"So you're going to Meekrob then, huh?"

Tenn nodded, antennae bouncing slightly. She sighed, staring out the massive windows of the Conventia lounge at the night's sky. The Great Assigning was finally over, and her S.I.R. unit was busy prepping her Spittle Runner for take off. Tenn blinked, turning around to face Zee, who had her back turned to her.

"Where were you assigned?"

Zee stared at the floor, watching the feet of the busy Irken soldiers who ran past; quickly to tasks unknown.


Tenn nodded again, knowing that Zee couldn't see her, but not knowing what to say. She stared at the back of Zee's head, her beautiful curled antennae, gaze darting up to the stars again, then back to Zee.

"Yes, well...... that's.... nice."

Zee looked over her shoulder.

"Is that all you're going to say?"

Tenn blinked, biting her bottom lip, feeling younger than her years, her squeedily-spooch dancing inside her. All her military training and she could not even speak to one single fellow Invader without nearly stuttering.

"I..... guess."

Zee spun around, purple eyes slightly wet with unshed tears. Her eyes narrowed and she looked down again. Her face scrunched up angrily before relaxing slightly.

"Well, fine then."

Tenn blinked. "Okay."

She stepped past the taller Zee, pressing her antennae to her skull, looking straight ahead. She had her mission to get to, so did Zee, and if the Tallest found either one of them procrastinating in the rest lounge they'd both have it in. Tenn shuddered. She didn't want to be sent to Planet Dirt....

"So you're just leaving, then?"

Tenn stopped. She sighed.

"What do you want me to do?"

"You could at least say goodbye."

Tenn turned around, and found Zee staring back. She looked away.

"Goodbye, Zee. Good luck."

Zee hissed, finally losing her composure, and threw herself at the smaller Invader, weakly pounding on her hard chest, trying not to sob. "You bitch," she growled half-heartedly, not sounding nearly as angry as she wanted it to. Tenn simply stood still, waiting for Zee to calm. Her assault slowed, then stopped, bony shoulders shaking slightly as she struggled to keep her emotions in check. How unbecoming for an Invader. The Tallest would be so ashamed.

Feeling Zee finally still, she wrapped her arms around her, a mildly shocked Zee laying her head on Tenn's shoulder.

"This sucks," Zee whispered, her voice raspy.

Tenn couldn't help but giggle slightly. "Yes it does, doesn't it?" They remained silent for a moment, Zee clutching Tenn while the other Invader gently stroked her antennae. Zee purred, leaning into the touch, opening her eyes to Tenn's bright reds.

And then Tenn kissed her, soft warm flesh meeting each other, Zee's long tongue poking at her lips. Tenn allowed her inside, tongues coiling around each other. Zee pressed herself to Tenn, trying to obtain as much contact as possible. She wrapped her fingers around Tenn's antennae, and--

"All Invaders report t their ships immediately. Repeat, all Invaders report to their ships immediately. Send off in ten minutes."

Tenn released Zee, sighing as she ran a hand along her antennae once more. Zee smiled, blinking slowly, dropping her arms to her sides. Then she squared her shoulders, walking past Tenn, towards the door.


She turned.


Zee smiled, looking coy for a moment.