Half a Soul

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Chapter One

There is a prophecy that the slayers that have occupied the city of Aldahem have known for the past three thousand years. Each child must know it by heart, on top of the ability to fight as well if not better than a vampire. Some do not fight, that is understandable, but they do not lounge around. They are scientists that work desperately day and night to find a cure for vampires, and for the most advanced weaponry that they can create. They will need it, for the day that the prophecy will be fulfilled only draws closer by every rise of the moon within their dark skies. The boy from the prophecy is who will save them from the vampires, lift the darkness from their lands, and restore it back to the beauty that it had once been. That child was their only hope. In ancient times a young Pharaoh was born with an inconceivable amount of shadow powers. They were so intense that the boy himself could barely control them, and his father simply could not. That is why the vampires wanted him dead. They wanted him gone from this world, for all he would bring was suffering to their perfect kind.

This boy proved to be immensely intelligent. He was making full sentences by four months, and full paragraphs at eight months. His writing ability came at one when his speech began, and his intelligence soared from there. He succeeded his father in every subject and baffled his tutors when he finished his lessons at eight and could have easily began to rule the country in his father's stead.

His fighting abilities were phenomenal for a human, and once he could control his powers he could never be beaten in either a shadow duel, or a wizards one. This only worried the vampires more and eventually pushed them beyond their limits.

On his own the boy figured out how their world worked, he could decipher the differences between a human and vampire instantly, and with that would simply kill them on the spot.

Then upon the night that the boy turned fourteen the King of Vampires crept into the palace like a shadow on the ground and sank his fangs deep into the prince's neck. His hate for the boy was so much that he was ruthless. He ripped up and up through the boy's main artery in his neck until there was nothing left of the right side of the prince's neck. There was no way in the seven hells that he could survive that.

But he was wrong. When he killed the Pharaoh and turned to leave the room he found the Prince standing in the doorway, his eyes crimson, his own blood trailing down his side staining his linen kilt, and his chest heaving from the effort of moving through the hall to the doorway. The Vampire king was terrified, the boy had half a soul left, he had the will, and he had the strength to kill him at that instant. But the Prince in turn collapsed and as all vampires do before turning began to scream and twist in agony. The King took his chance and fled.

After a year of watching the new Pharaoh the Vampire King was angered to see that the young Pharaoh had found a serum to quench his thirst for blood and live and be nourished off of human food and drink. The Pharaoh had to be stopped, stopped from finding a way to wipe the vampires out completely, something he could probably do with his bare hands and shadow powers.

Upon Spirit day, a day where solid darkness creeps over the night sky and covers the stars and moon with a blanket of black and hold it as such for twenty-four hours they cornered him. The Pharaoh fought back as hard as he could but soon fell to a wound from the King. Lying there in a pool of his own blood, bleeding and trying to breathe he grasped the item that kept his shadow powers in check, the all-powerful Millennium Puzzle. Squeezing it he cried out, "I curse you night walkers for what you have done to me. I will return for my revenge, I will return to finish what I started. Just you wait, in Three thousand years time I will be resurrected, and I will kill all of you, I will find a cure. My reincarnation will be born upon the beginning of spirit day; the moon will go red at the stroke of midnight before it is clouded over by the darkness, and he will glow briefly in the darkness on that day. This I swear upon my Father's soul. Puzzle sacrifice my soul to fulfill this promise".

With that the King watched as the Pharaoh's soul was drained from the item and the body turned rigid in its position of death. He took the oath seriously and told his people. And a young general who had seen the whole scene dashed to the palace and told everyone.

From there a five cities were made, each one filled to the brim with people trained to kill vampires, and trained to teach their own children, and people with unbelievable intelligence. Thus starting the constant war between Slayers and Vampires.

Aldahem was the first of the five to be created. The others were Healdon, Seyabrook Canaldra, Yasimay, and St. Michaels. But Aldahem was by far the place of the best quality Slayers, and vampires. Most believed that the reincarnation of their Pharaoh would be from that city, but no one knew for sure. But they do know that he was born, they saw all the signs upon the right day.


Spirits day, a dreaded day by all. Woman hurried their children into the home early as to insure that any vampires or werewolves that decided to leave early would not catch them. It was strange today, the day before Spirit day. Dark it had been all day; the sky held a smoky grey and the sun was not visible. It rained in the morning, leaving the ground damp and slippery under foot.

Akunadin stood holding his five-year-old son's hand as he stared up at the sky. It had been three thousand years, could tonight be the night he wondered. Kneeling down he held his little sons waist, "today is the day my little blue eyed child, today is the day," he said. The boy knew what he was speaking of immediately and turned his cerulean eyes up to the sky, Akunadin ruffled the boys chestnut brown hair as the child asked "he will be born will he not be Father," he nodded and kissed his son's cheek.

"Come inside, it will become dangerous very soon," he said and led his little boy back within the house.

In the village of Thebes, a small place not far from Aldahem stationed in a valley along the Blue Nile River a small cry rang out at the stroke of midnight. The Father cried with joy but immediately saw the red moon above. A gasp escaped his lips as he watched it being cloaked over by darkness, was it possible, was his child the boy of the prophecy.

Taking the boy into his arms he kissed his wife's brow, "I will be back my love," he said and rising up gazed at his son. He held the features of the statue of the Pharaoh that stood in the centre of their village. He had the violet eyes, golden bangs, everything. Now the last test was to confirm it.

Pushing the door open he stepped out into the blackness and was immediately given a light, a crimson one. Looking down he sighed, it was true, his little one was the boy of the prophecy, it made it easy on him, he would be named after the Pharaoh himself. Smiling he strode back into the house.


Opening the door to their small sand stone Egyptian styled home Alexia glanced down the hill upon which they lived and sighed with relief, around the statue of the Great Pharaoh ran recklessly her son of fourteen years. Leaning against the doorframe she savoured watching him in his bliss, she was now reluctant to call him back to do his chores in the barn and field, but they had to be done.

"Yami," she called, "come home, help your Father". The said boy looked up and waving up at her in answer said a curt good bye to his friends and dashed off to the house. While she waited Alexia glanced at the two spires at the north and south ends of the village. They were to be used to call for help from the slayers city of Aldahem a good five minuets ride east from them. Each spire had a clock upon it, but the people of this small, primitive village relied on the sun, not those clocks. They preferred the ancient way of night, not the strange technological way of the cities.

The boy strode up to her with his usual regal stance, head high and posture perfect. The mud that covered his skin and clothes ruined the whole stance but Alexia cared not. At the moment a bandana of linen material fastened at his brow with a gold band as well as at the base of his neck kept the boy's usual wild and spiky hair flattened to his scalp. She smiled at him, "go and help your Father child, but tell him to come to me for a moment, I must speak with him," she stated. Nodding the boy ran off to an old stone and wood barn just to the left of them. A man was there to great the boy and seemed to instruct him to do something before striding over to her. She smiled at him and held out her hands for him to take as she stared silently into his brow eyes. Taking them he stepped up beside her and kissed her brow briefly before glancing back at the barn, "I'm worried about his reaction," he stated, she nodded in agreement and pulled him into the house.

Closing the door they faced each other, Alexia sighed as she stared at her husband who let his spiked hair loose and held most of their son's facial features, "we must tell him anyway tonight, and we must contact your brother to ask if his house is ready for us to come. We must leave in a few weeks, only taking what furniture we need, and leave the man whom is buying the place some of the horses. Take the best three," she stated.

He nodded, "I had already considered that, Yami will not be able to part with Mystyc, there is just no way, even the gods cannot take that horse from him. And he would kill us if we left Horus and the dog behind. We can let him take them, but that is all".

"That is all that he will want," she affirmed, "but he is not one for technology, I am afraid at how he will react to us moving to Aldahem, it's a city, not one of the tiny villages that have nothing but a horse and plough. Those cities are incredibly different".

"As well I want to send him to Blade to be taught how to fight, he knows how to do it, and how to drill it in fast. He needs to know how to defend himself, I have been soft on him for the last seven years," he stated, "he has slayer blood and he will become one". She nodded in agreement and kissed his cheek, "I know Kayden, now go and finish your chores before the sun reaches the sky's middle, it will be too hot afterward to do anything," she stated.

Kissing her once again Kayden strode out into the already high heat of the day and headed towards the barn where his son was cleaning the stalls out. The Egyptian sun was hot for a spring day, signifying an early summer, but that was of no use to him now since he did not have to try and take care of their wheat crop, the new owner would.

"Yami," he called as he entered the shade of the barn and was immediately engulfed by the smell of warm dung. He was used to it but still cringed as he heard his son's rich voice called back to him, "here Papa". Glancing down to the end of the barn he saw the boy in a pair of gloves that covered his arms up to his elbows in tanned leather as he carried out new bales of hay from the back room.

Chuckling Kayden shook his head, "eager to work today are we," he asked, the boy turned his violet eyes to him and smiling went back into room to grab another bale. Grabbing a rake from the wall he began to sweep out the stale hay from the first few stalls as Yami finished up staking the new ones that would be put in.

They were quiet as they worked together to clean the stalls after removing every horse and letting them roam free in the pasture. Yami rarely spoke, and when he did it was because Kayden asked him something. Once cleaned and scrubbed out they put the new hay in and left to finish their other chores around the farm.

Alexia was working in the garden as always and treating the thicker grass in the front and back of the house. She glanced up as she watched the men brush the horses, clean the wagon, and put out the hay for the horses and the twenty cows that they had in a pasture behind the barn. Pleased that Kayden was keeping Yami busy she finished with the lotus and carnation flowers that she was growing and hurried into the house. Lunch needed to be made before it was too hot out.

Grabbing a handle on the roof she pulled as hard as she could and glanced up as she watched the roof slide away and let the sunlight pour in. They always cooked with the roof off except when it was raining, that way it would not get too warm within the household. Putting wood into the stove she lit the logs with a candle and swiftly filled a pot with water before placing in upon the burner.

When her stew was done she opened the back door and called out to the men as they stood lazily by the barn in the noontide heat, "lunch is ready". The two eagerly came in and began to set their outdoor table upon the covered patio on the second floor. Alexia and Kayden sat down as Yami carried up the pot of stew and placed it in the tables centre among the chopped vegetables and assortments of buttered bread and the jug of nearly frozen sherbet.

Sitting down Yami instinctively bowed his head and gasped his parents hands as his father began their prayer, "I thank thee wonderful Horus for the food that you have so graciously given us, for our happiness, and blessing us with your hands. Thank you, Nema," he and his mother repeated the last word before lifting their heads. Allowing his parents to dish out their stew he waited before taking the ladle and beginning to fill his own bowl. Exchanging glances Kayden and Alexia nodded, they needed to now.

"Yami, we need to tell you something that we had decided a long time ago," stated Alexia. Blinking Yami urged them to continue with curiosity gleaming clearly in his eyes. Sighing Kayden leaned forward and rested his hands on the table, "you are at the age where you need to learn about what you are. I never told you, but before you were born I was a slayer from Aldahem in the highest Squadron". The boy leaned back in his seat and simply stared at his father wide eyed in surprise. Taking that as an answer he continued, "I had wanted to teach you the life of a slayer, but your mother insisted that we wait, so we moved away from living with your only living relatives and came here".

"Relatives," Yami said questionly as he glanced at each of them, they nodded slowly. Reaching forward Alexia grasped her son's hand, "you have an uncle, aunt, and cousin, and they live in Aldahem. Your cousin Seto if five years older than you, and he has never seen you, only heard of you as you just have him.

Heaving a deep breath Yami stared hard at her, "why," was all he asked. She sighed, "Because Yami, your Father was heavily wanted by the vampire king along with the rest of his squadron because of what they had been able to do lately. And with an infant child on his hands, one that is very important to our survival, we had to keep you secret until we needed to take you to training".

Narrowing his eyes Yami asked in his own way, "important to our survival". Running his hand through his hair Kayden sighed, "it was proven long ago who you were, in fact it was upon the day you were born. You remember the legend that I told you about, with the Pharaoh that carries the same name as you, the same appearance and made that oath upon an object," he said, Yami nodded, "well all the signs were there Yami. For one you took up the Pharaoh's appearance perfectly before he was taken, then the sky had a red moon in it before it was clouded over by darkness. After that, I took you outside and as the Pharaoh had said, you glowed a pale crimson. You are that child and I was commanded to protect you with every bone in my body.

"So you see Yami, we had a reason to make you grow up in a life of secrecy. But now you are of the age where you should be introduced to you kindred and taught how to protect yourself. The King of Vampires will be after you this year, next year, and the years to come so that he can turn you and make sure that you cannot fulfill the prophecy," he expounded.

Squeezing Yami's now stiff hand Alexia finished for her husband, "so we have decided to move in with you Aunt, and Uncle in their mansion in Aldahem, we will be leaving in two weeks time," she stated.

Silence fell over them as Yami stared blankly at the table, blinking he felt tears forming and beginning to run down his cheeks. Swiftly he rose to his feet and removing his hand from his mother's timid grasp he ran back into the house.

Kayden stood up to follow him but Alexia but a restraining hand on his arm, "let him go, he has to digest a lot of shocking details. Let him be till he wants to speak with us," she insisted. Sighing Kayden sat down, "he didn't even eat his meal," he stated, "he needs something to eat, he had nothing this morning because as he told me at one point while we were doing chores that he knew that we were hiding something from him, but I don't think that he knew that it was this intense". She shook her head in agreement and slowly began to eat.

Yami ran into and closed the door behind him and putting his back to it hoped to keep his parents away if they tried to follow him. Hearing nothing for several minuets he sank to the floor and buried his hands in his face, "why me," was all he muttered before allowing his tears to fully fall from his violet eyes.

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