Vampire Love

By sorrow angel

Pairings: Draco/Harry

A/N: This is the very first fic that I'm writing, so go easy on me.

Harry woke up when the first ray of sunlight entered his room. He stretched before going to the bathroom to wash up. He had bought an apartment in Diagon Alley at the end of fifth year, after the defeat of Voldemort. Harry was more than happy to move out of the Dursleys, well, who wouldn't?

Just as Harry stepped out of the bathroom, Hedwig was seen on his table with two letters in her beak. He expected them to be from Ron and Hermione.

"Hi, girl." Harry smiled as he stroked Hedwig's neck before letting her nip his finger in affection. He opened and began reading the first letter.

Dear Harry,

I heard that you are no longer living with your relatives. It's good to hear that, since you weren't treated well there. But it's still not safe for you to live alone, although the You-Know-Who is gone. Did you ask Professor Dumbledore if you could be put at somewhere where you will be protected? I bet you didn't, so I'll be asking him the moment we return to Hogwarts.

Visit me whenever you can during these two weeks before the holidays are over. See you in school.



Harry shook his head, smiling. He should have expected this from Hermione. She was always worried about is safety and acted like a mother hen around him. He opened the second letter and read.

Hey Harry,

Heard that you have moved out and is living alone. Good for you. Those muggles are bloody horrible! Fred and George were cheering for you when they heard the news. As for mum, she totally freaked out, cursing Dumbledore for letting you stay alone, unprotected, although You-Know-Who is gone. I don't see the problem.

Anyway, the Joke-shop is really doing great, thanks to the money you gave Fred and George. When mum found out about the incident, she freaked out again. She's been freaking out lately, I don't know why.

Find some time to visit us, or else mum would go house by house in Diagon Alley, searching for you to check if you're fine.

Your friend,


Harry made a metal note to visit the Weasleys before the whole Diagon Alley was torn apart. He changed his clothes and left his apartment. As Harry was walking, he ignored the stares he got from people. He didn't understand why he was being stared at like some trophy. True, he had grown quite a lot. He was now probably the same height as Ron, his hair had grown to the touch the base of his neck, he was more muscular and he was no longer wearing glasses, as he had his eyes healed at Diagon Alley for five Galleons.

The raven-hair boy picked up his pace as he was getting uncomfortable and went to the bookshop. He had started to enjoy reading, but not as much as Hermione. He was looking through the books when one caught his eye, 'The History of Magical Creatures'. Harry tried to reach for the book as it was placed on the highest shelf but his fingers could only brush against it.

Damn it! Why does it have to be placed on the top shelf? Can't they put it lower? Harry thought as he continued to reach for the book.

While Harry was having a hard time, the rest who were in the bookshop were having a great time watching. The white shirt which Harry was wearing had slit up, exposing the flesh underneath it. Some sighs could be heard but he chose to ignore it.

Just as people were admiring the view before them, a figure went up to the emerald-eyed boy, blocking the view where it was exposed, causing some 'aww' to be heard and took the book which Harry was trying to reach.

Harry was surprised to see another hand taking the book he wanted. He turned and saw someone he did not really wish to see.


"I see you've decided to take up reading, Potter." Draco said with his usual arrogant smirk on his face.

Emerald eyes narrowed as Harry resisted the urge to use his wand. "Shut up, Malfoy. Give me the book if you're not planning to buy."

"But I am planning to buy it. What are you going to do about it? Stun me?" An eyebrow rose at that question.

Harry decided to leave before he listened to Malfoy's suggestion to stun him. He stomped out of the bookshop and slammed the door as he left. Draco watched as Harry left the bookshop with a slight pain in his chest as he remembered the look he had received earlier. He had been in the bookshop when he smelled the sweet scent of blood, which caught his attention.

He turned just in time to see Harry reaching for a book at the top shelf. He had to resist the desire to run his hands along the smooth flesh that had been exposed and to sink his fangs into the pale soft neck.

Yes. He Draco, the heir to the Malfoy family was a vampire. He had been told at a young age that he was to find his mate that would provide blood for his survival. And he had found his mate, the day he was at the Robe-shop. He had been trying out for his school robe with he noticed the person who entered the shop. Who else? Harry Potter.

He didn't know how he knew that Harry was his mate, perhaps it was his vampire instincts that told him that. All that was in his mind was that how beautiful his mate was, how wonderful it would be to sink his fangs into the soft skin and so on...

He had wanted to rip the people who were drooling over his mate but thought better of it.

Draco shook his head to get rid of the thoughts of Harry. He looked at the book in his hand and went to pay for it. This would defiantly be a good birthday gift for Harry.

Harry slumped onto his bed the moment he reached his bedroom. He was pissed at Malfoy for not only irritating him, but also for taking the book he wanted. He couldn't help it if Malfoy was taller than him.

He had also grown quite a lot. He looked so much better now that his hair was no longer gelled up. His eyes had also turned slightly silver from grey...

Harry blinked at that thought. When had he started noticing the slightest change of his enemy? Malfoy is not good looking. Malfoy is not good looking. He kept chanting in his mind until he finally gave up and decided to write back to Ron, telling him that he would be visiting them soon.

Harry adjusted his cloak and took some floo powder out from a small pouch. He moved to step into the fireplace and took a deep breath.

"The Burrow!" With that, Harry disappeared with the green flames surrounding him.

"Good to" Ron greeted, but stopped as Harry stepped out of the fireplace. Harry looked around to see everyone staring at him, including Hermione who was there. Arthur was busy at the Ministry.


Mrs Weasley was the first to snap out of it. "Nothing, Harry. It's just that you look a lot more handsome." She replied with a smile.

Harry blushed at that comment. "Thanks." With that, everyone snapped out of their trance.

"Wow, Harry. You have defiantly changed a lot during the holidays. Oh, of course you would, without those muggles around." Ron said as he took the cloak from Harry.

Hermione said nothing, since she was busy staring at her friend. /Oh my god! Look at his ass...Harry wore the right clothes to show his figure...and he look so much more handsome without his glasses!/

"Um...Hermione?" Harry was getting uncomfortable with her staring.

"Oh, sorry. Here's you present. Happy birthday Harry."


He took the gift from Hermione, just as the twins came up to him.

"Here's your-"

"-gift, Harry and-"

"-you look-"

"very great."

Fred and George started. Harry went to sit at the table as Mrs Weasley put the food in front of him.

"Did anything happen during your stay at Diagon Alley?" Ron asked as he took his seat beside him. Hermione was sitting next to Ron. The twins and Ginny, who was still blushing sat opposite them, while Mrs Weasley at the end.

"No, but I met Malfoy at the bookshop a few days ago."

"You must be really having bad luck to see Malfoy during the holidays." Ron frowned at the thought of Malfoy.

"Not really. Except that he took a book that I wanted." Harry looked to Ginny who blushed even harder when she was caught staring. The twins sniggered at it.

"What book was that Harry?" Hermione was interested when it came to any books.

"The History of Magical Creatures." The raven-haired boy smiled at Hermione's enthusiasm.

Hermione's eyes widen at the title of the book. "That's a really rare book, Harry! You're so lucky to have seen one!"

"I guess." Harry turned his gaze to outside the window and saw Hedwig flying towards the house. She landed at the window still and stretched out her leg for Harry to take the parcel off. She nipped his finger when he took the burden off and flew away.

Harry went back to his sit and opened the gift.

"What is it, Harry?" Ron looked over to his friend.

"Don't know." Harry opened the parcel and inside it laid a book, 'The History of Magical Creatures'. Harry just looked at it in surprised.

"There's a card." Hermione took it up and read it out loud. "To Harry Potter... from Draco Malfoy."

"What? Harry, I think you better throw it away." Ron almost shouted in disbelief. He wouldn't trust anything that was given by Malfoy.

"Ron!" Mrs Weasley gave her son a disapproving look. She turned to Harry, "Although I don't trust the Malfoys, but I believe that they will not do anything despicable."

Harry had to agree with her no matter how reluctant he was. He was going to ask Malfoy when he returned to Hogwarts.