Zig-zag (that's me... I don't give my name out over the internet) ran screaming from Freddy Krueger who had escaped her dreams. "He is just a made up character! HOW CAN HE BE REAL?!" She screamed as ran inside a nearby house hoping she had finally lost the man in the Where's Waldo shirt. Her chest heaved as she desperately tried to catch her breath. Seeing the slaughter of her family had left the young girl shaken and confused. "He's not real... it's just a movie!" Zig-zag buried her head in her hands. When she looked up again a fear fell into the pit of her stomach. She had been here before.

Not really actually, physically there before. She recognized the house from one of the many movies she had watched with her father. Back then she had smiled and laughed at all the fake blood and ever growing better graphics... this was a house from one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. But which one?!?! Zig-zag felt a shiver go down her spin as she looked around her.

Suddenly she spun around and there on the bed listening to music and watching TV was a young Johnny Depp. "It's the first one!" Her mind screamed. She ran up to the young actor. "We have to get out of here!" She shirked at him.

Taken by surprise the boy jumped and ripped off his headphones. "Where did you come from!"

Zig-zag grabbed his arm and began to pull it. "No time! Freddy will be here! Get off the damn bed!" She yanked him off the bed just as Freddy came out from the ceiling. Zig-zag grabbed his wrist and pulled Johnny from the room. They ran into a never ending hallway. Zig-zag wasn't sure when she let go of his wrist but she suddenly found herself alone and in yet another house.

"I don't remember this house." Zig-zag thought as she descended the flight of stairs she was on. She didn't know how but she recognized the scene that was happing before her even though she knew she had never seen this movie.

A little light browned hair boy, as cute as could be, walked up to a women talking to a man. A light green glow radiating from his blue eyes. Gently the boy tugged on the dark haired women's sleeve. "Mommy I love you, but he wants you to die now." He says in the sweetest and cutest voice a little boy can do. He has this sad possessed look in his eyes when he suddenly grew a huge scorpion tail. Zig-zag felt frozen to the stop she was standing at as she watched the boy wrap his new tail around his, too calm, mother and pokes her with the point at the end of his tail.

As she is poked the mother looks down. "Ow. Not so hard." She tells him as she stops her conversation with her husband to scold the boy. Slowly the boy begins to drag his mother to the cellar which has a red, blood colored light flashing from it to kill her. "Oh, he wants to play. I'll be right back darling! Where did this tail come from?" She said finally noticing that her son now has a hideous tail.

Zig-zag could only stare at the shear lack of intelligence at the women. "If these people are that stupid they deserve to die..." She sighed as she climbed back up the stairs, to avoid going near the cellar where screams where radiating from, and out a window.

Zig-zag jumped to the ground where two men in white coats where waiting for her. "Zig-zag time for your appointment." Suddenly the world seemed to spin and Zig-zag found herself inside some sort of mental hospital. "Now Zig- zag, do you know why you've been having trouble sleeping?"

Fearing they would think her crazy, Zig-zag kept her mouth tightly shut. The doctor sighed and called in two nurses. They came in and gave Zig-zag a shot. Zig-zag didn't know what the shot did but suddenly she couldn't keep her mouth shut. "There is this maniac running around with knives for fingers on one hand. He comes in my dreams because these people killed him awhile ago. So now I'm trying to kill the dead man who has gotten out of my dreams, but still has his powers, so he is killing all these people. That's why I'm having trouble sleeping. Oh! And some kid just grew a really big, ugly tail and just killed his mom." One of the nurses, to Zig-zag's surprised, seemed to believe her. The other one was too busy putting Zig- zag in a straight jacket.

Suddenly Freddy came through the wall busting it down into a million pieces and killed the nurse who was too busy tying the straight jacket to defend herself. Zig-zag ducked under the attack and pushed the "believer" out of the way. Quickly the nurse released Zig-zag from the straight jacket Together they took off at a run from Freddy who pursed them while laughing at their plight.

"What's your plan?!" The nurse asked Zig-zag.

"I don't know! Do you have any idea of how to kill someone who's already dead?!" Zig-zag shrieked back.

"Well you don't have to be so rude!" The nurse and Zig-zag went their separate ways after that. Freddy continued to chase after Zig-zag when she felt her body change.