One Night

Chapter Ten-Normal

Yukina had returned and said Hiei would change back slowly because she was a woman for so long her body needed to remember what it felt like to be a man again before she would change. Still it had been a month since she said that and still, Hiei felt no different. Though today was a little odd. It was as if she was pregnant all over again. She was feeling nauseous and very tired.

'The fox better not have gotten me pregnant last night. If he did, I swear he'll never touch me again until I'm male.' She thought.

"Perhaps you should lie down love. You don't look to well," Kurama suggested after seeing his lover's distress and hearing her last thought loud and clear.

Going into their shared bedroom, Hiei lay down and attempted to sleep. To her surprise she was out like a light in a matter of minutes. Satisfied his mate was sleeping, Kurama went outside to tend to his little mini Makai garden. After all, what a better way to spend the day than….

A scream tore through the air cutting off Kurama's last thought. 'That sounded like Hiei!'

Kurama ran towards their bedroom in hopes he would not be too late. A wonderful site greeted him however. Hiei sat on the bed feeling herself everywhere in complete shock. Kurama's eyes roamed his body. Shirtless, you could tell Hiei no longer had breasts. Which also meant…

Hiei's eye raised up to meet Kurama's passion filled green ones. "Hn," he grunted. "How about we break this form back in?"

Not needed another invitation, Kurama smiled at his lover's perverted comment and pounced. His lips descended upon Hiei's in a crushing kiss. Their tongues began to dance in an intimate battle. As the heat began to rise clothes suddenly went flying in all directions.

Kurama placed butterfly kisses down Hiei's chest and stomach. Hiei urged him south with silent please and pushes to Kurama's head. Not wanting to disappoint him, Kurama moved down and engulfed Hiei's erection. He lightly scraped his teeth as his head bobbed up and down. The fire youkai's muscles grew taunt as his climax approached. He pulled on the locks of flaming red hair, but Kurama did not relent. Hiei cried out as he came and the youko greedily drank him down. He moved up and placed a passionate kiss on his gasping lips.

Though Hiei was not quite satisfied. "In me," he begged.

Kurama placed himself between Hiei's legs. With a quick preparation, and a nod from the fire youkai, Kurama plunged right in, burying himself to the root. He earned a silent scream from his now writhing lover. The kitsune began to rock slowly against him. Hiei cried harder and the youko complied by moving faster. Hiei's member stirred back to life as it was being rubbed raggedly between the two frantically moving bodies. With one hand, Kurama pinned Hiei's hands above his head and stroked his erection with the other. Hiei cried out loudly as Kurama angled his thrusts and slammed into his prostate.

After hitting it two more times, both screamed the others name as they were hit with a powerful orgasm. Panting heavily, Kurama collapsed and let Hiei curl into his arms. Soon they both fell into a peaceful slumber knowing that they would be happy together, forever.

Tetra's Apartment

"Damn it!" Cursed Akari, Tetra's lover.

"What is it sweetie?" questioned Tetra, her voice full of love and concern.

"My boss just called and he fired me!" she shouted tears threatening her vision. "How are we going to pay for rent? What about your unborn son? What about-" Her lover cut her off with a passionate kiss. "Aren't you upset?"

She shook her head. "If there had been one thing I learned from my parents Akari, it's this. No matter how hard life may be, it always turns out all right in the end." Akari smiled sweetly at her and dove right for her lips.


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