Zig-zag found that she had run to a mental hospital/zoo (A/N: Remember... THIS IS A DREAM!) "What's with all the mental hospitals!" She screamed out her frustration, but the voice wasn't her's. In fact it wasn't even a girl's voice. She had transformed into Yami Yugi. Yami (once Zig-zag) slowed his pace when he realized that Freddy was no longer chasing him.

Yami looked over all the animals. He didn't recognize a single one. "What is this place?" Yami whispered as he looked at an animal that could have been called a bear or some type of fat horse. The animal suddenly stood up and grew long claws on one paw... foot... whatever. It then turned into Freddy right before Yami's eyes. Yami let out a classic gasp before yelling to Freddy. "I will not let you hurt anymore people!" Freddy just laugh and took off his hand with the claws. After shaking his severed hand around for a moment he threw it and it landed at Yami's feet.

Confused Yami stared blankly at the hand at his feet when it suddenly rose up and smaked him on the forehead. Yami took a couple staggering steps backwards from the sudden blow and found himself falling off a cliff. "No! I can't die like this!" Yami's mind screamed as he fell backwards.

Yami didn't die; he hit an elevator that was going up. Yami gasped as his breath was suddenly taken away from him. The elevator wasn't held by anything and Yami wondered for a moment how it was moving, although he was mostly just glad it had saved his life. The door on the side slid open and Yami nimbly jumped inside, however he landed... not quite so gracefully. He fell onto his back and looked up at the faces that stared back at him. The faces belonged to the blonde headed Joey, his brown haired sister Serenity, the Dungeon Dice Monster champ and black haired boy Duke, Tea and Tristan the other brown heads of the group. (A/N: I hope I spelt all the names right!!!!!) Seeing his friends Yugi took control of the body. "Hi guys!"

"What's up Yuge?" Joey asked as he helped his friend to his feet.

"Freddy's chasing me." Yugi answered in a happy, perky voice.

"Who's that?" Tea asked a look of utter confusion written on her face.

"He's this dream guy who kills people. He has a big claw." They all gave Yugi a funny look.

"We'll help you." Duke said calmly.

"But he might get you too!" Yugi yelled concern raising in his voice.

"Ah! Don't worry Yuge! We're your friends! We'll help you!" Joey said with a wave of his hand.

"Thanks guys!" Tea leaned against the side of the elevator. "With our team work we'll beat him for sure!" As if to mock Tea, Freddy's claw suddenly came through the wall of the elevator and through Tea.

"TEA!" Yugi scream, his voice started off as his own and changed it Yami's voice as they switch control of the body.

The elevator's door opened and everyone ran out. (A/N: Tea's body had somehow vanished) Yami stopped and looked at Freddy who was standing on top of the elevator doing some type of weird dance. He stopped his dance and returned Yami's stare with a smile. How he loved to piss Yami off.

Yami turned and ran to catch up with his friends. When Yugi had caught up he found that Serenity was missing. Yami was about to ask Joey where his sister was but when he saw that look on Joey's face Yami knew she was no longer in this world. Overcome with the thought of another lost friend Yami and Yugi changed bodies again and continued to run.

It seemed like they ran for hours when Yugi, in the classic running from the bad guy move, tripped falling to his face. His friends continued to run unaware of their friend's plight.

From behind him Yugi heard Freddy laughing and he turned to face him. The psycho killer loomed over Yugi his blades raised. Quickly Yami took control of Yugi's body and stood up fearless. "Krueger! I won't let you kill anymore!" Yugi looked around him and found they had made their way back to the mental hospital/zoo. (A/N: Again... this is a DREAM!)

Freddy let out a screaming laugh as he tried to slice Yami with his claw and just missed. The metal made an eerie sound as it slid across the Millennium Puzzle. Knowing he couldn't win in a fight against Freddy unarmed Yugi turned and fled until he could think up another plan. He was hiding behind one of the cages when Joey, Tristen, and Duke walked up beside him.

"You okay Yuig?" Duke asked.

"Yes, I'm fine." Yami answered as he watched the people looking into the other cages, he needed a plan to stop Freddy. As he was thinking a strange thought popped into his head. "I wonder if these animals are friendly?" His question was answered as a huge bear claw reached out and grabbed Joey. The head looked something close to a male loin. As Tristan, Duke, and Yami tried desperately to free their friend the loin/bear bit down on Joey's neck instantly ending his life.

"Joey!" Yami cried out in anger and grief. Suddenly everything seemed to disappear and Yami found himself alone with Freddy once again. "I will stop you!" Yami yelled as Freddy began to laugh louder.

"Oh really?" Freddy held up a lifeless Duke. "Well you're doing a great job so far!" Yami let out a yell at seeing yet another one of his friends dead and leaped at Freddy with a sword that had suddenly appeared in his hand. Freddy laughed and threw Duke's soulless body at Yami knocking him to the ground.

Freddy ran up to the spot Yami had fallen and jammed his claw right next to Yami's cheek. He leaned closer to Yami and laughed in his face, his breath reeking of rotten, burned flesh. Yami maneuvered himself out from under Freddy and looked for his dropped sword. Freddy began to attack Yami as he looked for his weapon. Yami found it laying on the ground and dove for it. Grabbing his blade and standing up Yami heard Tristan suddenly yell out in pain. "TRISTAN!" Yami yelled as he turned just as Freddy was pulling Tristan off his arm.

Yami held back his tears. "Freddy. You will pay dearly for all of my friends." The sword in Yami's hand began to glow and Freddy yelled. As he moved toward Freddy Yami spoke. "All of those you have killed! All of those you have manipulated! Everyone one you hurt! WILL BE REVENGED!" With that Yami brought down the brightly glowing sword and pierced Freddy where his heart would have been. Freddy shrieked out in pain his body filled with a blinding light until he exploded into nothingness. Yami fell to his knees sighing heavily. "Freddy is gone, but so is everyone else." He shook his head.

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