I didn't really expect a straight answer from Trance. She had almost never given one before expect perhaps to Dylan. She didn't really need to answer anyway. Her reaction was enough to confirm what I had deducted. It certainly explained her uncanny ability to come up with answers from out of the blue.

He knew that he didn't know the entire truth about her origins. But it wasn't important.

She had known.

If not every detail, then certainly enough to have prevented a whole lot of needless bloodshed. For a moment he wondered if Dylan had known.

"You knew what would happen didn't you? All these flashes I'm getting, they're your doing aren't they?" I barely let her get a word in edgewise but I couldn't help but feel the grief and sorrow of Louisa's death all over again. I couldn't help it. I blamed Trance for it all.

Ignoring her protestations, I got up, disconnected the sensors and stalked out of the med bay. Before I knew it, I was in the gym, taking out my anger on a punching bag. I don't know how long I kept at it. I ignored the sweat running into my eyes and I ignored the fact that what clouded my vision was not sweat, but tears.


I would have preferred to do this alone.

By nature, Rhade isn't one of the most open people. Whenever he does show emotion, it is usually anger or something completely Nietszchean. So it stands to reason that when Andromeda notified me of his current state, I would have much preferred it, both for me and for him, if Harper had not been standing right next me.

Fortunately, or should I say miraculously, Harper did not make any derogatory comments as we hurried through the hallways towards the excercise room.

"What do you think set him off?" I knew it wouldn't last.

"I don't know Harper." I growled. I really didn't want him with me when I went in to see our Nietszchean crew mate. We were just outside our destination so I motioned Harper to wait out there and went right inside. At first the place sounded silent. It took only a few moments before I heard the soft wheezes coming from behind one of the workout machines next to the punching bag. Worried I rushed over to Rhade, who was sitting on the ground, soaked in sweat, He was taking shallow breaths, coughing ever so often. When he noticed me, he looked up without moving.

"So they sent the nanny after me huh?" I winced at his sarcastic tone.

"We need to get you to the med bay Rhade. I think you may have done some damage to your lung. Again."

"You think so huh?" His face turned red with the cough that followed. It lasted too long for my liking and I was even less conviced that he was alright when his hand came away stained red. This time, determined, I put a hand under his arm to help him up. I was not going to watch him bleed again.

The first time was bad enough.

"Harper!!" I called out, hoping the younger man could hear me.

He poked his head through the door, looking unsure of his welcome.

"Get over here!"

"I can walk." Rhade objected, his voice somewhat weak, and most definitely raspy. And he held true to his claim. For a few steps; then the coughs started again.

"God damnit Rhade, we've got enough problems as it is." I couldn't help but feel anger towards him and his behavior. With Dylan gone and Rommie in pieces, we need as many people as we could get. And Rhade, with his strength (or what had been his strength, I guess), was one of the more essential members of our group. I may have been acting Captain in Dylan's abcense many times before but Rhade had been an Admiral for the military of an entire planet.

Occupied by my thoughts, it took me a moment to realise that we had arrived at the med bay. In my opinion, Rhade had been a patient here, too many times in the past week.

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