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Synopsis: When Kaoru loses everything, she turns to the Hiten Mitsurugi Incorporated and asks to be taken in. Little did she know that she would lose all that she was before and become nothing more than an object, a possession.



Chapter 1 : Happy Birthday

Kamiya Kaoru had firmly made up her mind for the tenth time that day. There was no other way than this. The company that had belonged to Kaoru's father had been having trouble and ended up going bankrupt. The devastation from the loss led to her father becoming critically ill and later on, his death. Because of this, her mother had become mentally ill and had to be sent to a mental hospital. When her father, who was the sole support of the family passed away and her mother went insane, Kaoru couldn't get her act together from the sadness that was brought forth to her. But at the same time, the young woman didn't want to breakdown and cry. She had to find some way to move on. It would have been something that her father would have wanted for her.

Kaoru raised her head and looked at the tall skyscraper that stood aloft in front of her. It was an extravagant building and it was so high that it seemed that the top reached above the clouds themselves. It made a person feel like an ant in comparison to its huge size. She gathered her nerves and took a deep breath as she took a step inside.

Hiten Mitsurugi Incorporated.

HMI was one of the most famous business groups in the country and it had grown exponentially over the past few years. It had wiped out most of the other smaller competitors. Standing inside the bustling building made Kaoru feel insignificant. But when she thought of her mother, she tightened her fist and continued walking. She could do this. She needed to this.

She took the elevator to the top floor and got off. Her heartbeat quickened so much so that she was afraid that her heart would burst from all the stress. Kaoru walked down the carpeted hall and entered through two large oak doors with gold ornaments lavished around it.

"How did you get in here?" a piercing voice ordered.

Kaoru jumped a bit out of surprise and fright when she heard the unwelcome voice. She looked at the thirty-something year old secretary and bowed down politely.

"My name is Kamiya Kaoru . . and . . and I want to see the CEO of this company."

The secretary snickered as she tilted her spectacles higher with her forefinger. Her gray eyes narrowed with a sort of haughtiness.

"You . . you want to see the CEO?" she said while looking at the girl with absurdity. She bit back another snicker. "Did you even make an appointment?"

Kaoru shook her head. "No . . I have –"

The woman looked away from Kaoru and began to tend to other business. "Well, then . . the CEO has other plans and has no time to see you. Why don't you go back?" She waved her hand towards the door almost as if she were shooing a fly away.

Kaoru started to feel a clinging desperateness welling in the pits of her stomach. She had to see him! She had come so far already. "Please! I have to see him right now!!!"

The secretary looked up at the girl sharply. "I told you! The CEO does not have time to see you!!" Her tone started to become higher and she was becoming annoyed with the girl.

"Alright. Ah, what would you like for your birthday present, baka deshi? It's only two days away," a muscular, dark-haired man in a business suit said as he looked at his son.

"Birthday present?" the red-haired boy questioned with a smirk. He looked up at his father, the CEO of Hiten Mitsurugi Incorporated, Hiko Seijuro. Right at that moment, there was a big commotion outside of the room and the door was suddenly thrown open with a large bang. Hiko and the boy's head instantly shot towards the entrance.

"Hey! Get back in here! I told you that you can't!!!" the secretary screamed as she rushed towards another younger lady.

"What is going on here?" the CEO boomed in his thunderous voice as he saw the commotion going on around him.

The secretary instantly stopped in her tracks as she looked at her boss. Her face had turned pale as she tried to stutter an answer from her trembling lips. "It's . . sir . . it's"

The young girl who had rushed in instantly bowed low towards the man. "I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry that I have caused a commotion. The reason I have come here is . ."

"Hey you! Get out!" A few large men wearing black suits and black sunglasses rushed into the room and grabbed hold of Kaoru's arms. They tried to pull her out of the room, but had trouble because the girl refused to cooperate.

"Wait," Hiko ordered as he looked at the pitiful sight. It must have been important if the girl had the nerves and wits to come all the way to see him.

At the boss's orders, the men moved back. The CEO then fixed his eyes on the young woman. Her eyes were covered by her long raven-black hair. The man was surprised to see that they held so much sorrow and pain within them. Her stiff face was circling with nervousness and her hands and knees were slightly trembling as she was put on the spot. Kaoru's body sunk down to the floor and she bent down on her knees. Everyone who was around was shocked at her actions.

"Take me in . . . I'll do anything. Please," she choked out as tears rushed forth. "I'm . . I'm begging you."

"What are you talking about?" Hiko asked with a tight-lipped frown.

The girl looked up and her blue eyes glistened with tears. She took a deep breath and mustered up as much courage as she could when she continued. "My . . my name is Kamiya Kaoru, the daughter of Kamiya Koshijirou."

Hiko nodded. He understood what was going on now. "Kamiya? I see . . the company that went bankrupt, am I not mistaken? It is very unfortunate and I'm sorry to hear that. It was a small business that had been growing. So what are you here for now? You don't suppose that I would take you in instead of the debt do you?" he asked as he looked down at her with a serious visage.

Kaoru bit her lips as she began to feel her cheeks become hot with embarrassment.

Hiko frowned. "Do you know how much that debt is? Do you think that you are worth that much? You're very bold. Fine. If I do take you in, how will that benefit me?"

The girl clenched her hands in determination as she looked up at him. "I . . I will do anything. I'll do my best," she said in a firm and even tone.

"Anything?" Hiko questioned unconvinced. "I don't think you're the type that would do anything. Anyway, I'm sorry that you had to face this kind of burden at such a young age, but there is nothing that I can do for you right now. What you're doing right now is reckless."

"Hiko-san!," she cried out with force. "I will not let you down! Please . ."

"Stop! I'm not the kind of person that has time to deal with these things! I have been generous enough to have listened to you until now. Please leave," he said as he turned around without giving her another glance. He gestured to the other men at the sides.

Fresh tears began to stream down the young girl's face as she felt rough hands grab onto her shoulders and arms. "Hiko-san!!!" she cried out once more. Kaoru quickly squirmed from out of the men's grasp and grabbed onto the CEO. The security officers quickly ran over and harshly pulled her off.

"Let go of him, girl!" one man said in a vehement tone.

"Hiko-san! Please think about it one more time," she choked out.

Kaoru tried to struggle loose from the men that were pulling her away, but to no avail.

I can't leave this like, she screamed in her head. I had come so far. It had taken me so long just to gather up my nerves to come here. I can't . . I can't . . Please. She looked back sadly at the man who owned the company. Please . . think about it one more time.

"Hiko-san!," she continued to cry out as she was being dragged away. "Hiko-san!! Please!!"

After a few minutes, the shouting had finally drowned out and Hiko looked at his secretary with disdain. "If something like this happens again be ready to hand in your resignation, Miss Kei!"

"Yes . .yes sir."

"You can go now!" he said as he spat out his words angrily.

As he heard the door close, Hiko commented under his breath. "What a reckless young lady!"

Meanwhile, a young man stood by his father's side with a smug look on his face. Himura Kenshin could not wipe off the smile on his lips since the moment he had seen the girl named Kamiya Kaoru. She had done something reckless just like his father had said. How could the girl ask his father to take her in? That was absurd. Ridiculous! But for some reason or another, Kaoru's actions had made an imprint in his mind. Those tearful blue eyes that were hidden behind her long hair and her tightly shut lips that were trying to swallow back those tears.

All of that . . all of that triggered Kenshin's curiosity.

Kamiya Kaoru, eh?, he thought to himself. As Kenshin thought about the girl, a thought passed through his mind. Kenshin smiled complacently and looked over at his father. This would be perfect.

"Father, didn't you say something about a birthday present awhile ago?"






- To be continued

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