Well, as one fantastic hobbit once said, 'I'm glad to be with you fellow readers. Here at the end of all things'. Well, maybe not exactly like that, but you get my point. This is the final chapter in the story. But fear not, there shall be a sequel AH HA!

"MOVE!" Sirius roared angrily as another group of kids crossed the road in front of him. The screamed as he sped around them on his motorbike, calling him names as he flew around the corner.

"Dammit, so fucking slow...' he muttered, trying desperately to get to Godric's Hollow without apparating or flying. Since the attack on the Longbottoms, wards had been set up around the house to prevent apparating.

Please don't let me be right about this...oh god, please let everything be alright...

Sirius changed gears and sped up again, flying over a speed bump and nearly hitting some more children in his way. He didn't care that he could loose control of his bike at this speed, nor did he care about anything else.

Sirius skidded hastily around another corner and pulled up on his back wheel, smoking his way up the road impatiently. He looked up at the sky, knowing he was only a few more blocks away. There was no Dark Mark, and this fact let him breath in relief.

If there's no mark, then why can I see smoke? He thought again, another rush of anxiety flooding his body.

Probably just some kids playing pranks. There's no need to worry... he reasoned.

He skidded around two more corners and braked hard at the top of the Potter's street.

And he stared.

His entire body had gone numb as he slowly rolled up the street, coming to a halt in front of the rubble that was once the magnificent house of his best friends.

For that was the only thing that could describe the once magnificent, well cared for house. Smoke was rising from the broken bricks and scattered pieces that built the house. Parts of the wooden framework will still standing, however black with ash. The garden was slowly burning with a low fire, exposing a trail of black in its wake as it moved slowly up towards the cracked pieces of plaster along the ground.

Sirius leapt off his bike and threw it aside onto the street. He clenched his jaw intensely as his eyes scanned the scene.

Is this a glamour? Is this some sick joke, made by the guys? He wondered. He walked up to the destruction, standing a meter away from the once front door and stretched his hand out. He moved it around; waiting for the shimmer in light that proved it was all just a hoax. A sick joke.

But his fingers touched nothing.

"No." he whispered, his lip trembling as he stumbled forward. He bent down on all fours and began crawling through the deluge, throwing bricks aside as he went. He was frantically throwing objects out of his way as his heartbeat sped up times ten.

He turned to the right and saw something familiar. A flash of red.

Sirius's hopes engulfed as he crawled hurriedly over, stumbling as he went. The red hair was splayed out from underneath a large portion of wall. Sirius tucked his hands up under the small gap and heaved it up with a cry of frustration. Eventually, he threw it backwards, exposing a very disheartened looking body.

"Oh God, Lily...' Sirius said, lifting her up softly. He held her lifeless body in his arms, searching her bloodied face for any sign of hope. "Lily? Oh god, please...no...' he whispered. He clenched his jaw and stuck two fingers just below her jaw, searching for a pulse.

He let out a sob of anguish as he felt nothing. Her skin was cold and there was a tinge of blue to her beautiful features. "No." he repeated. There seemed no other words. "Lily...' he wept, pressing his forehead against hers. He let out a small cry and looked around again.

"James?" he called. He waited a moment, before picking Lily's body up carefully and standing up. "James?" he called again. James wont be dead. No one can kill James...

Sirius walked over the rubble, careful not to hurt Lily's body in any way. He paused for a moment, smoother her hair out and continued his search.

Not James. He's fine. He's not...

Sirius blinked as a flicker of light invaded his eyed, just to the left of him. A feeling of excitement rushed over him and he climbed as fast as he could to where the light had come from. He stumbled, nearly dropping the woman in his arms...but composed himself and continued.

"James!" He cried, dropping hard to his knees next to the arm, poking out from a pile of bricks. Sirius gently laid Lily down at his side and began digging through the debris. It didn't take him long before James's upper torso was exposed, his cracked glasses hanging loosely on his expressionless face.

Sirius smiled and shook his head. "Stop pretending James, this is serious. We need to get Lily to a doctor." He said, poking James's chest.

Sirius's smile faltered, as there was no response. "James, come on." He said, pulling James up. Sirius went deadly serious as he looked down at his best friend. "Prongs?" he whispered, his voice shaking.

Sirius waited an eternity for James to simply smile and open his eyes, laugh at Sirius and tell him it was all just one of his jokes. That Remus and Peter were hiding somewhere, ready to take Lily to the doctor.

But it never came.

Sirius let out another angry cry as he stroked James's face. The feeling of grief building up inside him was just too intense to comprehend. It felt as if a part of his soul had been ripped directly from his chest. That everything he had ever though was good and happy had been crushed right in front of him. It was a feeling of sorrow so deep, that even one of the best poets could not describe.

Sirius let the tears fall freely down his cheek as he screwed his face up in pain, his hands still shaking James gently trying to gauge a response.

"Lily...James..." he said, looking at Lily, and then back at his soul mate in his arms. He closed his eyes and threw his head back.

"JAMES!" he roared into the night. He screamed until it felt his throat was about to rupture from the force of it. He screamed until every piece of grief, anguish and sorrow had been exhumed from his soul.


Hagrid plodded hastily down the street, his umbrella clutched at his side. His heavy footfalls echoed around the deadly silent street, creating an eerie feeling, even for the giant.

He jogged up the street and finally arrived at his destination, his eyes widening in horror as he took in the unbelievable sight in front of him. He slowly and cautiously stepped up onto the footpath, looking at three figures in the middle of the mass of singed materials.

"Sirius?" he asked, squinting into the darkness.

Sirius was sitting on a large arrangement of bricks, elbows resting on his knees and his head in his hands. It took him a moment to respond to Hagrid's call, and when he did finally look up, Hagrid could see his eyes were red from crying.

Sirius sniffed and wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve. When he spoke, it was deadly calm. "I...I put them together. They shouldn't get lonely."

Hagrid went to ask what he was on about, when he clapped eye on the bodies lying at Sirius's feet. James and Lily Potter were indeed laying together, Lily's hand on James's chest, with James's arm around her shoulders.

Hagrid let out a sob of shock and horror as he took a few more tentative steps towards them. "Holy Christ." He muttered. "I...I don' believe it." He muttered. He closed his eyes and bowed his head respectfully for a moment, before looking back at Sirius. "You alrigh'" he whispered, taking another step towards him.

Sirius continued to stare at the bodies before him. "They can't be alone." He said, nodding to himself. "They were always supposed to be together."

Hagrid sighed and ran a hand through his tangly hair. "Sirius, where's Harry?" he asked.

At this, Sirius did look up at Hagrid. "H-Harry?" he asked. As Hagrid nodded, Sirius suddenly felt another surge of determination run through him. My god, how could I have forgotten about my own fucking godson?

"I...Hagrid, I didn't think...' he said, standing up.

Hagrid nodded and tapped Sirius on the back. "Its alright Sirius. I'm not blamin' yer. I understand." He said softly.

Sirius took the opportunity and hugged Hagrid firmly, letting a few more silent tears fall. Hagrid sighed and rubbed his back soothingly, still looking around the rubble for any more signs of life.

Suddenly, his ears pricked up. "Hey. You hear that?" he said, tapping Sirius to get his attention.

Sirius pulled away instantly and listened in too. There was a moment silence, before what could be heard as a faint cry. "Harry!" Sirius shouted, looking around madly. He ran to the left and fell to his knees, pressing his ear to the ground in hopes of picking up the source. He crawled forward slightly, before looking down in front of him. "Hagrid, he's here!" he shouted. He grabbed the enormous slab of plaster with his hands and attempted to lift it.

"Step aside!" Hagrid said, stumbling over. Sirius did as he was told and let Hagrid throw the wall aside as if it were nothing. He watched as Hagrid reached into the hole and pluck out a very distressed, squirming baby.

"Harry!" Sirius cried, hardly daring to believe it. He looked at his godson on Hagrid's arms. "Holy hell." He muttered. There, on Harry's forehead was a large cut. Blood was trickling slowly from the wound, mixing with Harry's tears of pain.

"That's some cut." Hagrid breathed.

Sirius remained silent, licked his thumb and wiped the blood away with it. Harry let out a cry as Sirius's thumb passed over the cut on his forehead. "Sorry mate." He whispered, kissing Harry on the cheek.

Hagrid looked over his shoulder at the space that they had just pulled Harry from. "He must have gotten caught in a pocket of air or sommat. Explains why he wasn't crushed." He said.

Sirius laughed and poked Harry in the stomach. "Lucks no stranger to you my boy." He said. And then, the smile was wiped off his face as he looked over at the bodies that lay mere meters away from them. He sighed and felt his eyes welling up again. "I'm sorry mate.' He whispered. "I was too late." He said.

Hagrid gave him a curious look, before looking up into the sky. "How come there's no Dark Mark?" he wondered out loud.

Sirius tore his eyes away from Harry and looked up too. Indeed, the only thing that lay in the sky above them was stars. Sirius frowned as the Star Sirius winked down at him.

"You don't think...Harry...' Hagrid started, looking down at Harry in wonder.

Sirius shook his head and dusted his hands free of dirt. I don't want to think about Voldemort now. I deal with him later he thought loathingly. "Give him to me Hagrid." He said suddenly, trying to take Harry out of the giant's arms.

But Hagrid turned away from him slightly. "Er, I'm sorry Sirius but I cant." He said, looking regretful.

Sirius frowned. "What do you mean you cant? I'm his godfather. I'm meant to take care of him if...' he trailed off, once again throwing a painful glance at the bodies.

Hagrid sighed and let Sirius stroke Harry's hair. It seemed to have a calming effect on the distressed child. "I'm meant to take him to Dumbledore." Hagrid said slowly, as if afraid he would make Sirius explode. "Special orders."

Sirius looked up at him. "But...but I'm his Godfather. James said...Lily...'

"I know. But, I was sent to come an get 'im." Hagrid argued softly. He felt terrible putting Sirius through his. He had just lost his best friends, and now he was going to take away his Godson as well.

Sirius simply looked up at Hagrid with big, shining eyes for a moment. He clenched his jaw once again and looked down at Harry. He was hiccoughing slightly from crying so much.

"Ma?" he whispered, stroking Sirius's nose.

Sirius felt like he could just completely loose his resolve then and there. "No. M-Mummy's not here." He whispered, his lip shaking.

"Dada? Da...' Harry mumbled, snuggling into Hagrid's jacket.

Sirius leant forward and kissed Harry very softly on the tip of his nose. "I'll see you again soon Harry. I promise you that." He whispered. He looked up at Hagrid and nodded. "Ok then. You...you can take him now." He said, although if he were completely honest, he didnt want Hagrid going anywhere with his Godson.

Hagrid hitched his jacket slightly as Sirius stood back. "Yer comin?" he asked.

Sirius shook his head and looked back over at Lily and James. "No. I...I want to be here." He said.

Hagrid hesitated. "You know, I really don't think you should be alone at a time like this." He said. "You want me to get someone for you?"

Sirius simply continued to stare at Lily and James. "No. You take that baby somewhere safe." He said.

Hagrid seemed doubtful, but he also did not have the stones to disagree with Sirius in this current state. "I'd stay, but...'

"Its fine Hagrid. Go."

Hagrid sighed and nodded. "A crew will be here any minute to clean all this up. Er, that is...the house, I meant." He corrected, realizing he could have just offended him.

Sirius nodded, apparently not even caring. "Sure." He said flatly. He listened as Hagrid heavy footsteps started up, but suddenly whipped around. "Oh, Hagrid?" he called.

Hagrid stopped mid-step as Sirius came running up to him. He pulled something out of his pocket and placed it in his hand. "Take her. You'll get wherever your going faster." He said.

Hagrid looked down at the keys to Sirius's motorbike in his hand, feeling stunned. "Yer sure?" he asked.

Sirius nodded and slipped back into his daze. "Yeah. I won't be needing her anymore." He mumbled. He walked over to the bodies once more and dropped to his knees in front of them. The next few moments were a complete blur for him. He listened distantly as the roar of his motorbike filled the night air and took off into the sky with a bang. He was also sure that he heard a few people finally coming out of their homes to investigate what had happened.

It's my fault. My fault he thought over and over. If only I hadn't...they'd still be...oh god. Lily...James...

Sirius sniffed back and sighed. "Dumbledore insisted he go with Hagrid." He explained to their lifeless masses. "Maybe it's for the best, you know? Dumbledore will figure out what to do."

Sirius was vaguely aware of the large crowd gathering now, as movement behind him caught is attention. He looked out of the corner of his eye...and his eyes locked on a familiar person.

Rage such as nothing he had ever felt suddenly pumped through his veins as he stood up. "You." He snarled, his glare deadly.

Peter was looking down at the bodies beside Sirius with wide-eyes. It seemed as if he were completely horrified with the entire situation. He hadn't even noticed Sirius yet, but that didn't last long. His eyes traveled over the hateful man standing in front of him, his fists tight at his side and a deadly look in his eyes.

Peter felt a rush of fear at the expression and stumbled backwards, eager to get away. "Sirius...what..."

But he didn't even get to finish. Sirius was at him in three long, angry strides. He grabbed the front of his shirt in fury and shook him hard.

"YOU! Look what you've DONE!" he roared into Peter's face.

"S-Sirius, you don't understand...' Peter whimpered, helpless against Sirius's strength.

Sirius, blind beyond his loathing and grief simply ignored him and grabbed the back of his head. He turned him roughly around to make him face Lily and James, lying on the ground. "You look at what you've done. LOOK!" He screamed in Peter's ear. He brushed aside the fact that Peter was absolutely petrified and turned him around to face him again.

"How could you Peter? You're friends. James and Lily. Your FRIENDS! HOW COULD YOU?" he roared.

Peter could do nothing else but except the fury vibrating of his former friend to him. He wanted to make excuses, but Sirius was beyond reasoning.

"How could you? Peter, we trusted you. Look what you've done...' Sirius whispered, his face now streaming with tears. "You killed them. You sold them out. You...the spy...' He shoved Peter away from him, as if suddenly repulsed by him. "Tell me why Wormtail." He said, his voice strong and firm. "TELL ME WHY!" He roared when Peter said nothing.

Peter sighed and gathered himself up. He looked around at the surrounding crowd, suddenly getting an idea. A man was slowly making his way up to the pair, as if wondering if he should try and stop the fight that was coming.

"James and Lily, Sirius!" Peter yelled, so everyone could hear. "How could you do this Sirius?" he called again.

Sirius looked at him in confusion. "What? What are you talking about?" he growled.

Peter whipped his wand out and pointed it at Sirius. Sirius's eyes widened in realization and he too pulled his wand out, his grip on it vice-like. He had the urge to laugh at the balls Peter suddenly was showing.

"Are you going to kill me Peter?" he called, amusement evident in his voice.

Peter cast a quick glance around the surrounding crowd. Make it big. he thought. Make it one to remember. He drew himself up and screamed the first spell that came into his mind, followed by another one.

Sirius just had time to register what was happening, before the explosion sounded through the night like a bomb. He shut his eyes against the blinding light, only to find himself thrown off his feet with the force of another spell.

Sirius fell hard to the ground, surely cracking a rib as the impact on the street ricochet through his body. But despite it all, he could do nothing but laugh. A cheering charm? He though seriously, but his body was laughing like mad. What did he do?

Sirius sat up in pain and looked around, still laughing like a madman as he examined the scene. Bodies were lying everywhere. Screams filled the night as those tending to the bodies examined them, finding nothing left but death. There was a large crater in the space that Peter and Sirius had just stood and water was spaying up in the air from a busted pipe.

"No...' Sirius laughed, trying to stand up. "He's...he's gone!" he laughed again. He clutched his side, hoping the spell would ware off. He looked aorund the street madly, trying to find any sign of the traitor. But he was gone. Completely disappeared.

He cant have apparated...and theres no way anyone can run that fast. Sirius thought, giggling like mad. Unless he...the cunning little shit...

"Him! It was him who did it! I saw him! Blew the little guy up for exposing him!"

"I saw it too!"

"I did as well. He killed those people!"

Sirius looked around at the sound of a hysterical woman. He saw her, pointing him out to an Auror. Sirius tried to groan, but his laughing prevented such an action. A group of Aurors came running over, he took in deep breaths.

"They're dead." He giggled, pointing at Lily and James a distance away.

The Auror in charge turned to two wizards behind him and nodded. They ran over to the Potters and looked down at them, going as white as a sheet.

"Its true Boss. Potter and his Missus. They're...' he choked up, looking away in horror.

The boss looked at Sirius in revulsion. "Black, you..." he started.

Sirius burst out laughing again. "They're dead! Do something you idiot!" he cried. Find Peter. Find the betraying scum. Lock him up and...

Several Aurors suddenly grabbed Sirius from all angles, tackling him to the ground. Sirius let out a sigh, which was the closest to a grunt he could produce and looked around. "What are you doing?" he laughed. "Not me. Help them!"

The boss looked at Sirius with horror, but also a hint of pity. "Sirius Black, I'm afraid we will have to detain you until further notice. You're hearing will be set for a date and you will be presented before...'

"Let me go you fuckheads!" he screamed, laughing still. He struggled forcefully against the 5 large men holding him.

"Don't make me stun you Sirius." One said. Sirius looked at who had spoken and smiled.

"You wouldn't dare Harrison." He laughed at his former classmate.

"No, but I would.' said the boss, standing over him. "Stupefy!"

Sirius looked at the bodies of James and Lily once more, before his world went black.


Miles away, in a quiet street where nothing much interesting ever happened, a man appeared at the top of the road, his cloak lightly moved around with the wind and his long, silver beard glistened in the moonlight.

He sighed and began rummaging through his pockets.

Oh James. Lily, I hope you can forgive me for doing this he thought. But, I see no other option.

He pulled out what he had been looking for and slowly and carefully, put the street lights out with the object, placing the street in even more darkness than before.

He smiled, placed the object away and walked casually up the street towards Number Four, Privet Drive.

A/N – The end. Now, don't get offended by the strangeness of the ending, but it made total sense to me. You all know what happens from then on, so I don't need to explain it. The details of Allison and Remus's reaction, the funeral, etc, will all be explained in the next story. Thank you for reading and reviewing. Kisses to you all!