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Andy, as usual, was having a busy morning. Getting Jessie and Lizzy to school and still being late for work was part of her morning ritual now. Things were sometimes so hectic and busy she couldn't remember what day of the week it was. As she walked into the clinic, Lana looked at her watch and shook her head towards Andy.

"Any messages Hawkins?" She asked, ignoring Lana's look about her tardiness.

"Nothing expect two dozen red roses sitting on your desk." Lana responded.

Andy looked toward her office and saw the flowers. "Oh my gosh." She whispered and shook her head. "Why does he send me flowers so randomly?" She asked, mostly to herself.

"Because.....he likes you." Lu said girlishly while walking towards the receptionist desk. Andy looked at her partner and smiled. Lu turned to Lana. "Lana, is everything set for all night clinic?" She asked.

Lana nodded and Andy looked at Lu confused. "All night clinic?" She asked. "It's Wednesday?"

Lu looked at her strangely. "Yeah."

"Something was supposed to happen today." Andy stated.

Both Lu and Lana continued to look at her strangely. "Dr. Campbell, are you feeling ok?" Lana asked.

"I'm fine. I just can't...." Andy trailed off and realization came to her. "Oh could I forget?"

"Andy, what-?" Lu started to ask, hinting for her to explain what was going on in her head.

"It's Les." She responded. Lu and Lana kept staring and waiting for her to finish. "He's supposed to be moving today."

"Moving where?" Lu asked curiously.

"Back here. To Philadelphia."

For a while, Andy's day was full of patients and emergency room calls. She hardly had any time to grab a sandwich in between helping train Kayla Thornton and taking care of her own practice. As she walked down the hallway, heading back to her office after seeing a patient, she saw him. Les was standing at the Lana's desk and talking to her. Eventually, after hesitation, she approached them.

"Les." She said, acknowledging him.

"Andy." He responded and his face seemed to brighten when he looked at her. "It's nice to see you."

She nodded and motioned for them to step into her office. "Did you get here ok?" She asked while opening the office door.

"Yeah, it was ok. I got everything almost settled. The girls are at school, so.....I came to see you first."

Andy sat down behind her desk as Les sat down across from her. He then noticed the roses sitting behind her.

"Nice flowers." He noted.

Andy turned to look at them and then nodded. "Yes, they are. Thank you."

"Where'd you get them?"

"They were a gift?"

"From who?"

Andy hesitated, looking from the flowers to her ex-husband. " Morton." She said slowly.

"Dr. Morton?" He asked to himself, trying to remember. "Jessie mentioned someone by that name a few times. Who is it?"

"Umm...." She hesitated again. " boyfriend." She managed to get out.

"Oh." Les said quietly, half expecting that answer and then looked at his hands.

Andy looked around and then stood up. She looked at her watch as Les stood up to. " you have everything moved into your new apartment?" She asked, changing the subject.

"Basically, yeah."

"What happens when Jessie and Lizzy want to spend the night with you at your place?" She asked curiously.

"That's already taken care of. It's a two bedroom apartment and the second bedroom has two twin beds already made up with cute girly sheets." He answered.

Andy chuckled. "Good, cause they probably will want to stay over sometime soon." She said and headed out of her office. "I'd like to continue this conversation but I really should get back to my patients." She stated and approached Lana. "My next patients file please Hawkins." Andy held out her hand.

"Here you go Dr. Campbell." Lana handed her the file.

Andy turned back to Les. "I-"

"Delivery for Dr. Campbell." A man from the lobby called, interrupting Andy.

"I'm Dr. Campbell." She called back and the man walked to her. In his hands was a small wrapped box and a card for her.

"Sign here." He said and handed her a clipboard.

Andy signed her name and took the box and card from him. "Thank you." She said as he left and looked at the present in her hand.

Les looked at the present to and they kept silent. Lana waited impatiently.

"Well...are you going to just stand there or are you going to open it?!" She said loudly.

Andy hesitated and then set the box down and started opening the card. Showing no emotion except maybe a slight smile, she read through the card and then started unwrapping the box.

Lana grabbed the card and read it aloud. "Thought you could use something sweet to brighten your day and to go along with the red roses. Love Always, Milo." She finished reading.

Les's face turned to awkwardness as Andy finished opening the present.

"What is it?" Lana asked as Andy smiled and laughed at what was in the box.

Andy grabbed the present and held it up. "Chocolate Crème Oreo's." She said with more laughter.

"I don't get it." Lana said.

"I do." Les stated from behind Andy. She turned to look at him. "Your secret vice right?"

"Yeah." She said and could also feel the awkwardness herself.

"That's sweet......and familiar." He said and turned to leave. "I'll see you later."

Once he disappeared out of the clinic, Andy turned back to her present. Lana looked at her strangely.

"What did that mean? Familiar?" She asked.

"Les used to buy these for me when I was sad or angry or just in need of something sweet. I got hooked on them when I was pregnant with Jessie and they've been my vice ever since." Andy responded with a sad tone. She felt bad about Les being there to see her moving on so quickly with her life. It aggravated her also because she shouldn't feel guilty like she did.

When Andy finally got a break from work she made the effort to go up to see Milo. She remembered to take the Oreo's with her. She knocked on his office door and heard a faint 'come in' in his voice. As she entered the room, he was sitting on the couch with a bunch of papers on the table in front of him.

"Hi." He said with a smiled now that she was there.

"Hey." She responded back to him with a smile. Andy had the Oreo's hidden behind her back but he noticed that she was hiding something.

"What's behind your back?" He asked as he stood up and walked to her.

"Nothing." She answered innocently.

"Oh really?" He asked and reached behind her.

Andy willingly let him take the cookies out of her hands. "Oh, ok maybe there is something."

He laughed at her. "So, you got the present."

"Yes. And it was very sweet Milo." She said and leaned up to kiss his lips.

He kissed back and then pulled her over to sit on the couch with him. "So, how's your day been?"

"Busy....other wise I would have been up to visit you sooner." She answered and opened the package of Oreo's. "Yours?"

"Same." He responded.

Andy held up a cookie. "Want one?" She asked.

"Sure." He said and went to take the cookie from her.

Andy moved it away from him so he couldn't take it. Milo looked at her strangely as she smiled innocently. "No hands." She said and placed the cookie half way into her mouth.

Milo smiled at her and leaned into her face. Andy tried to hold the cookie steady in her mouth as she laughed and smiled at him. He then placed his mouth around the other half and they're lips were touching but not moving until he bit down to get the cookie from her. "Happy?" He asked in between chews.

She nodded while still smiling at him. "Do you remember what I told you about what was happening today?" She asked quietly on a more serious note.

"Yes." He answered.

"Well, he found the roses and the cookies."


"And....I just didn't think I would have to talk about you to him as soon as he walked in the door." Andy replied.

"What did you say?"

"Just that you were my boyfriend. And...Hawkins read your card aloud."

"Was it awkward?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

Andy nodded. "Yeah...especially the cookies. He knew everything about the secret vice thing."

"I know he knows. You told me you got it when you were pregnant with Jessie." He said.

"I can't believe you remember so much stuff I tell you Milo." She stated.

"Is that a bad thing?" He asked.

"No." She said and smiled at him again while grabbing another cookie.

"Hey." He said and took the cookie from her. "No hands, remember?" He said and put the cookie half way into his mouth.

Andy shook her head and giggled. "Right." She said and once again their lips touched as she bit down on the cookie and ate it. After they were finished chewing, their lips met without a cookie there and they kissed for a few seconds.

"Anyway, what are your plans Friday night?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Nothing that I know of. Why? Do you have something in mind?" She said and leaned her head on his shoulder while eating another cookie.

"'s a surprise...but my house, seven o'clock, Friday night?" He suggested.

"Surprise? Oh no." She reacted. "What kind of surprise?"

"You'll see when you come." He answered.

Andy sighed and took her head off his shoulder. "Ok. I'll be there." She answered.

Another smile formed on his face and then he kissed her again. After he was finished, she was the one smiling. Andy looked into his eyes and felt a rush of happiness and comforting. She leaned in again and kept kissing him this time. He kissed her back and they moved their bodies closer to each other after a few minutes. She enjoyed feeling him against her and his lips locked with hers, and so did he.

Les headed back to his new apartment to finished setting things up before he would go by and see Jessie and Lizzy after school got out. Boxes filled the living room and kitchen area of the apartment. He started unpacking. In one box was the kitchenware and in another were pictures. Some of them were of him in California and his house and job there. Others were of his family. There was one in a golden frame that hung on a wall of his parents. They were getting older and older now a days and he wondered how much time he would have left to spend with them. It seemed like he just kept pulling out picture after picture and he thought to himself that he had too many for a single man. The last one he pulled out was a double picture frame of silver. In one side was Jessie and Lizzy posing in front of a beautiful tree by a glassy lake. The other was of him and Andy. They were holding on to each other tightly and standing in front of the same tree and lake. He could see the love in the picture and it made him think about how much he missed her. The way she smelled and the way she let him hold her. The way she used to flirt with him and then the way she would cuddle against his body while sleeping, especially on cold winter nights. He had always held on to the pictures of his family and never gotten over their marriage ending. He wanted to be with her again and now that she was dating someone else it broke his heart. Someone who sent her roses and Chocolate Crème Oreo's. Someone who's taken his place inside of her and is the one that she cuddles up to while sleeping. The one she lets hold her and the one she flirts with now. Jealousy started filling his body as he stared at the picture of him and his ex-wife.

Les slowly made his way to his new bedroom and laid the double picture frame down on his new bed. He looked around to see that the walls were empty and white. There were a few boxes in that room as well and he decided to remind himself of what was packed inside them. Sheets and clothing came out of the boxes. He checked out his new closet and hung everything up that needed hanging. He placed jeans, socks, underwear, and other things inside the small set of dresser drawers sitting on one of the walls surrounding his bed. The bed was a queen size since he slept by himself all the time and he pulled black and white sheets out of one of the boxes. Instead of making the bed right away he just laid them next to the pictures and started setting up lamps on the bedside tables. Once he was done placing everything on them, he picked up the picture frame and placed it next to his phone on one of the tables. Les stared at it a few more minutes before continuing to unpack and set up his new bedroom.

Every now and then he would glance at it until he left the bedroom, now completely full of his stuff. Next would be the kitchen. He found drawers to put things in and realized he needed to go to the grocery store before having his daughters come over. Now that he was back in Philadelphia and everything, he had to get back into being a father full time. When he was in California, he would talk to them on the phone and then would go back to his single life in a big empty house. Now that he was back, if Jessie or Lizzy needed him, he was only a car ride away and he would be seeing them more than just Christmas holidays and summer vacations. He would also be seeing Andy a lot more. But it made him figure that he would be seeing her new boyfriend more also. He wondered if Jessie and Lizzy liked this Dr. Milo Morton as much as they liked him. He wondered what it would be like or how awkward it would be to have them talk about Milo and Andy to him since they were now part of their everyday lives.

Les looked at his watch and realized that it had been a few hours and Jessie and Lizzy were probably home now. He had told himself he would visit them as soon as school was out so he finished unpacking the box he was currently working on and then left the apartment, half set up.

Corrina answered the door to find Les standing there. She kind of recognized him by old photographs but still didn't let him in until she knew his name. Jessie came bolting downstairs when she heard the doorbell and Lizzy came running out of the kitchen.

"Daddy!!" She said and Les wrapped his arms around his youngest daughter. When Jessie approached them, he hugged her as well. Introductions were made regarding Corrina and then Jessie, Lizzy, and Les sat down in the kitchen talking. Corrina barely listened to their conversations as she started preparing dinner.

After about twenty minutes of catching up and telling him about their days, the front door opened. Kayla Thornton walked into the kitchen to be surprised to find them all staring at her.

"Hi." She said.

"What are you doing home?" Jessie asked. "Don't you have a shift at the hospital now?"

"I got off early." Kayla answered and smiled at the two girls in response to their smiles.

"Home?" Les questioned and looked towards Kayla confused.

"I don't believe we've met." Kayla noted and then motioned for Jessie to introduce them.

"Kayla, this is my Dad." Jessie said.

"Oh. It's nice to meet you Mr. Campbell. I'm Dr. Kayla Thornton. I'm renting out the guest bedroom until I can afford an apartment. I'm also the new Emergency Intern...mostly Dr. Campbell's." She said, introducing herself and then holding out a hand to shake his.

Les responded with a nod and shook her hand in return. "Nice to meet you." He said.

"Well, I'm going to grab a shower and everything before dinner." She said as she noticed Corrina cooking.

Jessie acknowledged her statement and then turned back to her dad as Kayla headed up the stairs. "Do you want to stay for dinner?" She asked her father.

"I don't want to impose." He said and shook his head.

Corrina looked up at him. "Really Mr. Campbell, you're not imposing. There's enough food for everyone." She noted and smiled at him.

Les found her a nice woman and accepted the offer for dinner. He thought about how nice it would be eating with them again, especially Andy.

Andy opened the front door and stepped into the house, with Milo trailing behind her with the vase of red roses in his arm.

"Are you sure it's ok if I have dinner with you guys?" He asked generously while putting the flowers on the foyer table..

"Yes sweetie, it's fine. I'm sure Corrina cooked enough for everyone." She said and she grabbed his hand. "It'll be fun. We haven't had many chances to all sit down for dinner together in a while. Either I'm working, or Thornton is working.....Jessie's at a friend's house, Lizzy's at a friend's house. We're just busy people. But anyway, I'm glad you're here." She said. Milo leaned in to kiss her but Lizzy coming out of the kitchen interrupted them.

"Mommy!" She said and ran to give Andy a hug. Andy never let go of Milo's hand as she wrapped one arm around her daughter. "Hi Milo." She said and gave him a hug as well. Andy smiled at the sight. Jessie and Lizzy had started to really get along with Milo lately and she enjoyed seeing it every second.

Les sat in the kitchen and heard Lizzy say his name. He winced realizing that Andy brought him to dinner and didn't know he was there. Jessie saw him wince and then walked out into the foyer to her mother. Andy greeted her oldest daughter with a smile and hug before Jessie leaned up to whisper something into her ear. When she was done telling her, Andy's eyes widen and she looked towards the kitchen to see Les coming out into he foyer.

Before she could let go, Les noticed that Andy was holding Milo's hand and standing very close to him. A split moment of jealousy came over him but he brushed it away and tried to remain calm about the fact that the love of his life's new boyfriend was standing across from him.

Milo recognized Les from old photographs just like Corrina had. He looked at Andy and she responded by looking back and shrugging. She let go of his hand and walked to the point in between the two men.

"Les, this is Dr. Morton." She said and pointed to Milo. "Milo, this is my ex-husband, Les."

Milo nodded as Les approached him and stuck out his hand. "It's nice to meet you." He said.

Milo hesitated and then shook Les's hand. "Yeah, you to. I've heard a lot about you."

"All good I hope." He said quietly but doubted it.

"Actually-"Milo began.

"So, what's for dinner?" Andy said, interrupting him.

"Corrina made steak and pasta." Lizzy said in a cute way.

"Sounds good." She said and motioned for the girl to head back into the kitchen.

Les and Milo didn't move.

"Ok, are we going to be able to do this like civilized adults or do one of you need to leave?" Andy said, breaking the ice.

Both men sighed again and looked at her. "Civilized adults." Les said and Milo nodded. Les then turned around and started towards the kitchen.

Once he was disappeared around the corner, Milo started walking but Andy stopped him. "I'm sorry. I didn't know he would be here." She said, staring into his brown eyes.

"I know. I'll try not to hurt him." Milo said and made her chuckle.

"Yes, please try not to." She demanded.

Milo looked at her apologetically. "I can't help but be angry about what he did to you in the past Andy." He whispered.

"I know and you're so sweet for it." She said and pecked his lips. "Let's go eat."

Milo nodded again and grabbed her hand as they headed to the kitchen for a very awkward evening.

Once Corrina left, Andy started clearing the table and cleaning the dishes. Milo also got up to help her. When she realized that he was, she thanked him aloud and smiled at him. Everybody caught this, especially Les. He didn't know how much more he could take. It was just too awkward and unnerving for him.

"You know, I should get going. It's getting late and I still have some unpacking to do." He said while standing up from the table.

Andy reacted by turning around while drying her hands off with a towel. Milo kept loading the dishwasher.

"I'll see you tomorrow after school ok?" He said towards the girls and got two nods from them. He then turned to Kayla. "It was nice meeting you Dr. Thornton."

"Just call me Kayla." She said and smiled up at him.

Les turned to Andy and Milo. "And it was nice meeting you Milo." He said.

Milo turned around and was drying his hands off as well. "Just call me Dr. Morton." He said rudely and Andy closed her eyes in disbelief at what he said.

Les gave Milo a stare before looking towards Andy. He then approached her closer and rubbed her shoulder because he knew it would tick Milo off. "I'll see you later." He said and walked out of the kitchen.

Everybody's gazes went form the door out of the kitchen to Milo. Andy closed her eyes again and re opened them after a few seconds. "What was that about?" She asked, with a hint of anger in her tone. "Just call me Dr. Morton." She repeated his words. "I can understand if you dislike the man Milo but being rude isn't a quality I thought you possessed." She said and walked to the table to clear off the rest of the dishes.

Jessie, Lizzy, and Kayla all stared at them wondering what was going to happen next. Andy and Milo were silent though and Kayla got a look from Andy hinting her to please get the girls upstairs so she could talk to Milo alone.

"Well, it was a great dinner. Do you need help with the dishes?" Kayla asked politely.

Andy shook her head no.

"Ok. Hey Jessie, Lizzy, why don't you guys come upstairs to my room, I have something from work I want to show to you." She suggested.

"Ok." Jessie agreed knowing that Kayla was just getting them out of the room for Andy. The three girls took off up the stairs and Andy turned back to Milo.

"I understand if you are upset or something because he was here and you were here and it was awkward, I admit but Milo-"

"I'm sorry." He said interrupting him. "I shouldn't have cracked at him like that. It was rude and you're right, I don't possess that quality...most of the I'm sorry." He said.

"Thank you." Andy said with a sigh.

They were silent while cleaning the rest of the kitchen. When they were done, Andy headed towards the living room. Halfway there, Milo put his arm around her shoulders.

"You're right. It was a very awkward evening." He admitted.

Andy leaned her head on his shoulders until they sat down on the couch where she leaned her head against his chest. "Yes, it was. Ex-husband, two children with ex-husband, new intern, my boyfriend, and the nanny eating dinner......together.....very awkward."

He chuckled at her. "Where'd you put those Oreo's?" He said, changing the subject.

"They're in my briefcase." She said and got up to get them. When she returned with the packages, the cookies were more than halfway gone.

"What happened to all of them?" He asked as she handed them to him.

"I ate them..." She said shyly. "My secret vice...hello! You can't expect me to receive Chocolate Crème Oreo's and not eat them."

"Not all of them."

"I didn't eat all of them, there's still some left." She said.

"Ok, do you want some milk with the cookies?" He asked, offering to get her some.

She nodded and waited for him to return from the kitchen with two glasses of milk. It was tempting to eat the cookies while he wasn't there considering she loved them so much but she told herself not to.

When he got back they started enjoying their desert. Every now and then they would take a break from the cookies and start kissing.

"You taste like cookies." He said.

"Gee, I wonder why?" She responded sarcastically.

He laughed at her. "So, we still on for Friday?"

"Of course." She answered. "And....the good thing...Les won't be there....nor Jessie and Lizzy...nor Kayla or Corrina. Too many people at one dinner table." She said reminding them both of the events of the evening.

"Yep. That is a good thing. I think you'll find Friday night to be very enjoyable Andy." He stated and it made her smile.

"Why? What will we be doing Milo?" She asked flirtatiously while moving her body closer to his and sliding her hand up his leg.

"You'll see." He said and she sighed again giving up on making him spill the surprise.

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