Alternative Universe set in present-day. Warning(s): Rated PG-13 as of now from violence, language, and sexual insinuations.

Boxers' Café.

Chapter 1.

Walking down the busy streets of Tokyo, Enishi smirked at the ladies passing by, taking a glimpse of their swinging hips with the eyes of primal lust. He ruffled his unruly white hair, sticking a cigarette into the corner of his parched lips. The neon lights from businesses flashed continuously while people busy about. The nightlife had just begun. Men clad in suits stood in line with their ten year younger dates in wait to enter the dance clubs, chatting away. Enishi stalked the streets, holding onto his sack on his back, making a sharp turn at a deserted alleyway. Standing still, Enishi stared ahead.

"Come out. Come out. Little kitty, I won't bite you," Enishi grinned. Out of quick reflex Enishi caught the dagger that was aimed at his face. Throwing it back at the moving form, he heard a yelp. Strolling towards the form on the ground, he found a girl laying on her side, holding onto her leg.

"Well, well, well. What have I caught?" Enishi quirked his eyebrow, smirking. She angrily spat on his shoes as she struggled to stand up. Enishi glared at her, but pretended as if he had never acknowledged the fact that she had just spat on his newly bought shoes. Lighting up his cigarette, his fingers dragged it out of his mouth as he looked down upon her.

"Why were you following me, squirt?" The girl ignored his question, pulling the dagger out of her calf, biting back her gasp. Enishi placed the cigarette back into his mouth as he pulled her up by the collar of black jacket.

"Now look here. I don't have time to play with kids. Now either tell me why were you following me or scram," he growled into her face that showed defiance.

"You're not even worth it," she snarled. He let her collar go.

"If I find you again, I won't be so nice," he grinned, returning back to his playful nature. She glared at him one last time before leaping up onto the building and disappearing.

'Tokyo people need a life,' he thought disgustedly before trudging off towards the streets again. Slipping his left hand into his jacket's pocket, he found a card. Taking it out, he read:

You are cordially invited to:

Boxers' Café.

4016 Akai Michi


Shinomori, Aoshi.

Enishi glared at the card before throwing it into a nearby trashcan. Stalking towards a close by ramen house, he went there for dinner. He glared at every passerby. His cheerful demeanor was gone and somehow he found himself remembering every exact word on the invitation. The girl probably slipped it within his pocket when he wasn't noticing. So she must've been Shinomori's messenger. Enishi grinned as he pulled out her wallet from his pocket that he had stolen when he had push her against the wall. Before he knew it, he found himself in front of the bustling night café. Taking out her wallet, he looked at her license.

"So Misao-kitten, where are you now," Enishi smirked, stuffing the wallet back into his pocket.

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