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Ever After

Chapter 1: Man and Wife

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." As the priest said these words Seto Kaiba turned to his wife: Tea Gardner, and kissed her with the kiss that announced to the world that they belonged to each other. Now when it's said "to the world", it means the world. For press of every existing channel came to the union of one of the most richest and powerful man of the world.

Seto Kaiba and Tea Gardner became a couple at age 19 and now at age 23 they took the next step into their relationship. The newly wed turned and greeted their guests, Seto with a small smile and Tea with her widest smile. Their friends: Yugi, Yami, Joey, Serenity, Tristan, Duke, Mokuba, Isis, Bakura and Mai came and greeted them. The couple went down the aisle and out the church to the limousine that would take the to the Kaiba mansion for the reception. There only few could enter, and the press was one that wasn't allowed.

"Can you believe this, we are married!" exclaimed Tea to her husband.

"Yes I can believe it, I'm the one that asked you to marry me, didn't I?" Seto asked playfully

"Don't play smart ass with me on our first day of marriage." Tea turned to look out the window and crossed her arms in front of her chest pretending to be mad.

"Tea, honey, don't get mad. I was only joking. I know something that will make you happy again." With this said Seto reached for under the seat and placed a white envelope in Tea's lap.

"What's this?" Tea asked looking at the envelope.

"Open it and find out yourself."

"Puerto Rico! We're going to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon?"

"Yes. A little bird told me you wanted to go to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon." Seto said with an innocent look.

"Wait 'till I get my hands on Yugi." Tea said to herself.

"Hey, the only thing you'll get your hands on will be me." Seto said and he pulled her into a deep kiss and at that same moment the limousine came to a stop in front of the mansion. "Come on let's play social for a while." Seto climbed out of the car and extended his hand to Tea. Out there in the front of the mansion reporters were waiting for them flashing photographies at them and asking questions at the same time.

"Where are you going for the honeymoon?" asked and elderly woman

"Are you planning on having kids right away?" asked a younger woman

"Where are you going to live?" asked a man

"Ladies and gentlemen, please. My wife and I are unconcerned with this issues you have placed upon us at the moment. The only matter in our minds is getting to our party and celebrate with our intimate friends for the time being. I am sure we will have time to answer each of your questions when we get back of our honeymoon. Good day."

"Well, that was some speech. Did you memorized it or did you improvised, darling?" whispered Tea as the entered the house.

"I'm a business man, Tea, I have to be prepared for everything at every time." Tea's only response was a smile.

"So where ya goin', guys?" asked Joey as the couple were getting prepared to leave.

"We're going to Puerto Rico." said Seto as he instructed his servant to carry their luggage.

"Yeah, and we wouldn't be if it wasn't for – what did you say, honey? Oh yeah, a little bird." Tea said looking at Yugi.

"Hey I only suggested it." Yugi defended himself

"It's okay Yugi, thank you anyway."

"Tea it's time for us to go." Seto said

"Already? Well guys, I'm going to miss you."

"We will miss you, Tea." said Serenity as they hugged

"Have fun guys, if you know what I mean." Mai said winking at them

"Not like they haven't had any already." said Tristan

"For your information, Tristan, we haven't. Besides don't get all mushy, we'll be gone for only three weeks." said Seto

"Bye guys." waved Tea

"Bye." said the group in unison

"What do you think Joey, think they'll wait for the night the arrive on the hotel?" asked Duke

"Nah. They'll hit it right when they enter their hotel room." joked Joey

"Joey Wheeler what a thing to say." said Serenity and they all went to their destinations.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain Richardson. Just wanted to announce that we'll be landing in the International Airport Luis Muñoz Marín1 in San Juan, Puerto Rico in close to 20 minutes. The temperature is a nice 91 degrees in the month of August. The time is 8:43 p.m. Enjoy your stay, be it for business or pleasure."

"It looks beautiful from up here." Said Tea looking out the window

"Yes it does. I hear it is a perfect time to come to Puerto Rico, specially to its beaches."

"Great, I can't wait to swim. By the way, where will we stay?"

"We'll stay at the Embassy2 here in San Juan."

"Great. Now let's get out of here and get there."

"Good night Mr. and Mrs. Kaiba. Your suite is ready and waiting for you. Here are your keys and your luggage is already there. Enjoy your stay and congratulations." said the receptionist.

"Thank you." responded Tea and they hurried to the elevator.

Once they entered their suite for the next three weeks, Tea marveled at the beauty. It had a Caribbean touch without losing its elegancy.

"It's perfect, Seto!" Tea exclaimed

"Yes, it is." said Seto as he wrapped his arms around Tea and started kissing her neck going up to capture her lips in a passionate, demanding kiss.

"Impatient are we." smirked Tea

"You have no idea." Seto responded

"Well, that can be solved. Let's look for the bedroom." and in a matter of seconds the found it.

Seto went to sit on the mattress, slipping off his own shoes, socks and then his shirt, before stretching his lithe body out just beside her, his lidded eyes gazing deeply into her own.

"I love you, Tea." he murmured, his voice soothing as he placed his arms around her to pull her against him, pressed close to his bare chest.

"And I love you, Seto." she kissed his neck, slipping one hand to rest against the curve of his waist, just above the waistline of his pants.

Seto slightly caressed the soft flesh of her belly, exposed by her tank top. He stroked up and down her back, savoring the feel of smooth, warm skin passing beneath his fingers, and Tea moaned cuddling closer, enjoying the sensual massage. Her moan emboldened him, aroused him even further, and he continued the journey of his fingers up front, not pausing in their quest until they touched the bra she wore under her top.

Tea felt his fingers slip beneath the cotton fabric covering her chest and begin to pull it up slowly. His hand continued to push her top up until it slipped above her head. Then, little by little, his fingers reached behind her to unclasp her bra, freeing her full breasts to his sight. Now his palm rested against her skin just beneath her breast, cupping the soft flesh within the cradle of his thumb and forefinger.

After a few seconds he slid his thumb upward, over the warm mound until he came upon the puckered nipple. He paused in his journey, stroking the pad of his thumb over the sensitive nub of flesh before taking it between two fingers and pinching gently. Tea shuddered at the electric sensation going through her breast, her eyes fluttering closed as she unconsciously arched her back to press herself harder into his hand. He smiled at the motion as he watched her and continued to squeeze and roll the hypersensitive teat between his fingers. Seto never imagined that Tea could look so beautiful, caught in the throes of pleasure as she was. He never imagined that he'd enjoy it so much, touching her as he was. He relished the warm, heavy weight of her breast in his hand. He'd never felt anything so soft before.

Seto closed his eyes when his member throbbed painfully at the thought of her soft breast between his lips, stroking her with his tongue, suckling her like a child. So he did what he wanted, after all, they are a married couple. Seto lowered his head, sliding his hands around her back to pull her closer; she felt his hair tickle her throat, the sensation of a warm, rough tongue lapping softly at her breast. She sucked in a sharp breath when soft lips touched her peak, eyes fluttering closed as it was enveloped in moist heat, his tongue stroking over the hardened tip in a soft caress. "Seto..." she gasped, her hand coming up to bury itself in his soft brown hair, holding him to her as he licked and suckled her with strong, intense pulls.

He purred in delight, his breath ghosting across her heated skin. It was the most sensual, erotic feeling they have experienced. She couldn't stop the gasping cry that exploded from her lips as her back arched, pushing her breast hard into his eager mouth. Without wanting Seto pulled away and proceeded to pull his pants of keeping his boxers and Tea removed her pants too keeping her black thong. They both lowered themselves on the bed, kissing passionately with Seto on top of Tea as they slipped backwards on the bed.

In one motion, Seto slid a hand up to cup her other breast, expertly teasing the soft peak into a tingling point. His thumbnail scraped across her nipple, shooting sensations throughout her body to join the pool of heat that was continuously building in the pit of her stomach. Then he began the process all over again. He was driving her nearly to madness, but she didn't wanted to stop. She focused her eyes on the darkly handsome face, watching as he suckled her with obvious enjoyment. His eyes were closed, focused completely on the task of pleasuring her, his legs on straddling her keeping her close to him.

His hips touching her thigh, and she slowly became aware of his arousal pressed so intimately against her thighs. "Seto!" His hands had come to life, as well; one was stroking softly up and down her belly, while his other had cupped around her other breast and was kneading gently. Tea slid her arms around his neck, trailing her fingers down the smoothly muscled expanse of his back. He quivered beneath her touch and responded by sucking harder.

She continued her explorations of his lean back for a moment before moving to his sides, feeling his ribs through heated flesh. He purred in pleasure at that, and she smiled, closing her eyes and continuing her explorations. He shifted, rolling to the side and pulling her with him, refusing to let her go. His lips left her breast, nuzzle her throat, nibbling gently at the tender flesh. He pulled her closer so that their torsos were pressed together, her breasts flat against his chest, her hands still trapped between them and resting low on his stomach. She smiled and hooked one finger around the waistline of his boxers and pulled. At the same moment, she slid her other hand beneath the rough material and down heated skin until her fingers came to rest against their intended target.

Seto froze, his eyes flying open as he felt Tea's slender fingers touch him. "Tea!" he whispered out, turning his gaze to meet hers. She looked back at him innocently. Well, as innocently as she could considering she had her hand wrapped firmly around his penis. His eyelids fluttered when she merely stroked her thumb softly over the base of his erection. She smiled up at him, although her cheeks were crimson due to her bold actions. She was delighted when he grunted and bucked into her hand. "By all that lives, Tea." he breathed. Her hand stroked erotically along his whole, throbbing length. "Oh, God!" he gasped, his strength flooding out of his body as he collapsed on his back on the soft sheets.

She cuddled up beside him, bare breasts pressing against his side and chest, as her hand returned to his member and curled around the heavy testicles resting between his legs, squeezing softly. "Just lay there," she whispered, kissing his neck much the way he'd done hers. "Let me touch you." And she set to work, pulling his boxers off. Taking his penis into her hand to explore him fully, relishing in the texture of his skin, stretching tight over the rigid length. He quivered under her touch; she could feel it, an erratic pulse that beat in time with his racing heart. He moaned, his hips bucking beneath her hand.

"T-Tea," he gasped, his eyes clenching shut as he fisted his hands in the sheet, struggling to retain his slipping control.

"I-I can't hold on for much longer." The fully erotic sensations were too much.

He felt the bed shift, and then suddenly he found his legs being enfolded in warm, silky flesh. His eyes snapped open, his mouth gaping when he saw Tea straddling his legs, her hands pressed firmly against his stomach. She'd removed her thong, he noted dazedly. Her nipples still swollen and red from his sensual kisses, hung freely, tempting him to taste once again, and her eyes were locked onto him with a determined gleam. His breath was coming in pants, his skin slicked with sweat, and he shuddered with anticipation.

He dragged himself upward to embrace her, and turning so it was her lying in her back with him on top of her. He buried his face in her neck as he settled between her legs, the hard length of him pressed tight along her entrance. She shuddered when his head probed at her opening, her legs parting instinctively to allow him entrance.

"Are you ready, Tea?" Seto whispered


That's all that he needed. Holding her tightly before raising himself on his forearms to gaze lovingly down at her. He caught her lips in a deep, passionate kiss as he lifted his hips away from her to position himself. He shuddered as moist heat enveloped him, her walls closing tight around him in a caress before he reached the barrier of her maidenhead. He paused during a moment of regret, knowing his first thrust would hurt her. Tea solved the problem by wrapping both legs around his waist, the action pushing him forward and tearing through her maidenhead. She gasped into his mouth of the resulting pain as he sought to soothe her, holding as still as possible until she could adjust to the feel of him inside of her.

She gasped when she felt him shift inside her, his heated length caressing her inner walls, stroking against the nerves housed within her body. He pulled out of her slowly, and then thrust back into her welcoming body in a slow, steady glide. She gasped and threw her head back at the feel of him inside her, hot and silken and filling her so completely. He set a slow and steady pace, allowing them both time to get used to each other. She was tight around him, clenching the engorged organ with every thrust of his body.

Tea quickly found the rhythm and followed, pulling him further into her with every driving thrust, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as they moved together. Her entire body was glistening with sweat. Then her body went rigid, muscles clenching sporadically around him and pulling him deep, deep inside of her. Her climax triggered something in him, feeling her walls clamping tight around his thick length, sucking him in, and he went willingly, pumping hard into her before his climax came upon him. He gasped her name, and found his release, ejaculating powerfully into her body as her convulsing muscles milked him dry.

Completely spent, he collapsed, his body sparking with the lingering sensations of their lovemaking. He rolled to his back and pulled her atop him, unwilling to leave her yet as he held her close, tucking her legs on either side of his hips. Their mingled breathing was the only sound in the room as they lay there. After a time, Tea stirred and slowly lifted her head. She glanced at him from beneath her lashes. Seto's eyes were fixed on her in a most tender gaze, and his smile was soft as he rubbed her back soothingly.

"Are you alright?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, I'm fine. A little tired and sore, but otherwise." she bit her lips.

"Let's get some sleep." he whispered, his smile widening.

He stroked his fingers through her hair, caressing her face softly. His gaze turned seductive, and he nuzzled against her ear, turning her and pulling his now-limp member from the heat of her body. She cuddled up to him, and he held her close before retreating into sleep.
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1. International Airport Luis Muñoz Marín – This is a real airport in San Juan the capital of Puerto Rico.

2. Embassy – This hotel is one of the most expensive of Puerto Rico.