Dare thy Gods by A Saiyan's Tale

Chapter 1 – Can't Sleep

The cool breeze briefly played with his hair then all was calm again. The familiar feel of the cold wall against his warm Saiyan back offered little comfort. The Prince thoughtfully stared at the seeded spikelet of grass as he twirled it between his fingers. This was the last remnant of their precious reunion. It was late, yet he couldn't sleep. Dropping his hands, the warrior stared up at the clear star lit night. The Universe was at peace...with him.

Perfectly balanced on the narrow rail, Vegeta pulled his leg up stretched it out over his other, and crossed them at the ankles. He allowed the next rush of wind to take the grass stalk from his hand, and folded his arms.

Vegeta smirked. He remembered the first time Bulma caught him sitting on her room's (now theirs) balcony rail. He could hear her now, "Don't fall asleep out there. You just might fall."

"That would be tragic," was Vegeta's reply before rolling off. He glanced down from his three story perch at the very spot he had landed to prove his point. With his arms at his hips, he stood there chortling at his onna, who in the raw, had jumped out of bed and ran over to the rail. Realizing he was perfectly fine, Bulma's horrified face turned to stone. Making her point proved to be much sharper. He slept in the gravity room many nights before he was invited back.

The air stirred again, passing over Vegeta's bare feet, disturbing the folds of his silk pajama bottoms, then washing over his folded bare arms and chest. The wind caught his breath and he closed his eyes; leaning his head back to rest against the building.

The energy Vegeta expelled that day should have convinced his body and mind to sleep soundly tonight, yet here he was. Yes, Dende had healed his battered form after the long merciless fight with Buu had ended; making him ready for anything. No, it was what happened when he returned to Earth. Given his life back, he was reunited with his family. That what should have exhausted him.

The emotional turmoil, beginning with Vegeta's son, Trunks, then his mate, was enough to drain the strongest of warriors...in any dimension. The corners of his mouth turned up. And the lovemaking! Yes, lovemaking. How could he suggest it to be anything else? To call it "coupling" or "mating" was far from fitting. Their performance was flawless. Their bodies were perfect. Their timing, exact. Their giving and taking equal in every...

Vegeta's eyes shot open with sudden recognition and he frowned. They were not equal. Although he showed (as best as he could) how he felt about his onna, not once did he voice the three small words she uninhibitedly expressed willingly to him. The Prince had to hear them from those soft red lips of hers; and she knew it. Looking up to the stars, he watched for some sort of sign, some affirmation that assured the Saiyan Prince that Bulma also knew what he could not say...what he would not say.

To do so, would be the final submission to an alien culture and their beliefs; fully abandoning his own heritage. Vegeta was not an Earthling he was a royal blooded Saiyan! Snorting, he dropped his chin and stared blankly into his lap as Kakarot's little pre-fusion speech replayed in his head.

"Wake Up! Majin Buu's eaten everyone we care about. Everyone is gone...even Bulma. They've become part of Buu. They can't even die. I just thought, the least we could do, is put our old differences aside just this once and really work together. We owe that to our team mates; our families, Vegeta; our friends! Look, you've always talked about our Saiyan race; how we are the last of a mighty people. Well its time we accept we're starting a new race. One that could be just as strong, just as proud. But not if we're caught up in so much of our old birthrights, to see what we have right in front of us. We've lost our old race, Vegeta! Let's not lose this one too."

At the time, Kakarot's words triggered a climacteric change in Vegeta's demeanor. Now, the thought of giving that baka any credit for his emotional evolvement was infuriating to say the least. Yes, he accepted his new life with the Earthlings, setting aside the old. He has even acknowledged Kakarot was a- "er...advantaged warrior." But unlike Kakarot he could not forget who he was. A convenient bump on the head to wipe out your past was not afforded to this Saiyan. His Earth family understood this...didn't they?

Vegeta looked candidly in through the opened terrace door. His serene onna had curled up around his pillow with a slight smile on her face. Bulma wore a sleeveless undershirt and panties and was lying there half covered to the waist. Soon, (without his warmth) the chill of the night would reach in and cause the sleeping form to pull the covers up tightly around her neck.

What an enigma Bulma was to him. Her extraordinary intelligence, unruly mannerisms, fiery temper yet peaceful nature, and exotic coloring were enough to mystify any man. It was amazing that she allowed herself to get mixed up with such a reckless being. Why, oh why, did he not turn tail and run in the opposite direction when he laid eyes on the vixen? Was it his damn Saiyan pride? Or, was he simply too intrigued with the creature? What ever the reason, tonight he felt no remorse. Truly, she was his salvation... "No regrets." Vegeta cringed at the words. This was not true. There was still the matter of those three damning words and he wondered if he would get any sleep at all tonight.

Vegeta's cogitation was suspended when he noticed Bulma was watching him with half closed eyes. Sighing, he swung his legs over and walked over to close the door before the woman complained.

As he reached for the handle, Bulma called to him, "Can't sleep, handsome?"

No bantering tonight, Vegeta merely replied with a quiet, "no" then closed the door and went back to his place on the rail. Not wanting to see the quizzical figure through the glass door, he held his gaze on the stars above. A moment later, he heard the door slid slowly open. He squeezed his eyes shut for a second, secretly willing Bulma to turn back.

"Everything alright?"

Vegeta wanted to honestly say no, but his pride reared its ugly head. He blinked a couple of times then scowled, "I was fine, until now."

Bulma pulled the cover that she wrapped herself in tighter as if to fend off the callous remark. She liked to think she knew her husband and convinced herself once again, it was not meant to be hurtful...he was in a defense mode. The woman took a deep breath of the cool night air as it briefly blew in her face. Looking around she picked a spot next to Vegeta. She backed up to the wall and slowly slid down, making sure the cover enclosed her; much like a cocoon up to her neck. The down comforter would keep the cold floor and wall from taking claim over her scantily clad body. The day prior (it was after twelve a.m.) ended too perfectly to be separated from her Prince.

They both were silent for quite sometime but it was not uncomfortable. Both believed the other appreciated the company not admitting that they each were glad to have it. Both minds drifted over the day's events, settling on one very peculiar incident:

(Excerpt from my fanfic Intangible Idea:)

......Bulma called over her shoulder as she ran, "Get away from me, you monster!"

Vegeta trailed teasingly behind her, "Come now, this is no way for royalty to act. Face your fear!"

Falling, Bulma desperately thought of what to do. The Earthling was frantic. She had never seen Vegeta this way before and she wasn't going to give up without a fight. Their son would just have to wait. She armed herself and stood up, "Ah ha!"

Vegeta stopped dead in his tracks and chuckled; "Now that's more like it."

Both stood in a side stance, pointing furry grass stalks at each other.

"Alright mister, you asked for it! And don't you dare pull any of that Super Saiyan crap on me!"


Bulma could not help but smile and absently mentioned, "I wonder what happened to my victory ring?" She heard a low chuckle escape the regal warrior.

"There was no victory."

Bulma looked up at the profile of the man she adored, "What do you mean? I won fair and square and you know it!"

Crossing his arms, Vegeta smirked at the stars, "Impossible! I am not ticklish."

"Excuse me? If my memory serves me correctly, which by why the way, is quite acute as you know, you were laughing your ass off. In fact, you collapsed on the ground uncontrollably. If that wasn't a sure sign of surrender, well then..."

Vegeta looked down his nose at her and scowled, "I am always in control, woman." I was merely offering you a reprieve." Recalling the incident, he found it hard to keep a stern face. With a glint in his eye, the Prince dropped his chin enough to look squarely in her ocean blue eyes. "Your fruitless manipulations were absolutely ridiculous. Clearly, you were outmatched in ever possible way."

Bulma instinctively put her hands on her hips. Doing so, allowed the cover to fall to her lap, exposing her upper half. "Then why did you allow me to wear the victory ring of clover I made?" Vegeta didn't answer, but he finally exposed a grin, and shook his head slowly. The woman gasped and jumped to her feet, "Uh! You didn't want to wear the thing!"

Smirking, Vegeta gazed at his little beauty. His onna did know him. For a second his eyes strayed, noticing her chest reacting to the cold night air. Bulma seized the moment of his distraction and with more momentum than was needed, pushed him off the terrace.

Surprised and humored at the same time, Vegeta allowed the onna to accomplish what she set to do. He rolled off the rail and was air borne. Immediately he righted himself and readied to retaliate when he realized in shock that Bulma herself headed over the rail.

Bulma's cry caught in her throat, when she tripped over the confines of the comforter, sending her right after Vegeta; she suddenly found herself falling head first through the air.

Vegeta was quick to react and grabbed for his falling angel. He clasped onto fabric and pulled it to his chest, coming to find he had grabbed the blanket that trailed behind her. His heart stopped as his actions became sluggish. He cried for her, "Onnnnaaa!" Unwilling to accept her fate, his warrior stealth reaction kicked in and he was on the ground. Inches from impact, he was able to catch her, absorbing most of the momentum. But it was not enough.

Their commotion set off the flood lights in the courtyard. Vegeta pulled her to him, cradling the onna in his arms. "What the hell were you thinking, Onna! Remind me to teach you...onna? Bulma?!" Bulma remained unnaturally limp. He tried to look at her paled face but it hung limply over his arm. "Damn you, woman! This will be the last time you pull your fainting shit on me!" He eased her down on the ground, to free his hands to shake Bulma to her senses.

On his knees, Vegeta pulled his arm from underneath her head, feeling something wet, and took a closer look. It was warm and red. His eyes went wide. He was not fast enough. He managed to catch her, but not before her head hit the ground. Immediately, his ear was pressed to her chest. Her heart was faint, but steady. Another sound echoed behind her heart, it was footsteps.

The floodlights woke Mr. Briefs and he came out to check on the disturbance. "My land, what is going on?" He gulped when he reached them, "Wha—what happened? What's wrong with Bulma?"

With jaw locked, Vegeta answered, "She fell."

Mr. Briefs came down on one knee. He picked up her wrist to check for a pulse. Glancing over at Vegeta, his eyes narrowed on the smudge of blood, "She's bleeding?"

"Yes, her head." Thoughts spiraled within Vegeta's mind. To lose Bulma now, after all he has done to keep them together. The Gods can not do this to him, not now.

Mr. Briefs automatically patted where his breast pocket should have been. No good, he was wearing his pajamas. He pulled opened each of Bulma's eyes, moving in close to try to get a look at her pupils. "We've got to get her to the hospital, fast!" He tried to stand but was stopped by a restraining hand.

Vegeta sternly glared at the professor. "Can I move her?!"

Mr. Briefs understood Vegeta's intentions and cautiously examined his daughter. "Nothing seems to be broken. It looks like its hematomas. She suffered both a coup and a contre coup injury, I suspect--"

"Can I move her?!" Vegeta growled through gritted teeth.

"Yes, yes, of course." At the first yes, Vegeta had lifted Bulma and was rising from the ground and Mr. Briefs called to him, "But you must hurry...there could be internal bleeding and swelling of the brain...my wife and I will meet you at the hospital."

"No, take care of our son. I will take care of Bulma." Vegeta's body started to glow with ki. By engulfing them both, he hoped it would be enough to provide a safe barrier. This would protect his onna from further injury on their journey. Turning in mid air, he took off, rocketing into the sky with a long ki flare trailing behind.

How could he have let this happen? Vegeta's mind raced. He played the whole incident over and over again, growling. "slow, too slow..." He spotted the hospital among the glittering city lights. Hovering above, the Saiyan angrily hissed again. "Too slow!" This time, his short phase was aimed at the hospital's capabilities.

Vegeta took one look at the frail woman and made his decision. "You will be alright, Bulma." Forcing down the lump in his throat he added before taking off in another direction, "Stay with me, onna. (Gods)...DO NOT LEAVE ME HERE!" Like a falling star, they disappeared into the night.