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Inside a Cadmus research center two scientists find themselves arguing with Cadmus director Paul Westfield. The two scientists had been ordered by director Westfield to complete a secret project. Now they found themselves being ordered to destroy it.

"But Director Westfield surely we don't..." one of the scientists started.

"Spare me Doctor Matsuki. This project is finished. After the incident we had earlier I will not take any chances. Your current project is to be terminated along with all your notes as well." Director Westfield said leaving.

"Takehiro you can not possibly agree with that man's decision." Said Mie Matsuki.

Takehiro Matsuki looked at his wife with a sigh. He should have known that this was going to happen. Mie had gotten too attached to their current project. And so had he, now they needed to think of a way to save it or rather him. 'Perhaps it is time that Mie and I returned to Japan. Of course we'll bring our 'son' with us as well.' Takehiro thought as he placed his hand on a large glass tube filled with liquid.

Inside a small child slept unaware that his future had taken one step further to his true destiny. A destiny that would later involve the teen superhero Superboy...

And so it begins...

Howling Wolf: (evil grin) I'm back. And I have once again blended the DC universe with Digimon Tamers.

Rika: Hey Wolfboy this better be another Rukato like your other stories. Or else.

Howling Wolf: Or else what?

(Gets grabbed from behind by Bane)

Rika: Or else Bane here gets to 'play' with you.

Bane: Hrgh (drops Howling Wolf)

Howling Wolf (rubbing his neck) Err right. Don't worry you'll get together with Takato in this story as well.

(Waits until Rika and Bane leaves the room)

Howling Wolf: I really need to get a lock for that door.