One Night

Chapter One- Confessions
Kurama sat at his desk in his room tapping his pencil. He hadn't seen Hiei in about two weeks. He was so bored with his homework that he eventually forgot what it was he was supposed to do. Eventually he sat his pencil down and propped his head up with his hands.
"Where are you Hiei?" ha asked aloud.
Kurama longed to see Hiei. Last week he vowed that the next time he saw Hiei; he would confess his true feelings about him. For a while now Kurama was in love with him. He wanted to hold him, caress him, and take him wildly. But alas, he couldn't do anything to him unless Hiei told him to. And as far as he could tell, he didn't even want Kurama to lay so much as a finger on him.
Hiei sat in the tree outside Kurama's window. For some reason Hiei could not get the red head out of his mind. Every time he was touched by Kurama he would get a burning feeling in his stomach. It made him feel a little uneasy being around him. Hiei stood up and knocked on the window. He noticed Kurama was jarred from his thoughts.
Kurama suddenly heard a knocking sound on his window. He was startled by the sound, but turned to see who it was anyway. It was Hiei! Now was his chance, he could finally confess his love to him. He rushed over to his window and opened it as fast as he could. Hiei jumped down and landed softly on the carpet. Kurama shut the window quickly.
"Kurama," said Hiei, "I have something I need to tell you."
"As do I," was Kurama's reply.
"Yesterday I..." Hiei was cut off by Kurama,
"I love you Hiei," he said quickly.
"Nani?" asked a very stunned Hiei.
'Oh no,' thought Kurama. 'He doesn't care for me. I figured he wouldn't, but now what do I do?!'
"What did you say fox?!" Hiei was beginning to get angered.
"Hiei I... what I said was..."
"You better talk!"
Kurama cleared his throat and took a deep breath. "Hiei I love you. I want to be yours forever. And I want you to be mine as well." Hiei's eyes softened a little and he stared at Kurama.
'Oh great, here it comes,' thought Kurama.
"Do you really mean that, fox?"
"Oro? Oh of course I do! I love you more than anything Hiei! I feel so incomplete without you."
"How do I know you're not lying?"
Kurama walked over to Hiei and gently grabbed his chin. "Would you like me to prove it?" Kurama's lips descended upon Hiei's lips in a gentle, experienced kiss.
Kurama began to lick Hiei's bottom lip, demanding entrance. Hiei opened his mouth a little and Kurama pushed his tongue out to meet his. Kurama wrapped his hands around Hiei's neck and Hiei grabbed his hips. He pulled him closer and their growing erections pressed up against each other. Kurama broke of the kiss and whispered in Hiei's ear.
"I want you Hiei."
"Just take me Kurama."
Kurama didn't need to be told twice. With that he hoisted Hiei up and walked over to the bed. He tossed Hiei onto the bed and kicked off his slippers. Hiei caught onto the idea and took off his cloak and shoes. Kurama then jumped on the bed and pinned Hiei beneath him. He grabbed Hiei's hands pinning them above his head. Kurama leaned down and took Hiei's mouth in a breathless kiss. Hiei struggled against Kurama's hands and managed to break free.
Hiei moved his hands up and unbuttoned Kurama's shirt. He took it off and tossed it to fall forgotten to the floor. They both now were bare chested. Kurama broke off the kiss to proceed down to Hiei's left nipple. First he licked it, and then he took it in his mouth and chewed softly. Hiei moaned loudly in pure pleasure. Kurama had a very skilled tongue. After Hiei's nipple became hard, he moved over to do the same thing to the other one. Hiei moaned once more.
Kurama moved his hands south on Hiei to remove his pants. Hiei decided if Kurama was going to remove his pants, then he would remove his. Both were now fully nude. Kurama took Hiei's mouth once more in a breathless kiss. When the kiss was broken off, Hiei was slightly flushed and was panting heavily. Kurama parted Hiei's legs and slowly entered him. Hiei chewed his bottom lip, it hurt. Soon Kurama was completely sheathed in Hiei's warm body. It was almost too much for him to handle. With one hand, Kurama pinned Hiei's hands above his head. Kurama slowly rocked against him trying to establish a rhythm. Soon Kurama found one and all the pain was washed away from Hiei's face to be replaced with pleasure.
"Kurama," he panted, "harder." Kurama obliged and moved faster. "Harder," he repeated. Kurama grunted and began moving even faster.
Soon Kurama was slamming into Hiei. They both began panting and gasping heavily. With his free hand, Kurama reached down and grabbed Hiei firmly. He began to pump him in time with his fast moving hips. Hiei began to moan with every thrust. After a few minutes, the two boys reached their completion together. They cried each others name simultaneously. Moments later Kurama pulled out of Hiei's warm heat and collapsed next to him. They wrapped their arms around one another and fell asleep. This marked the beginning of a new relationship, and maybe something more.

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