Chapter 19


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Previously on HP & the Journey to Survive:

At that moment the doorway shimmered again as another person stepped through. Luna Lovegood dressed quite normally for once, radish earrings and bottle cap necklace replaced by stunning sapphires, her wand still ever-present over her ear. The only oddity about her the owl perched on her shoulder was a different story.

"It seems Hedwig would like a word," she said simply dreamy eyes taking in Harry's form with concern.

Hedwig vaulted off of the young girls shoulder with an angry screech. In her merit Luna didn't even flinch at the sharp talons that had surprisingly gripped her shoulder moments before in the hall released her.


The bodyguards and teacher looked slightly stunned.

"How the hell did you get in here…," Jason began.

"Not now- there's no time for that….Ms. Lovegood stand back," Professor Flitwick grumbled as he cast a few more diagnostic spells.

Luna's blue eyes cleared considerably as she watched the three work to help Harry.

Hedwig and the other two small creatures were settled near Harry.

Flitwick cast a hazy blue spell that floated around them before beginning to pulse.

"They will remain in stasis until Harry comes back into consciousness…it shouldn't be long now…"

"Should we move him into his rooms…there was a crowd of students outside and the professors to," David said.

Nodding surely the group went about making a comfortable place to wait. Luna transfigured a nearby desk and chair into a small end chair and ottoman likewise followed by Flitwick who created a large couch from a bench.

"What is going on Professor is Harry going to be ok? Why isn't anyone else able to get in, maybe we should get Madame Pomfrey?" Luna spoke up in an un-Luna like rant of questions.

"Right now there is nothing a healer can do for him, he needs to overpower the bindings himself," Jason said seriously.


In Harry's mind the two guardians were helping Harry to calm his mind. Harry was settled on the ground trying to smooth the waves of his mindscape to no avail. The waters churned dangerously as a waterspout began to form in the distance.
"Harry you can't force it! You'll only make it more difficult on yourself you know that let it come naturally." Nirel said softly.

"Don't worry your guards and Professor will be able to care for your familiars just fine for now…you need to focus on this…" Kree said.

Harry's shoulders sagged slightly as he once again took a mental breath of calm. Focusing his mind he pictured the runes he had researched that were inscribed in the bands. A soft silver glow began to light each rune as he focused. Minutes ticked by as they waited oblivious to the world outside of Harry's mindscape. The raging waters slowly lessened. The two guardians sat in silence as Harry focused on each of the runes in turn. As he concentrated on a particular rune for binding he finally began to feel a difference. Where the runes had felt like a foreign magic before this rune held a sharp underlying feeling. Focusing some of his magic into the rune the feeling expanded. The sharp almost metallic taste overwhelmed his senses and Harry associated the rune with the basic energy of the elements, electricity. The rune was simply focused to his scar, a crude yet effective way to personalize the bindings to Harry. Dumbledore was not stupid by far, he had learned much in his 100 plus years. The oddly shaped rune was linked to two minor runes that Harry knew were based on runes of Merlin. Harry took no notice to the columns of elements forming slowly around him. The grey pillar pulsed as he slowly pushed more and more power into the rune trying to overload it. Whispering to himself as the sound of the waves crashing settled a slight bit. The whispers strengthened into a recognizable mantra:

"Rune of power not of my making, but of my blood, yield for you weaken what you are meant to strengthen."

A grey mist seemed to drift from the inscribed rune and connect to the grey pillar. An almost static sensation rolled off of Harry's body. Sensing progress Harry continued with the next rune:

"Rune of earth not of my making but of my blood, yield for you weaken what you are meant to strengthen." A brownish green mist rose from the bands circling Harry's hands. He could distinctly feel the gritty texture he associated with the soil found in the Realm. In a quick motion not unlike dusting dirt from his hands the mist was sent billowing to connect with the pillar of the earth element. He continued:

"Rune of water not of my making but of my blood yield for you weaken what you are meant to strengthen," the water surrounding his mindscape stilled suddenly- the dark color lightening to a clear crystal blue and the pillar of the water element seemed to shimmer as drops of water became clearly visible like an isolated light rain shower.

Harry's voice intoned stronger than before as he chanted:

"Rune of fire not of my making but of my blood and affinity, yield for you weaken what you are meant to strengthen," Harry said calmly. Fire seemed to encircle his wrists pulsing an orange-red hue that seemed centered with an intensifying white glow his voice a deeper than before continued with:

"Rune of air not of my making but of my blood and affinity, yield for you weaken what you are meant to strengthen!"

As he finished the fire encircling his wrists seemed to swirl around him with an unseen wind. A vortex of hot air that would scorch and burn any normal human being formed around Harry as he stretched out his arms to the two remaining elemental columns. He opened his eyes and stared unseeingly before him. His usual enchanting emerald eyes now open and shinning with an almost electric quality.

"He is much stronger than he realizes isn't he?" came Nirel's smooth voice as the two women watched their protégé harnessing a power some decades older could not.

"He is though he still has much to learn, he needs to gain confidence in his own ability, to accept the extraordinary things about him despite his longing to be 'normal' as he calls it," Kree's rich voice commented.

"Yes but I worry for him… he is alone there…," Nirel said, an uncharacteristic vulnerability showing through her usually unflappable façade.

"Hmm…I sense that he won't have to try and accomplish that feat on his own…" Kree spoke after another pause.

They watched as Harry focused his power into each of the base elemental runes. The pillars began to shift and take shape until what seemed to be animal and human forms of each element came into focus. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Energy. Each of the elements knelt around Harry as his body began to pulse with a dark light. His shadow magic was making its presence known as it branched out from Harry into each element until an underlining dark light could be seen around their auras.

As one the elements spoke, a voice with distinct tones for each element which molded into a comforting yet fierce sound.

"You Harry James Potter-Black-Sampson are a rarity in this world. You recognize and embrace the true state of magic and for that we commend you as well as your teachers. The guardians have taught you much and your spirit guide chose well as you have surpassed their hopes in your accomplishment here today. Only someone with strong will and compassion could earn our true presence, not since your forefather Merlin has anyone done so outside of the Guardians. You have learned much but do not mistake that you still have much training to continue. Remember that there are more valuable things in this life than a chess game played by madmen but if you are put into play…play to win."

Harry wasn't sure how to take in what was being said as it both amplified and assuaged his guilt over the recent happenings.

"Will Dysis, Tempest, Hedwig, and Sage be ok? How can they forgive me for not caring for them as I should have…" he said sadly.

"You did not mean to hurt Master Harry, we know you," came the mind voice of Tempest as his form materialized on the mindscape with him.

"Yessss, you haaave much to learrrrn but we underssstand you better than you tttthink," hissed Dysis, her scales shining healthily and her eyes glowing with strength.

"Yes, they are right, you can only do so much at a time…" responded Sage's mind voice with a distinctly human quality. More and more Harry was coming to realize that the mare was the very essence of her name.

"My Harry wizard is strong," an unexpected voice said. A voice familar to him in an odd way though it was not as steady as they others- understandable with thisbeing the first time she was able to link to Harry through mind speach outside of the occasional emotion projection.

"Hedwig…" Harry gasped in awe.

"We must all return now My Harry," she said. Harry nodded as he turned to the two Guardians who were slightly in awe that their student had managed such a feat.

"You've made us more than proud Harry," said Kree embracing him tightly before sinking into the sand once again.

"I'm sure you'll hear from Zephyr and Frost will be in touch soon…you did very well Harry," she said before she vanished.


Inside the classroom an hour and a half had passed with no movement from Harry or his familiars when suddenly Dysis hissed. The three other occupants of the room glanced toward her to see her being nudged by Tempests paw apparently trying to wake her.

A chuckle caught their attention as Harry reached down to scoop up the cub. "Don't you know by now to leave Dysis alone when she's cat-napping," Harry's tired voice said.

"But Master she's slept enough, besides I was already nice to her today, I stayed with her when the two-leg came even!" the little mystel cub said seriously.

"You just have too much energy for your own good," Hedwig said.

Harry's attention snapped to her. The others following his gaze as Hedwig hooted.

"I can still understand you…wow…how is this even possible I mean it's great!" Harry said as he stroked her feathers.

"Your bond with Lady Hedwig has always been strong Harry, I could see that, it seems it just needed a little push in the right direction." Luna said smiling at their interactions as Hedwig preened with the compliment.

"LUNA! What…" Harry said shocked.

"She was able to pass the loyalty barrier on the doors, she brought Hedwig in…almost like Hedwig wouldn't come without her to…By the way we have to have a talk about your familiars trying to wound me," David smirked.

"I'm quite certain one or two other friends of yours would have liked to come in to see you but they chose to remain outside. Quite cunning of them really, for a Gryffindore and Hufflepuff," she said mysteriously leaving the others to wonder just how much she noticed about her surroundings with that dreamy look inher eyes.

Slowly the group gathered their belongings and prepared to leave the room finally.


"I am quite pleasantly surprised by your presence here I assure you….what has brought on this visit?" a grandfatherly voice spoke to the two sitting across from him.

"We are here to serve notice of the upcoming convening of the Lords. There are some happenings concerning the students that need to be addressed," said, Richard Rolf, one of the well dressed wizards.

"Would either of you care for a Lemon Drop they are quite tasty," Dumbledore offered much to McGonagall chagrin.

"No thank you, we will be leaving momentarily," said the other man, Bashir Patil father of the infamous Patil sisters, stiffly as he removed a folder from his robes, "these students are to be notified of arrangements for transportation to the meeting. Some may have their own arrangements if so they should let us know before hand."

Both men stood nodding to McGonagall as they turned to go.

"I'm afraid there is a student listed here who will not be in attendance…Mr. Potter I believe will be too much of a security risk to others in attendance," Dumbledore spoke up.

McGonagall's expression showed her shock for a moment at Dumbledore's attempt to keep Harry from the meeting.

"I assure you security precautions will be taken…furthermore it is his decision to attend as is his right given he is Lord of both House Potter and House Black," said Mr. Patil.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled in a way that was well known to those who could see past the grandfatherly image. He was not happy.

"Yes well, I will speak with Mr. Potter and discuss the severity of the issue with him…perhaps…"

"With all due respect headmaster that is not your place, we only bring you the notification list as a convenience and act of cooperation as has been done for decades preceding us. Mr. Potter should be in attendance as is his legal right, he needs to take up the reigns of his heritage soon before other Lords see weakness and move for his holdings," said Rolf.

On that note the two unexpected visitors gathered their belongings and with a distracted dismissal by Dumbledore left the Hogwarts grounds.

In his office Dumbledore barely acknowledged his deputy's terse exit. His only thoughts centered on how to prevent Harry Potter from slipping further from his grasp. The men were correct legally he had no say in Harry's attendance but knew that if he did so without his influence he could in time become a bigger problem than he has been of late.