there." He was giving her that pleading puppy dog look, and she sighed, but still wouldn't relent. She didn't have a death wish, thank you very much.

"No way, Ron."

"Please, for me, Gin? We'll be eternally grateful, even if you can't get the book. And I won't mention to Mum why Dad's Scotch always disappears when we're at home..." He trailed off, and she glared.

"You're a complete bastard, Ron. Fine, I'll play your stupid prank. Though should anything bad happen and I live through it, I'm going to fucking kill you."

"YES!" Ron crowed, and then quieted down when the other Gryffindors in their common room stared at him strangely. "Thanks, Gin! I knew we could count on you!"

"Whatever." She replied, rolling her eyes yet again. Funny how she always seemed to be doing that around Ron. "So when is all of this supposed to occur?"

"Now!" Ron said cheerfully, and Ginny balked as her safe, numb place shattered, and reality came back alarmingly quick.

"Now?" She asked incredulously. "But Polyjuice takes a month to...RON! You've had this planned ever since the game, haven't you?" She accused, and he mumbled and looked away.

"Yeah." Then he faced her again. "Look, we've been watching them, checking out their routine, and Zabini's tutoring sixth year Slytherins in the library right now. He'll be done in an hour and a half, which means if we go upstairs and you take the potion now, you can make it to the dungeons by seven, and then be out by eight, which is when Zabini will wrap up his session. Just for good measure, we'll wait outside to distract him, so you can be completely clear of the dungeons. Alright?" He asked, his face filled with an eager light.

Ginny nodded reluctantly, and for more than one reason, which only she and Lauren were aware of, thank the gods. The whole way up the stairs, she kept thinking of what a horrible idea this was, and how she was going to be expelled at the least, and that was only if Draco, Blaise, or some other Slytherin didn't butcher her first.

They walked into Hermione's Head Girl rooms, and Ginny changed into the larger robes and boots they handed her, and that she would soon need. She cursed silently under her breath the whole time, while Hermione opened her wardrobe, revealing a simmering cauldron. She used a dipper to fill a goblet that had been sitting beside the cauldron, and then picked up what Ginny assumed was one of Blaise's hairs.

"How'd you get that?" Lauren asked, concerned for her friend, though she thought the whole idea was rather entertaining over all, and Hermione...blushed??

"Well, I s-sort of ran into him in the hall..." She stammered, and then quickly composed herself. "Actually I almost didn't even get it then. He'd felt me pull his hair and yanked the strands from my hand. This one was wrapped around my ring, thankfully." She said, and handed Ginny the goblet.

Ginny took it, and Hermione dropped the long black hair into the vile looking glob that she was supposed to swallow. It sizzled and boiled, then turned from puke brown to a deep blue, almost black. Ginny gulped in apprehension, wondering how she'd gotten into this mess, and pooled her Gryffindor courage. She brought the goblet to her lips and downed the lumpy liquid quickly. To her surprise, it wasn't nearly as vile as she'd imagined. It tasted of lemons and musk, and left fire burning down her throat to spread into her belly and throughout her limbs.

The pain hit her suddenly, and it seemed as if her skin were melting off her bones. It felt like being mashed in some giant child's hands, and then having him clumsily reform you, twisting and pulling viciously. She heard someone scream, but couldn't bring herself to think past the sheer agony. Then, just as suddenly, it was over, and her slightly raw throat told her that it had been she who had screamed.

She caught sight of her reflection and gaped, not hearing her friends' inquiries asking if she was okay. She'd known, she'd been expecting it, but it was still a shock to see herself wrapped in another's skin. And as far as bodies went, she sure as hell didn't get a bad specimen, she thought as she looked over herself in Blaise's body. She was now his exact mirror. It was his elegant, arrogant and nearly-androgynous features reflected back at her, his broad shoulders and narrow hips.

It was definitely his lithe and muscled body that countless girls (and boys) had drooled over, shaped from innumerable generations of aristocratic blood and hours of playing as a Chaser for Slytherin. There was also the same waist-length, silky, velvet-soft black hair and stunning dark blue eyes. She was amazed, and more than slightly thrilled. She turned to see them all looking at her.

"What?" She asked, and the soft, low baritone of her voice surprised her for a second.

"Nothing, it's just really strange." Harry commented, and the others nodded.

"You're totally hot, Gin." Lauren said, her eyes raking over Ginny's new form. Ron blanched, and turned to stare.

"But she's Zabini!" He protested. Lauren, Ginny, Hermione, and even Harry laughed.

"Exactly." Lauren replied, and Ron shook his head, dismissing it as he did all things that he didn't understand.

"Alright, whatever. Gin, put Harry's cloak on until we get to the Slytherin dorms. We'll split up with you there." Ron said, tossing her the shimmering cloak.

"That reminds me." Ginny said suddenly. "How am I supposed to get inside?" Ron grinned.

"Harry followed Crabbe and Goyle under the cloak last night and heard Goyle mumble the password. Now, let's go! You've only got an hour before the potion wears off, you know." He said, and she threw the cloak over herself. Lauren stared at where she'd been, and spoke.

"I can't come, Gin. Detention with Filch. I'll see you later though, okay? You have to tell me everything."

"Alright. Later, Lauren." Ginny responded, and they left. All the way out of the tower and down to the dungeons, she repeatedly thought about how incredibly stupid this was. They finally stopped in front of a stretch of blank wall, and Ron whispered for her to remove the cloak. She tossed it to him, and he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"The password is 'Naguin Cala'."

Then they were gone, disappearing under the magically enlarged cloak, and she turned to stare at the wall, still berating herself. Finally, she spoke the password, and the stone melted away. She had a moment of shock when the stones started bleeding, and cursed herself for almost shrieking. She was supposed to be Blaise, damn it, and she knew a little thing like a bleeding wall wouldn't disturb him in the slightest. In fact, if she had twenty galleons, she would bet them all that either he, or Draco, or both, had enchanted the damned wall in the first place.

She walked in and stood stunned for a moment, another thing that she was sure Blaise would never do, but she couldn't help soaking in the rich surroundings. Soft, black leather furniture lay scattered around the room, and everything from the gothic chairs and couches to the huge mahogany table looked priceless. Paintings and tapestries hung on the walls, which were painted a deep green and matched the pillows strewn all over the place.

There were huge silver and black cushions that could easily fit four, and candles in their House colors were everywhere. There was one huge candelabra hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room, and it cast eerie light and flickering shadows over everything. She looked up, and couldn't see the ceiling, but she did see two full, wrap-around balconies above her, before blackness covered everything.

A huge, black marble fireplace was blazing, but the flames were black, purple and green, and she wasn't sure whether they were actually giving off heat or not. Two sides of the room were covered in bookshelves, and there were a number of little study nooks built into the walls. Everything dripped money and elegance, and she was so taken by her surroundings that she didn't notice Pansy and Goyle until Pansy spoke.

"Blaise? Darling, what are you doing?" Ginny snapped around, her heart almost pounding out of her chest.

"I was looking for Draco." Ginny said, hoping she sounded like the normal Blaise. Pansy grinned, and she felt a momentary twitch of relief.

"Typical." Pansy remarked. "He might be in your rooms, but I'm not sure. I haven't seen him since Transfiguration." Ginny almost choked, realizing she had no idea which room that was. Thinking quickly, she said the first thing that came to mind.

"My room? Why would he be there?" She asked, regretting it instantly when Pansy's eyes narrowed.

"Very funny, Blaise. Maybe because that's where you two live?" She said, exasperated. "So why wouldn't he be there? Have you two been fighting? You seemed fine earlier." Pansy said, and Ginny cursed herself for opening her stupid mouth.

"No, everything's fine. I-I just didn't expect him to be in, is all." Ginny said, and almost cheered when Pansy's eyes flickered to a passageway on the right.

"Whatever you say. Just go check, but I have to go. Detention with McGonagall, the old prude. If you need to talk later, you know my password."

With that, Pansy and Goyle exited the common room, Goyle nodding to her respectfully, which threw her for a second before she realized that, duh, they thought she was Blaise. Then the more pressing part of that statement hit, and she realized that she now knew where the room was, but from the way Pansy had phrased that last sentence, they each had individual passwords.

Swearing, she moved off to the passageway Pansy had glanced at, and walked for a good thirty paces before coming to a dead end and a portrait of an enchantingly beautiful woman. Who, on closer inspection, turned out to be a vampire, which was made apparent by the dainty fangs she flashed as she smiled at Ginny/Blaise's approach.

"Evening, love." The lady vampire intoned in a musical voice, and Ginny saw that the portrait was slightly open, at which she breathed a sigh of relief. Because she seriously doubted that the portrait would let even 'Blaise' enter without the password. She'd seen how paranoid and cautious the Slytherins were, and was sure they had their portraits designed that way. She nodded at the woman.

"Evening." She replied, and then slipped inside the open frame, leaving it slightly ajar like it had been.

She stepped inside and just stopped her mouth from dropping. She knew Draco was Head Boy, but Hermione's quarters were nothing like these. The ceiling was enchanted, but unlike the Great Hall, it was an alien sky that stretched above her. There were three moons, each a different, vibrant shade, and various planets and nebulas and galaxies shown over the whole expanse, with stars twinkling everywhere.

The floor was a shining, green-veined, black marble that reflected the brightly glowing stars, and had dark, plush, emerald green rugs spread out over huge expanses of it. The entire room itself was absolutely enormous, but was separated into three sphere-like sections. The middle area served as a common room, with two desks made of black and silver wezdink wood.

There were also two black and green velvet couches that sat to either side of a coffee table, which was placed before a fire pit and a roaring fire that was almost identical to the one outside. Bookshelves covered the walls all the way to the domed ceiling, and comfortable-looking black armchairs were scattered around, as were huge, velvet cushions like those that were in the House's common area.

The next room, to the left, was identical in shape, and also showed an alien sky, but was apparently the bathroom, and it put the prefect's bathrooms to shame. It looked like a chunk of actual rainforest, with real, towering, exotic plants and flowers that were spread around everywhere. The only light came from the dimly colored sky and twinkling fairy lights in the petals and leaves.

There was also a huge pool that looked like a mysterious, hidden jungle hot spring, filled with sparkling water that had steam rising from the surface. It even had a waterfall, which fell splashing into it and lulled you with the relaxing natural music that it made. She tore her eyes away, looking to the right of the common area, and saw the bedroom.

It, too, was huge and spherical, another alien sky occupying the ceiling, but the walls were also enchanted. It looked like a stolen spot of space and beauty, as if you'd be stepping into another world altogether once you passed under the archway. Candles floated in midair around the room, and the seductive scent of jasmine and lemons drifted over her. The fur rug was thick and black, and felt as if you were walking on a cloud.

The largest bed she'd ever seen sat in the center of the room, a huge four-poster with black and green velvet drapes that hit the floor, but had no top. The bed was also made of priceless black wezdink wood, but what caught her breath in her throat was the person occupying it, draped on the green silk sheets in nothing but baggy satin pajama pants.

She should have known that he would be here, otherwise the portrait wouldn't have been open, but she'd been so nervous that she hadn't thought...Her eyes wondered over a muscled stomach and perfect hipbones, soaking in the vision of flawless snow white skin and admiring the waist-length hair that was a twin of Blaise's own, except for the fact that it was frosty silver.

Celtic vines so dark a green they were almost black were twisted into the rune of infinity, permanently inked forever onto his upper right arm. It was an enchanted tattoo, and constantly moved, the rune flowing into itself over and over in ceaseless rotation, much like the idea it symbolized. When he moved, parts of it seemed to shine like silver glitter in the light.

It was a startling contrast to his ice-kissed flesh, and as she looked again, she saw a name placed inside of the knot. It read 'Blaise' in the Old Tongue, which any pureblooded witch or wizard worth their shit had had learned long before Hogwarts. The ink of the name was entirely black, so much so that it was almost blue, and it seemed to soak up the light.

She realized with a start that it was almost the exact same color as Blaise's hair, and forced her eyes to keep moving, traveling slowly up a graceful neck, and lingering over the chiseled, arrogant, and perfectly beautiful features of Draco Malfoy's aristocratic, almost-androgynous face, before her eyes found his. Midnight blue met liquid mercury, and a sly grin quirked his full lips. She walked slowly towards him, almost in a trance.

"What are you doing back early?" Draco drawled, and Ginny's legs felt weak.

He stood in one cat-like movement, and she watched, fascinated, at the play of muscles under his pale skin. She jerked her eyes back up, scolding herself for losing control. What was she thinking, checking him out? She was supposed to be his best friend, not some goggling, lovesick schoolgirl.

"We, um, finished early." She said weakly, once again cursing her brother's stupidity, and her own.

"Did you, now?" Draco asked coyly, gliding closer and stopping less than a hand-span away. Ginny's chest felt tight, and it was hard to breathe. This had been so stupid. So very, very bloody stupid.

"Yeah, um..."

But she didn't get to finish because Draco's lips covered hers, and icy shocks seemed to shoot down every nerve ending. His tongue snaked at her lips, and she opened them eagerly, before realization hit. She was...He was...She was BLAISE! He wasn't kissing her, he thought she was Blaise, and suddenly the one bed made sense, and she remembered Pansy's words about this being 'their' room, when seventh years usually have their own.

Ginny's heart seemed to sink and swell at the same time, even as her blood flowed like lava. She had somehow been pushed against one of the enchanted walls, and Draco's hands seared her skin, cold yet somehow warm at the same time. She felt him hesitate after a few seconds, and start to pull away, confused and wary silver eyes snapping open. She heard something, but was too far gone to realize what it was until a very unhappy voice cut through her haze.

"What the fuck is going on?" The venomous voice hissed, and Draco immediately sprang all the way backwards, his head snapping around. He reminded her strongly of a cornered tiger as his gaze flicked to the archway, and Ginny's blood froze as she saw the real Blaise standing in between the bedroom and the common area.

She didn't, however, see that his face was a mix between heartbreak and rage for a split second before it went blank right as she glanced up at him. Draco looked back and forth, and Blaise's still-furious eyes followed his. When they met hers, he looked slightly surprised, the fury fading a bit, before turning back to Draco, who was backing away, looking at them both distrustfully.

"Que être ma mère milieu nom?" Draco asked out of nowhere, his eyes moving from one of them to the other.

Ginny recognized the language as French, but she had no idea what he'd said. Blaise looked momentarily confused, before he gave a very Slytherin smirk and answered without hesitation, while sliding his robes from his shoulders, revealing a sleeveless black shirt and a tattoo that was a replica of Draco's, but said 'Draco' in the Old Tongue instead of 'Blaise'. ((What's my mother's middle name?))

"Mirabella." Blaise said smoothly, and before she knew what had happened, Draco's hand was around her throat and she was once more being slammed into the wall, but it was a lot less friendly then the last time. The air was knocked out of her, and she felt her feet dangling off the ground. She would have been shocked at his strength, but she was too busy trying to breathe.

"Vous défier! Qui le coït être vous? Foutu imbecile! Je dois déchirer sortir votre foutu gorge!" Draco spat, his face filled with a cold fury. Blaise had watched her own face throughout Draco's curses, and turned to him now with a slightly amused expression. ((You dare! Who the fuck are you? Fucking imbecile! I'll rip out your fucking throat!))

"Whoever it is can't understand you. Rappeler votre Anglais, mon âme." Blaise said, and Draco looked surprised for a moment, before nodding. ((Remember your English, my soul.))

"I knew it didn't feel right." Draco hissed. "Who the fuck are you?" He demanded, his eyes glowing in anger. Blaise had moved up behind him, and he didn't seem very pleased either.

She cursed her brother repeatedly in her head, thinking of numerous ways to make him pay if she lived through this, before motioning to her throat. Draco squeezed tighter, his nails digging into her like small daggers, before dropping her unceremoniously on the ground. She fell to her knees in a heap, gasping for air. Something warm trickled down her neck, and her fingers came away bloody when she touched it. Yes, Ron was so going to die. When she felt confident that she was no longer on the verge of passing out, she looked up to see two wands pointed directly at her.

"Who are you?" Blaise repeated. "And what the bloody hell are you doing in my body? And snogging Draco, at that?"

"He snogged me!" Ginny said without thinking. Draco snorted.

"Thought you were Blaise." He said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "For about a half a second, anyway." He flashed a wicked smile at the other Slytherin, who grinned right back and then looked thoughtful.

"You know, I suppose this is the one situation where the cheating party really isn't guilty." Blaise said, and it was Draco's turn to look amused.

Ginny was reeling. Not just from the kiss and being caught, but because she'd seen more emotions from the two of them in the last few minutes than she had in over five years, and she'd just discovered that the two most shaggable boys in Hogwarts, both of whom she secretly had way more than a crush on, were shagging each other. Or so it bloody well seemed.

"Ch-Cheating?" She stammered, quite shocked over this turn of events, though in a way, she supposed she shouldn't have been. Draco gave her a calculating look, and then turned to Blaise.

"I figure it's Polyjuice. None of the idiots around here know any other spells to change form, except a few of the other Slytherins, and none of them would be stupid enough to even think of doing this. So who could it be? A Hufflepuff would be too terrified, a Ravenclaw too clever, so it must be a Gryffindor." He spat out the last word as if it were foul, and Ginny wisely decided to stay silent.

"Yes," Blaise crooned, staring at her as if she were an insect. "And it should wear off soon enough, I would think. This is probably why the Golden Trio 'accidentally' ran into me when I left the tutoring lesson early. They seemed surprised to see me, and tried to keep me there. They definitely got more than they bargained for...But anyway, they looked worried and anxious, running off when we left. And that little mudblood Granger ripped out some of my hair the other day. I got most of it from her, but I've been wondering if she might have gotten away with one. I would have made sure, except the little bitch did it in front of McGonagall."

Ginny gulped. She wasn't stupid enough to think rescue was on the way. Because even if the trio went for a teacher when she didn't return, she'd still be in heaps of trouble. She was going to fucking murder Ron for this.

"Look, I-" She stopped abruptly as pain ripped through her.

The same feeling of skin-melting, bone-twisting disorientation and agony washed over her, before finally stopping and leaving her panting. She saw her usual red hair falling in front of her face, and looked up at them slowly from where she was kneeling on the ground, fearing the outburst she knew would come. Their masks were firmly in place, however, and not a single emotion or hint of surprise shown through as they discovered her identity.

"What brings you so foolishly into the heart of Slytherin, little Weasley?" Blaise asked, his voice bland and bored. She felt a pang at the title 'little Weasley', inexplicably saddened that they didn't even seem to know her name. But anger at her brother shone through her shyness for the moment.

"This is all that bastard brother of mine's fault. Stupid bloody prick, I told him this was the most idiotic scheme yet, but did he listen? Now I'm going to be hexed into next year or expelled, at it's entirely all his bloody fault." She was muttering more to herself then addressing them, lost in venting her frustrations, her fingers digging into her thighs hard enough that she knew there would be bruises later on.

"Riled up and sore over a sodding Quidditch game after an entire month! Honestly, it's pathetic. But here I am, blackmailed by the little shit, caught up in his harebrained plot that's already failed miserably, just because he wanted a goddamn book that probably would have bitten my bloody fucking hand off if I'd even so much as touched it. Stupid sodding prick." She hissed, still staring at the floor, then froze as she realized she'd just said all of that aloud. She glanced up quickly, and saw them looking at her half in amusement, half in anger.

"You came to steal our book?" Draco asked, and she gaped for a moment.

"What!? Do I look that stupid? No, that's what he sent me here for, because he's a ball-less little shit. Gryffindor, my arse. But I had no intention of even attempting to get that blasted book. The gods only know what it might do. I've already had enough experience with cursed books to last a lifetime, and from what everyone says I'd probably get sucked into the ninth pit of Tartarus or something as equally horrifying." She said, shivering as she thought about the real reason she'd given into Ron's meager threat.

"Then why did you come?" Blaise asked, staring at her intently.

"Umm...Well, I..." She trailed off miserably, because it looked like she was also going to be humiliated before they killed her. Fabulous. She was so going to haunt Ron.

"Yes?" Draco questioned.

"I was, um, I was sorta curious..." Gods, this was mortifying.

"Curious about what?" He asked. She moaned and buried her face in her hands, and her answer came out too muffled to understand, so she lifted her head slightly and repeated herself.

"It's stupid, really. Nothing you'd want to know about or that you'd care about. I'm really sorry and you can hex me now all you wan-" Blaise cut her off as he and Draco kneeled in front of her, their faces hard and blank.

"Why did you come?" He asked, his voice cold and distant. She shivered again, but this time it was from the hint of violence and danger in the air.

"I-I..." She couldn't find the words. How could she just tell them? They'd laugh and tease her mercilessly, or just curse her into oblivion.

"Virginia." Draco growled, a warning clear in his tone. "Why did you come?" She barely registered his words, too shocked that he actually knew her name. And suddenly, it all just came flowing out, even the things she'd never told her best friend, who was the only living soul that even knew part of it.

"I...I came because I like you both. I find you fascinating and intelligent and beautiful." She said, not thinking, because if she did, she'd die of humiliation. So she stared at the star-strewn wall and let the words she'd been too scared to speak to anyone tumble from her lips, not caring that they could use them against her quite cruelly later on.

"It started last year, really, when you came back for your sixth year. You both seemed so much different then all the other boys I knew. I could barely stand for them to be near me, it felt so wrong, but watching you both didn't seem wrong at all. I liked your quiet dignity, the way you watched and listened instead of chattering mindlessly, and the way you only spoke when you had something worth saying. And…I've always been drawn to Slytherin." She paused, steeling herself.

"I was supposed to be in Slytherin, actually." She said, and she missed the glimmer in their eyes, since she steadfastly refused to look at either of them.

"But I thought my family would hate me, and begged the hat to put me with my brothers. It told me that I couldn't run from fate forever, but obliged me and put me in Gryffindor. Later that year, the whole thing with Tom happened, and he said almost the same thing. Then I came back for my fifth year and started dreaming every night of snakes, crossed swords, bleeding roses and the two of you." She closed her eyes briefly, and didn't notice them exchange semi-startled glances and move closer to her.

"So I watched you, and wished more and more everyday that I could talk to you. But I didn't think I ever would. I mean, who wants to completely humiliate themselves? And even if I weren't a hated Gryffindor or an even more hated Weasley, what the hell would I say to two people who have everything? 'Hi, I'm enthralled by you and I think you're the only ones who could understand me, and I think I could understand you, too. Why? Oh, because I have psychedelic dreams about you and sometimes I see the same blankness and blackness in your eyes that I see in my own'? You'd laugh me into next year and think I was psychotic." She paused, seemed to think that over for a second, and moaned again, once more burying her face in her hands.

"Oh, wait. Now you do think I'm psychotic. This is just brilliant. Could you get on with the hexes, please? Dying sounds quite appealing at the moment." She said, trying to fully comprehend that she really had just said all that. To them.

Immediately afterwards, she began wondering exactly what the holy fuck she'd been thinking. Neither of them said anything, but there wasn't a chance in hell she was looking up. Ever. Preferably, the ground would open up and swallow her whole, like she'd heard Hermione quote from some muggle fantasy book. And Ron was so fucking dead at this point that it wasn't even remotely funny.

"Virginia." Her name was whispered softly, and she couldn't tell who had spoken, or if both of them had. Still, she had no intention of facing either of them for the rest of her life, which would hopefully be blissfully short.

"We've dreamed of you, too, Virginia." They whispered in unison, and her heart wrenched violently.

"Please, please don't." She practically begged, forgetting whatever pride she had left at the moment, because she really didn't think she could deal with them fucking with her about it right then. "I know that all of that was incredibly stupid and foolish, and that you'll have a wonderful laugh about it later, but please, not now." She said, barely thinking, yet again, as she spoke, because for a second, she had let herself believe that their words could be true, before reality had slapped her in the face. They could never have...

"We do not lie." They said, their voices low and addictive. She felt each place a hand on her at the same time, one warm by her neck and one on her lower back that felt like ice. She shivered violently, because their touch felt the same as it did in her dreams, even more intense, as if it were burning through her borrowed robes.

"We dream of snakes on the forest floor and dragons flying the winter skies." Blaise whispered, running his fingers through her fiery hair.

"We dream of our ancestral crests; the crossed black blades of Blaise's family and the crossed ice-silver blades of mine, but they're wrapped in bloody roses, intertwining with them and drawing them closer together." Draco said softly, his icy breath tickling across her earlobe and sending shudders through her already shaking form.

"And in my dreams I see the two of you." Blaise said, his hand moving deliciously over her exposed neck. "And Draco sees the two of us. And then..." He trailed off, and finally, she did raise her head. Her eyes met first his, then Draco's, and she knew now that they spoke the truth, and she could see they also knew how the dream always ended. She put their thoughts to voice.

"And then the world explodes."


After leaving Ginny, the trio ran to the library to hide out and wait for Blaise. To their utter dismay, he came out almost thirty minutes early, and was surrounded by sixth year Slytherins, who were all gazing at him raptly as he explained the best techniques to prolong the effects of poisons made using nightshade and shadowleaf. There didn't appear to be a way to delay him, so Ron, who everyone knows lacks any type of subtlety, seemed to decide that desperate times called for desperate measures, and risked shouting an insult at Zabini when he was being flocked by fifteen of his Housemates. Housemates who tended to be quite violent when anyone fucked with Blaise or Draco.

"Hey Zabini!" He called, and looked pointedly at the sixth years, who stopped to glare at him. "Aren't they a little old for your 'tastes'?"

But Zabini simply smirked, slid his arm around the Slytherin closest to him and continued walking. He made it a point to whisper an obscene comment in the girl's ear as they passed by. Ron tried another tactic.

"Oh, maybe it isn't the young ones, then. That's right! You only get your rocks off with family, now, don't you?" Ron said spitefully. Blaise spun around, grabbed one of the male Slytherins, and pulled him forward by the hair.

"Thanks for reminding me." Blaise responded, and then turned to the smirking Slytherin. "What's up, cousin?" Blaise asked, and then kissed the younger man viciously, who in turn started kissing him back just as hard. The Gryffindors could do nothing but gape in shock and disbelief. He really did want a family member like 'that'! When the Slytherins broke apart there was blood on their lips, and Blaise turned to look at Ron again.

"Anything else?" He asked, and the Slytherins began laughing hysterically when they saw the looks on Ron, Harry and Hermione's faces. The Gryffindors realized that they'd been had, and were finally able to pick their jaws up off the floor. Blaise sneered at them, and then turned back to his cousin.

"They make it so easy." Blaise said with a vicious smile.

"You've got to tell Dray about this." His cousin agreed. "He'll laugh for weeks." The Slytherins turned on their heels and began walking away, Blaise and his cousin licking the blood from their lips. Ron glanced frantically at Hermione, and nudged her forward. She shot him a glare, and searched for words.

"Ummm...Blaise!" She called, and he slowed slightly, sighing and turning to face them.

"What is it, Gryffindor?" He sneered, his face perfectly unreadable. (Or is that perfect and unreadable?)

"D-Do you know what Snape said was in the Galcigrag Draught? I can't remember and I chose it for my essay." She said, lying horribly and hoping that he wouldn't know the potion since Snape had never mentioned it.

"Hornbiggle wings, blackweed root, two drops of moondew and eight jarkus berries." He replied immediately, before turning and starting to leave again.

"Wait!" She called desperately. "I, uh-" But he spun, apparently having lost his patience, and cut her off, his eyes flashing and reminding her of lightning.

"I don't know what you're up to and frankly I don't care." He said scathingly. "All I know is that if I had to make a list of all the tortures that I'd rather never endure, let me assure you that conversing with you holier-than-thou, hypocritically righteous, saintly-wannabe, Gryffindor fucks definitely tops the list."

Then he was gone in a flash of swirling black robes, followed by a sneering and laughing group of sixth years who were nodding their heads in agreement. Hermione, Harry and Ron stared at each other, still slightly shell-shocked, and then ran back to Gryffindor tower and grabbed the Marauder's Map. They could see Ginny's dot, and groaned when they saw Malfoy's dot right next to it. Then their hearts stopped. Because Blaise's dot had just joined the other two. They stared at each other in horror, and bolted back outside after making sure that they had the invisibility cloak. They were just about to round a corner when they heard voices they recognized coming from the bench outside Professor McGonagall's office.

"I still want to know why Blaise was acting so weird a bit ago." Pansy's voice said, and Ron shoved Harry and Hermione backwards into a shadowy alcove.

"Maybe he and Draco did have a row." Goyle's deep voice responded.

"Those two hardly ever fight." Pansy said dismissively. "If I didn't love them both to death, it'd be almost nauseating how perfect they are together." At those words, Ron quietly choked and turned a funny shade of purple, Harry looked shocked and maybe even slightly disappointed, and Hermione's mouth once more dropped open.

"I envy them for that, sometimes." Goyle said, and the intelligence and feeling in his tone shocked the eavesdropping Gryffindors.

"Yeah, that and the billions of galleons each of the lucky bastards inherited from their fathers, while we still have ours to deal with. Though, in all honesty, Draco and Blaise will run the corporations better than they ever did, and they're thinking of joining them. Can you even imagine it, Greg? Malfoy and Zabini Enterprises really joined together? Oooohhh, it makes me tingly just thinking about the power they'll hold. What they already have is amazing, but together they'll be unstoppable." She said dreamily, and Goyle laughed.

"We know how it affects you, dear. It makes us all tingly. We are Slytherins, after all. And if it works and they expand to the muggle world..." He trailed off, and Pansy almost moaned.

"Absolutely filthy creatures, but good for business." Pansy breathed, and then her tone turned serious. "But really, I'm worried about Blaise. Didn't he look off to you earlier?" She asked.

"Yeah. When he first came in, he looked around like he didn't even recognize the place. Then he was being all weird and wondering why Draco would be in their room. I mean, honestly. Those two have always had their own room, that room, so what was he going on about? And he didn't kiss your check and ruffle your hair just to piss you off, which he never misses an opportunity to do." Goyle said, and his observation skills shocked the Golden Trio, that and the fact that he hadn't grunted so much as once.

"Something funny is going on." Pansy said after a moment. "I changed my mind; you don't need to stay with me. Go back to the dungeons and ask those sixth years when they last saw Blaise, then go directly to Draco and tell him what's up. But don't talk to Blaise alone yet. I'm not sure, but I think someone gave him something or that it wasn't him at all." She said, her tone suddenly grave and vaguely threatening.

"I don't like leaving you alone, Pans. But if you're right and it wasn't even him..."

"It would mean there's an intruder in our House. McGonagall will be here soon, so I can't go. Hurry, and don't forget the wards would have alerted either Snape or Draco if someone unauthorized had entered, depending on which of them is tuned into them today." Pansy said, and Goyle agreed.

The Trio heard his departing footsteps, and shared what seemed like their hundredth horrified moment in the last half an hour. They left silently, then turned the far corner and ran. They were all thinking pretty much the same thing. That they were idiots, that it was all their fault, that Ginny had surely been found out by now, and that they had to save her from the Slytherins' wrath.


They sat silently for a moment, as Ginny tried to digest that they had not, in fact, laughed at her. Or hexed her, for that matter. Since none of the possible scenarios she'd built in her head had ever actually been deluded enough to depict them accepting it calmly, she really had no idea what to do when that was exactly what she was faced with. Basics first, then.

"So I'm not crazy?" She asked hopefully, and was answered with twin laughs.

"No. Well, at least no more crazy than we are." Draco replied, and she giggled softly, feeling quite lightheaded and euphoric all of a sudden.

"So, what does this mean?" She asked, surprising herself slightly.

"Whatever you want it to mean." Blaise responded, his fingers twirling one red curl. Then she felt Draco's silk-smooth lips kiss her shoulder, and couldn't stop a moan at the exquisite contact.

"What?" She finally questioned, as Blaise pulled her hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss on her knuckles just as Draco's tongue darted out, flicking at her sensitive skin and leaving a trail of wet heat that chilled deliciously with his breath. She let her eyes flutter shut, and felt Blaise kissing each of her fingertips along with Draco's butterfly kisses on her throat, and decided that she had died. Or at least she really, really hoped she had, because otherwise, she wasn't sure the Summerland could hold a candle to this.

"What he means, darling," Draco whispered against her flesh, his icy breath once more hitting the moisture from his tongue and raising goose bumps along her arms. "Is that we can be whatever you wish of us." Each word was punctuated with a small nip on her fingertips from Blaise, and Draco's chilly breath was moving closer and closer to her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

"We could be friends." Blaise said, as his mouth moved down her hand to her wrist, his tongue flicking out and tasting her skin.

"We could be fuck-buddies." Draco said, his voice sultry, and his mouth brushed over the wound on her neck just as Blaise bit the tender skin of her wrist. She moaned again, heat, ice and lightning coursing through her veins to pool at her heart and groin before rushing through her all over again.

"We could be committed lovers." Blaise said, trailing light kisses up the inside of her arm as she shuddered.

"Or we could just be in love." Draco said, and a few things happened all at once. Blaise rose up, his body fitting flush against hers, at the same time Draco moved all the way behind her. His frosty lips sucked on the over-sensitized flesh of the gash on her neck, just as Blaise's lips captured hers in an electric kiss. Draco's hands ran up her sides, cupping her breasts, and Blaise's mouth was working absolute magic against her own.

The force of the sensations running through her shocked her in a vague sort of way, but she was enjoying it way too much to care. Then Blaise's mouth was gone and Draco was lifting her slightly until he had risen up on his knees, and he held her tightly against him, letting her lean back into his solid presence. She turned her head slightly and caught his silver eyes. They were clouded with lust, but she could see affection as well, and she kissed him hard, tasting her blood on his tongue and feeling his chilly temperature begin to rise.

She was lost in him as she felt a warm, hot mouth close around her nipple, sending shocks through her system. She moaned loudly into Draco's mouth as Blaise's tongue flicked across the sensitive bud, and didn't really care that she hadn't even noticed Blaise open her robe. Draco's hands were still cupping her breasts, and his fingers began teasing the other nipple as she writhed under their skillful ministrations. Blaise had one hand splayed against the side of her breast, his fingers intertwined with Draco's on her skin, while the other held her hip, keeping her pressed against him.

"Which do you desire from us, lady?" Draco asked as he pulled his lips less than a centimeter from her quivering ones. She was so hot she couldn't think straight, and gave them the first answer that occurred to her, and the only one that she thought would work.

"I want them all." She breathed, her eyes fluttering shut and her cheeks flushed pink from arousal. She missed the silent exchange they made with each other, but she did notice when the mouth on her nipple stopped its blinding pleasure.

"Then you shall have them all." They said, once again in unison, and resumed their separate tasks passionately.

Draco sucked, bit, nibbled and teased every millimeter of her lips, leaving her panting and squirming against him, while Blaise's hand had slipped farther under her robes as his mouth moved to the wound on her neck that was once again bleeding freely. His fingers brushed ever-so-lightly over the outside of her panties, which were soaked at that point, and she nearly screamed.

"More, please, oh gods..." She whimpered, and then froze as a loud bang came from the portrait hole.

They were fully in view as Snape, Crabbe, and Goyle burst inside. A crowd of sixth years milling around outside showed that they weren't alone, either. Everyone froze, except for Draco, who laid another kiss on her lips, and Blaise, who gave her neck a final lick and did up the front of her robe with quick, nimble fingers. She couldn't breathe, and the curious, shocked and disbelieving eyes of the Slytherins weren't helping.

They looked from her neck, to her lips, and then to Draco and Blaise. She looked over, and noticed the blood on their lips for the first time. Before the Slytherins could speak, however, what sounded like a scuffle in the corner of the room had them all looking over. Her brother, Hermione, and Harry appeared suddenly, the cloak falling to the floor, and she saw Harry and Hermione desperately trying to hold back a murderous Ron.

"Why are there Gryffindors in my House?" Snape's voice cut through the silence like a poisoned whip. Ron, though, was in no condition to understand the unspoken malice and warning in the Potion Master's tone, and started screaming.

"I'LL KILL YOU! HOW DARE YOU FORCE YOUR MALFOY AND ZABINI FILTH ON MY BABY SISTER?!? GET AWAY FROM HER!!" He shouted, but the word 'force' caused Ginny's temper to rise. She pulled herself from Draco and Blaise's arms, standing and facing her brother, and felt them rise to their feet behind her.

"Force?!? You really have gone mad, haven't you, Ron? Did it look like I was being forced? Honestly!"

"B-But, they would have raped you!" He argued. "Pawing all over you like they were, you were probably under some dark spell..." She cut him off.

"You can't rape the willing, brother dear." Ginny said, watching him pale and turn faintly green. Oh, he definitely deserved to squirm a bit for all of her earlier panic, and she knew just how to get to him. She just hoped that Draco and Blaise wouldn't contradict her and ruin her game.


"WHAT?? You couldn't possibly want to..." Ron started before trailing off at the look on his sister's face. Hermione had never seen her like this before either, and it scared her, too. Ron's eyes lowered to his sister's neck, as if finally seeing the blood. Then his eyes shot back up and he took in the blood staining all three of their mouths, especially the Slytherins'.

"Want to?" Ginny taunted, a gleefully malicious smirk appearing on her still-flushed face. "Want to?" She repeated, and started walking towards him slowly, hips swaying and fire in her eyes. "Oh, I more than want to. I crave it, need it, breathe it." She said, circling around behind her brother, who was standing stock-still, frozen in place.

"Gin...You don't mean that..." Ron tried weakly as Ginny ran her hand across his shoulders. Draco and Blaise watched her, dark passion burning in their eyes as they licked the blood from their swollen lips. Hermione saw the other Slytherins staring at their leaders longingly, her sharp gaze missing nothing even through her shock. She herself couldn't help drinking them in with her eyes.

"Oh, yes, I do. Why do you think I agreed to come? I've been fucking them for ages." She drawled, and Hermione knew her jaw must have hit the floor for the third time that night. Ron turned green, opening and closing his mouth, but no words would come out.

"What?!?" Ron finally exclaimed. Ginny ignored him, walking back to where Draco and Blaise stood. Draco stared at Ron's purple face another moment, then turned to Snape and started speaking in French.

"Faire vous penser son tête volonté éclater?" He asked, and Snape smirked dryly. Ron spun to face Hermione. ((Do you think his head will explode?))

"What did he say?" Ron demanded, and Hermione fidgeted under the glare Snape leveled on her. Draco sneered before speaking.

"En avant, sang de bourbe. Aussi tandis que vous êtes chez ceci, dire la Belette il pouvoir tété mon foutu cock. Il est possible décroître la enflement pour ce qui est de tous les deux pour nous." He leered suggestively as he said the last, and Hermione turned bright red as the Slytherins burst out laughing, while Ron looked as if he were about to either pass out or go into a rage. ((Go on, mudblood. And while you're at it, tell the Weasel he can suck my fucking cock. Might reduce the swelling for both of us.))

"What did he say, Hermione?" Ron once again demanded.

"I don't think you want to know, Ron." Hermione mumbled. This caused the Slytherins to laugh even harder, and Snape finally called for silence, then faced the Gryffindors again.

"Well, well, well." He said, obviously delighted with the situation. "I do believe you three have broken enough rules for me to have you in detention the rest of your time here. Pity, isn't it?" He asked with a vicious sneer. Hermione felt slightly nauseous at the thought, Harry looked absolutely horrified, and Ron went from purple to pale in record time, before glaring death at his sister.

"What about her?" He asked nastily, and Snape turned to Draco and Blaise.

"Was she invited?" He asked them, then couldn't seem to help himself and added, "As usual?" Ron choked, and Slytherin snickers filled the room. Blaise and Draco both slipped an arm around Ginny, pulling her tighter in between them.

"Of course she was." Blaise drawled, mockery dancing in his midnight eyes. "It was her turn to write in the book, and we got a little...side-tracked." Hermione felt the blood drain from her face at his words and knew her mouth had fallen open yet again, but she couldn't help it. At least Harry and Ron weren't doing any better.

"Yes, well, if you three will follow me, we'll get down to your punishments." Snape said, and the Slytherins' smirks grew wider. They filed out of the portrait hole, and Snape waited for the Gryffindors to go before him. The last thing they saw was Ginny being pulled into another embrace, her eyes glazing with renewed passion.


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