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Last chapter: Both Ayame and Shigure took a step back. "Tohru?"

"Hehe" She nodded and removed her sunglasses. Yes it was her. "I am so sorry I didn't say anything. I was really surprised and wasn't sure ifif it was you."

The two of them seemed to remember they were teenagers again. "Oh, yes well, I guess we have some explaining to do."


"She must be sunned with our fabulous good looks, hahaha!"

Hatori just looked at Ayame and then turned back to Tohru.

"Excuse him, he's being even more narcissistic since he's transformed."

"Oh? Hehe" Tohru said unsurely. It seemed like he was always like that.

"We should explain what happened, and you can tell us about your new haircut and wardrobe. At any rate, do you want to get something to eat? I know a great place where we can talk."

"Sure!" Tohru said happily. She was still very confused and unsure, but even if they no longer looked like they did before, they still had their zainy personalities.

'She really is cute when she smiles. It is amazing the way she makes me feel at peace and yet so full of life. Hmm, I may have fallen into the same trap as Yuki and Kyo.' Shigure reached out his hand to the girl. "This way."

Hatori looked at her and to Shigure then away quickly. To bad for him, Ayame caught that. He looked over from Hatori to Tohru to Shigure.

"Oohh" He said to himself nodding. He could see where this would one day go. It would be interesting to see how it progressed.

Tohru had grabbed Shigure's hand smiling, "So where are we going?"

A few minutes later, they were sitting at a small restaurant. There were dark curtains everywhere.

"Solet me get this straight, you-you aren't curse anymore?"

"Nope!" Shigure said smiling. "And that means I can do this" He said with a twinkle in his eye and he stretched out his arm rapping it around the girl pulling him close to his body. She turned bright red, but she couldn't help this small feeling of enjoyment. Shigure was so warm and it felt strange to say but she felt safe in his arms.


"Yes, Tohru? Oh, I see you don't want me to hug you" He said letting go. "I understand! You don't like the new me, do you?"

"N-No! You look great, I love it, well that doesn't mean that I didn't like you before, what I mean is-" Shigure leaned down and kissed her forehead for a second which stopped her mid-sentence.

"Don't worry about it." He said with a smile. Had he actually done that?

"Why Shi-chan, I am so jealous."

"Don't worry Aya, you'll get your turn tonight." He said winking at his friend.


Tohru suddenly noticed an intense look on Hatori's face. He was looking to his left; nothing in particular was there. He was probably thinking. But there was something about his expression she couldn't place.

"What about the main house, though? Won't you be missed."

"They think we're on vacation." Hatori piped in. "It should be fine."

"Ohwell that is good."

Hatori went back to staring at the wall. What was on his mind? He had been so happy when she had seen him before and now he was as he had been before.

"So, we'll being staying with you for now."

"Oh, wow, that will be great!" Tohru said with excitement.

Dinner passed in a mix of jokes and stories. Never had Tohru felt so close to them, or so attracted to them, either. Of course she had been attracted to him for a while now, but now she felt herself being pulled towards the other two as well. There was just something different about them than other people, not the fact they were cursed though, or at least had been cursed. Yuki and Kyo didn't have it, what ever it was. And trying to find out what she was even talking about was just confusing her more.

It was close to midnight before they returned home.


"Tohru, call me Aya, I'm not your senior anymore. And that goes for Shi-chan and Ha-chan."

"H-Hai, okay, Aya-chan, you can sleep in Yuki's bedroom. H-"

"Go on." Aya urged.

"Ha-chan, you can sleep in Kyo's room, if that's alright."

"That will do nicely." He said smiling. She really had to ask him about his mood swings.

"And I can sleep in Tohru's room!" Shi-chan said happily.


"If anyone is spending a night with the beautiful Tohru it is I, Shi-chan, tonight we'll make dreams a reality." Aya said seductively to Tohru.


"Leave her alone you two. It has been a big day for all of us, let's just go to bed."

"I think he is just jealous" Shigure muttered. Ayame didn't say anything. The two began to walk upstairs leaving Tohru and Hatori in the living room.

"Are you sure that it is alright we stay here?"

"Of course!" Tohru said smiling. "And I am so happy for you. You must be so excited to be finally free of the curse."

Suddenly his eyes met hers, and she could feel her pulse race, her breath seemed to stop. There was something in his eyes she had never noticed before.


Suddenly he turned and started walking upstairs.

"Sweet dreams, Tohru."

"H-Hai" She said before turning bright red. Was he about to? Did she almost? "I definitely need some sleep." She said out loud as she started her way up the staircase.


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