italics are thought while /italics/ wrapped in slashes are flashbacks (Bloody HTML).

...On this soul, Cast a cold eye on night and day All that are living pass by...

Telemachus couldn't help the shudders that passed through his body as he looked down at the now dead Louisa, gently resting her head down on the ground. Hearing the growls behind him, he consciously pushed away his pain, letting his instincts take control of him as he got up, grasped his force lance and turned around to face his enemy. As he took on the first three magog that came through the door, a fleeting thought passed through his mind.

I'm going to die here.

He looked around the room, and his thought was confirmed when he saw the growing number of magog swarming in. At that moment however, he couldn't find it in himself to truly care. He fought simply because his nature demanded a fight for survival but that was as far as he went. He felt the beasts getting hits in but just continued to fight.

I'll do this for as long as I can, then I'll die a warrior's death.

He didn't know how many minutes had passed, to him it felt like hours, when suddenly his eyes were blinded by a bright light. He heard the few magog that were left in the room howl in pain but couldn't look to see what had happened. He thought he heard Trance's peaceful voice before he felt the floor hit him just seconds seconds after which darkness took hold of him.

Harper had thought his goose was well and truly cooked when that magog warrior had caught him. But before anything seriously bad could happen, an odd light had made it's way inside the large engineering room. The next thing he knew he was free and all the magog around were dead. Breathing a sigh of relief, he reached for his communicator.

"Dylan, are you there?" All that he could hear was static. "Trance, can you hear me?" "Come on, somebody answer." he mumbled to himself. He decided to try once more before going out to search for any survivors. "Rhade, big guy, you there?" Still no answer. He decided that his first stop would be the Marlow's office, since that had been where he had told Rhade to go. Walking through the halls of Arcology, Harper couldn't help but despair at those who had died that night. As he saw the rising number of dead, panic rose within him, fear of what he would find and the potential loneliness that could result. He didn't want to find his friends dead. He kept repeating to himself that the Maru wasn't destroyed, that he wasn't able to get anyone on coms which probably meant that they were malfunctioning. At least that was what he hoped had happened. Desperately.
His steps sped up and he went into an outright run as he neared Marlow's office where they had all last met. Seeing the doorway up ahead as well as many dead Magog lying all around it, he couldn't help but feel his hopes rise. Rhade, and Louisa he reminded himself, had to be alive. Reminded of the female pilot, Harper felt a smile come to his lips, thinking of Telemachus' reaction to her when they had all first seen her. That smile suddenly turned to a frown when he came upon the office. No one was standing. Seeing the Nietzschean slumped against the steps, he hurried to his side, hoping for some good news.
"Rhade?" He was breathing. That was some good news, at least.
"Louisa?" Rhade mumbled as he tried to blink his eyes, despite the blood crusting one side of his face, seemingly gluing the left eye shut.
"No, it's Harper. Where is she?" Telemachus didn't say anything, simply tilting his head slightly to his left. Harper followed his line of sight to his hand which he suddenly realised was resting on a pale blue outfited shoulder. "Oh, man." Harper felt pity for the man in front of him. On the Andromeda, Telemachus Rhade, former Admiral of the Tarazed High-Guard Fleet and genetic copy of the ship's XO, Commander Gaheris Rhade, hadn't been very easily nor well received. For one thing, there had been the whole 'copy of Gaheris Rhade, man who betrayed his best friend as well as the Commonwealth' working against him. He had had to work extra hard to gain the senior crew's trust. On top of which he had been replacing Tyr Anasazi, yet another Nietzschean who had betrayed, this time not only the captain, Dylan Hunt, but the first officer, Beka Valentine as well. Not to mention, of course, the rest of the crew. Trust had been gained of course but Harper thought that Telemachus had always seen himself as somewhat of an outsider to the group. Then along had come Louisa. The female Nietszchean, in his opinion, had been the perfect match for Rhade. She was a pilot so she had a pretty equal standing with the guy in that aspect. They were both Nietszchean, another good thing since Rhade had been a loner on the ship in that way. At the same time, Louisa had provided a contrast to Rhade by belonging to Arcology, a place where there was no competition in the Nietszchean sense. Harper found that the man, in the brief time that he had seen him with Louisa, had lightened up, had smiled more frequently and had pretty much found a breath of fresh air for his life. But now, that life breathed no more and Harper couldn't help but feel grief for his friend whose possible soul mate was lying next to him, dead.

/Rhade looked down at the woman lying in his arms. He wished that both the place and the situation were different. Despite that, it suddenly dawned on him that this was the first time finding a mate had become something more than procreation and geneology. This time, emotions were more important to him. And despite the mental confusion, he found himself liking the feeling. And despite the circumstances, or perhaps because of it, he let his mind take a backseat. "Love you." Then he watched, his face burning at the strain of holding back tears, as she smiled one last time, before finally exhaling for the last time. He ignored the tears that fell./

"Oh, man, they did a number on ya." Harper mumbled to himself as he ran his hands over the Nietzschean, looking for injuries. When the man suddenly jerked awake, Harper pulled back. Good thing, since Rhade had, instinctively brought up his fore-arms, baring his boneblades in defence. "Whoa big guy, it's me. It's me." Slowly, recognition entered Telemachus' gaze as he stared at Harper then took in his surroundings. A moment later, he sagged down all fight leaving his body.
"Louisa?" Harper didn't want to do this. He hated bad news, and despised giving it.
"I am so sorry." For once in quite a long time, Harper's tone and words didn't have a drop of mirth in them. He watched as Rhade looked at the body for a long moment, then turned away, shutting his eyes. As he did, Harper was able to catch a glimpse of the man's now emotionless, flat eyes. Before he could say or do anything else though, a very welcome sound greeted him. Beka's voice.

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