Title: Curses!

Author: Eeevee

Genre: humor/supernatural

Rating: PG-13 (when is it not?) for words/implications/the usual

Summary: Well, there's freaky involve and it could be friday, but two members of the Juppongatana find out the hard way that proper offerings are a must.

A/N: First off! This is dedicated to Carrie the Open Minded because I won't "finish" Cuffs and Bears (yet?). It was also her idea! I just borrowed it! Okay, the prologue is short (xx very short for me!), but it'll get longer (I can't imagine it getting shorter). This WAS going to be a one-shot, but in true Eevee-fashion, it's probably going to be as long as Transgender (also originally a one-shot). You're forewarned! Also, so she won't complain, thank you J (fyyrrose) for the encouragement and ideas!


A curious face peered downwards before retreating from view. It reappeared only to toss something down. There was a satisfying plunk as the pebble hit the surface of the inky water and sank below.

"Would ya stop chuckin' stuff?" The blond snorted, sharpening an impressive blade with meticulous care. "Can't ya just sit still? Do ya hav'fta fidget all the time?"

"Fidget? No, but maybe if you had let me browse a bit longer I'd be a little more tired!" His companion remarked sunnily and tossed another, larger pebble.

"Fuck off." The blond grumbled, "Can't ya just be serious fer a second?"

"Nope, too difficult for my short attention span."

"I'll attentio' span ya." The man growled under his breath and squinted around, on the look out for the rest of them. Why were they so damn late anyway? Sticking him with this weirdo guy, girl, thing.

"Hey Chou."


The other person gave a playful smirk and tapped at his lips with his index finger, "What would you wish for?"

"Ya ta stop bein' so damnably weird?"

"Really? That's a strange sort of wish."

"Uh-huh. Well, what'bout wishin' you'd disappear then Kamatari?"

Kamatari snickered and flipped his short hair, "Now isn't that mean?" He tilted his head and tossed another pebble down, "I'd be curious to know what goes on in your fuzzy head. That's almost like a wish, huh? And if you'd bother to see the world from my point of view, then you'd probably be a little more tolerant."

"Would ya stop tossin' those dum' rocks down there? At least toss som' money." Chou snorted and sheathed his blade carefully.

"Okay, lend me some?"

"'Ell no!"

Kamatari shrugged and dug through his stuff. He came up empty handed with a frown. Turning to the blond he pouted, "Pleeeeeeeeeeease? I don't want to offend the well!"

"Like 'ell you don't! Ya just want to suck out meh money! No. Here." Chou threw in a wrapper for the food he had been eating. It floated down like a tattered, torn ship sail and landed lightly on the surface. "Happy?"

"Uh, Chou?"

"Wha' now? Yer so damn loud." Yes, it was naptime. Kamatari was giving him a headache, big time.

"Your wrapper… I don't think it liked it. I think you should have offered a rice cake instead." Kamatari said and Chou turned around just in time to be smacked in the face by a wet, familiar wrapper.

"And littering is bad." Kamatari added sweetly.